Travels with Casey (the Dog)

Picture of Benoit Denizet-Lewis with His Dog in an El Monte RV

Benoit Denizet-Lewis and His Dog – We Typically Don’t Recommend Letting the Dog Drive…

Benoit Denizet-Lewis, a writer with The New York Times Magazine, is traveling around the country for four months in an El Monte RV with his dog, Casey, for a book he’s researching about dogs in America. He’s driving some 15,000 miles and meeting interesting dogs and dog people in some 35 states, including sled dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, shelter dogs, famous dogs, a pet psychic, a man who raises wolves in his backyard, a dog-catcher who won the lottery, and dog-loving RVers.

We encourage you to follow Benoit and Casey’s journey at Travels With Casey, and be sure to let him know if you know of any great dogs—or great dog people—he should meet on his voyage.

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