A North Carolina Destination for Autumn Colors in an RV

This is the most colorful season of all and a perfect time for an autumn RV trip to North Carolina. As you enjoy the yellow, red and orange leaves, you can also take advantage of the many activities and attractions available to you and your family. It’s a lovely time of year and nothing could be better than a vacation to the North Carolina forests and mountains.

Botanical Gardens at Ashland, NC

Botanical Gardens at Ashland, NC

Have Asheville, North Carolina as your home base. There is colorful foliage around town as well as in the surrounding area. Mid-October is the beginning of the changing leaves and offers breathtaking views of a panorama of hues. The peak will be around late October so you can stay a few weeks to experience a full fall display.

While in town, stop at the Botanical Gardens at Asheville. It is located right next to the University of North Carolina. There is no charge to visit and you will see a wide variety of trees, both native and exotic. Hiking around these gardens provides you a unique way to experience fall. The Southern Appalachian Mountains collections of plants are something you won’t want to miss.

Of course, you can’t pass up taking the Asheville Urban Trail around downtown Asheville. This is like an outdoor museum, with plaques explaining the history of the region, sculptures and other works of art. It is an easy loop which takes about two hours to walk and will thrill you with history, culture and inspiration.

At the North Carolina Arboretum at the beginning of the Blue Ridge Parkway, you will get in some more hiking, but this time through forests of pine, hardwood and other species of trees, many turning with gorgeous fall colors right now. You’ll discover ten miles of hiking and biking trails, but may prefer the Carolina Mountain Trail above the others to see the forest and stop at an overlook for a view.

While here, you can decide on a further adventure. Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway provides outstanding views of fall foliage displays.  Even with the current government shutdown of national parks, this parkway is open, although visitor centers and campgrounds are closed for now. Enjoy the mountain meadows, the scenic overlooks and the peace and solitude of this gorgeous region. Stop at Craggy Gardens to have a quiet picnic and hike a trail or two.

Not many miles from Asheville, you can visit Dupont State Forest to get some additional fall beauty. There are more than 80 miles of trails, and the best thing of all is the numerous waterfalls to see. Triple Falls is a favorite as well as Hooker Falls and High Falls. Hooker and High Falls require only a moderate hike, where Triple Falls has an approaching trail that can get quite steep. Explore as you will find three other waterfalls that will take your breath away.

Be on the watch for wildlife as you tour this beautiful section of North Carolina. You will want to bring your camera gear too, so you can take home photo-memories of your autumn RV trip.

Picture credits: The picture of The Botanical Gardens in Ashland, NC is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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