Drive the Mountains to Sound Greenway for a Unique RV Adventure

Picture of the Mountains to Sound Greenway in Snoqualmie Pass

Mountains to Sound Greenway in Snoqualmie Pass

Discover an amazing number of things to do and see along the Mountains to Sound Greenway in Washington State. This drive is perfect for those traveling on an RV vacation, a scenic journey through the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. Begin your trip in Seattle, Washington where plenty of sights await you, and attractions for all ages. Be sure to visit the Seattle Aquarium. Take a tour with a trained naturalist along the beach and explore the sea life exposed at low tide.

As you leave Seattle on Interstate 90, prepare yourself for some amazing adventures. Not far into your trip you will come upon Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, one of the largest located in an urban area. An ideal place to hike or ride on horseback, this park’s network of wonderful trails invites you into the forest and through the wetland terrain. Bird watching and viewing wildlife is great here too!

Stop for a picnic at Lake Sammamish State Park. This lake is perfect for swimming, fishing and water skiing. If you have a boat, launch it into the lake and soak up the sun for a summer afternoon. Just minutes away is the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery where the family can learn about salmon and can even watch them swimming against the currents on the way to lay their eggs at the right time of the year.

Continue east and you will become familiar with a new landscape that you don’t often see, with beautiful valley vistas and scenic forests. If you love to hike, you can take the John Wayne Pioneer Trail (PDF) south of North Bend, Washington and move across the mountains and through a tunnel boring under the summit of Snoqualmie. This is a long trail and you can just hike a portion, or if ready for a long trek, can hike all the way to Canada!

More hiking is available at Squak Mountain State Park, with popular trails through a wildlife habitat beyond compare. This park remains in its natural state thus is an exceptional place to experience the pristine beauty of nature. Nearby the Tiger Mountain State Forest offers numerous trails where you can hike through 13,000 acres of incredible Washington woodlands.

Don’t miss a stop at Rattlesnake Lake while you are in the area. Catch trout while you relax by the water. There is a boat launch on the east side of the lake for your convenience. Take an exciting hike on the Rattlesnake Ledge Trail to take in the views. You will be able to see the Central Cascades and the Snoqualmie Valley. Don’t forget your camera gear!

Of course, if you love to get into the backcountry, you can explore Alpine Lakes Wilderness, with thousands of acres of forest. No matter what activity you choose on the Mountains to Sound Greenway, you are going to love this RV adventure!

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Take an RV Trip around the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State

Picture of the Coast in Olympic National Park

The Coast in Olympic National Park

The Olympic Peninsula is a place of beauty, culture and outdoor recreational opportunities you won’t want to miss. What a perfect trip for this summer! The valleys, peaks and wildlife provide scenery that will take your breath away momentarily, until you get the idea that your days here will be filled with these lovely views. You still will never get used to the beauty, however.

Stop and drive through the major attraction on the Olympic Peninsula, Olympic National Park. There are numerous things to do for the whole family, including heading for Hurricane Ridge for the incredible views. You can look out over the Strait of Juan de Fuca and drive all the way up to the summit, approximately 18 miles. Lake Crescent is also a lovely place to stop and enjoy the blue waters in many ways, from paddling to hiking around the lake. A whole gamut of trails is available from this spot.

You will certainly love the views of the Olympic Mountains as you tour this amazing peninsula. The Pacific Ocean is nearby and the fresh sea breezes highlight your visit to the magnificent peaks. Nature will take you by surprise here in this Washington region, as the wildlife is abundant and birds flock everywhere.

While in Olympic National Park, visit the Hoh Rainforest where the rain falls in high quantities each year. The lush green, the mosses and the pure enchantment will have you at the get-go. Another popular rainforest is the Quinault Rain Forest with its Quinault Rain Forest Loop Drive that will enthrall you with more gorgeous scenery. You will also get glimpses of bald eagles, cougars and perhaps a black bear if you keep a sharp eye. It is a 31-mile loop and an opportunity for a terrific drive you should not pass up.

On the east of the Olympic Peninsula you’ll find Hood Canal, the variety of outdoor fun almost endless. Here in Mason County you’ll find scuba diving, hiking, kayaking and more. Perhaps you would like to fish a bit before moving on. Well, you can fish in the Hood Canal as well as do some crabbing or shrimping if you can find the time.

To the north is the Strait of Juan de Fuca which provides the chance to fit in some whale watching. Take a boat charter and get out on the water. You will also see more stunning views surrounding you. Off in the distance is Vancouver Island, inviting you to come see some of Canada.

You can start off in Port Angeles, Washington by enjoying the fresh air and some wonderful eateries, and then take a side-trip to Canada aboard a ferry. When you reach Vancouver Island, you will have the opportunity to do a little shopping and sightseeing in Victoria, British Columbia. Discover the mildest climate in the entire country. Victoria is a premiere destination for those wishing to go home and tell their friends that they visited another country. And the charm and ambience are such that you will feel completely at home. Salt Spring Island is also in British Columbia and worth a visit! Besides a lot of people, this island is the home of a few thousand sheep and many deer. Bears even make their way here. Enjoy this very artistic community!

Back in the States, make time for a trip to Dungeness National Wildlife Preserve to explore the tide flats and relax by the bay. This became a national refuge way back in 1915 and people have come here ever since to view the wide array of wildlife. Birders find a wealth of bird species here too! Don’t neglect to bring your camera and binoculars.

Now hit the Olympic Discovery Trail, go biking or hiking for as long as you like. This is a long, long trail, but you don’t have to cover all 130 miles of it. You can take it in sections. The forests, views of the Pacific, rivers and lakes you come upon as you move along this trail will have you wishing to spend more time here.

With so much to do and see on and nearby the Olympic Peninsula, you should plan your trip so you have time to take it all in. The diverse landscapes and natural beauty everywhere you look inspire you as no other place. Before you return home, make plans to come again to experience the best of the Pacific Northwest.

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Island Hopping in Washington on an RV Vacation

Map of the San Juan IslandsPack up your gear and gather your family for an RV jaunt to Washington State and a fun experience at island hopping. The San Juan Islands north of Seattle are a gorgeous and unique place where you can get back your basic sense of nature and beauty. Start with a few days in Seattle, Washington, seeing the sights. There are so many fabulous places to go in the city. Don’t miss the famous Space Needle.

As you head north up Interstate 5, stop off in Langus Riverfront Park and get in some hiking. An easy, paved trail takes you over bridges, along dikes and through wetland environments where you will catch glimpses of animals and birds abound. This is the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs before continuing on north to the intersection of I-5 with Highway 20, taking you to the islands.

On Highway 20 head west until you arrive at Anacortes, Washington, the gateway to the San Juan Islands. Visit Old Town, watch the whales or engage in some great shopping. Perhaps a dinner out would be just the thing, so you can go at least one night without fixing your own dinner. Orca watching is best from May through June. You will find RV camping at Fidalgo Bay RV Resort in Anacortes, or you can go ahead and take your RV over to Friday Harbor. The Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes offers RV camping four miles north of Friday Harbor.

Now that you have arrived at the heart of the San Juan Islands, be prepared for a wide variety of things to do and see. Beautiful views, amazing outdoor activities, island life that is tranquil and inspiring – all this awaits you. Explore the seas on a kayak trip, fly around the islands on a biplane or go horseback riding. Pedal a bike around the perimeter of San Juan Island. The choices are incredible.

Cattle Point Lighthouse is a favorite. You can hike to the lighthouse and sit as the sun goes down to really experience a peaceful setting like no other. Eagle Cove Beach is also the spot to go when you love water sports. Swim until your heart’s content. Who can resist the beach in the summer? Certainly not one vacationer! Wander the broad expanse of sand to find tide pools with many colorful sea-life inhabitants.

While in Friday Harbor, be sure to go to the Whale Museum to learn all about these magnificent marine animals. You will find out many fascinating details of the pods that live in these island waters specifically. Stop at Whale Watch Park and enjoy a hike to the Lime Kiln Lighthouse. From here you might see the Olympic Mountains if the day is clear. If you listen very carefully, you may hear the song of the whales.

You will never experience flowers like you will at Pelindaba Lavender Farm. As you tour, you will be amazed at the beauty of lavender and the aesthetics of these marvelous flowers. Then on to San Juan Island National Historical Park! Explore the shoreline, hike the trails and do some birding. There are more than 200 species of lovely migratory birds.

Friday Harbor is quite the place to enjoy island life, even if only for a while. Stroll along the docks, get a whale charter and head out to sea to do some real whale watching. In the summer on Wednesdays you will find Music on the Lawn is relaxing and entertaining. If you brought a bicycle, you will enjoy a bike ride to Shaw Island. This is the smallest of the islands, but not lacking in history or beauty. Check out the Shaw Island Historical Museum and stop at a unique country store that is run by Franciscan nuns. This is a very isolated and pristine spot to get a feel of island life in early days.

If you are visiting San Juan Islands in August, you simply can’t miss the San Juan County Fair. The fairground fun consists of four days of exhibits, horse and dog shows, baking contests, carnival rides and of course, some amazing local foods. RV sites are available for those who have brought their homes along with them, and you should make RV reservations well in advance.

A San Juan Island RV vacation is such a treat for anyone of any age. The islands are filled with history, marine life and tons of outdoor recreational opportunities. There is something for everyone here in northwestern Washington.

Map credits: The map of the San Juan Islands is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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Explore Spokane the SpoCOOL Way!

With summertime just around the corner, it’s time to sit down with your friends and plan an exciting road trip through the lively city of Spokane, Washington. Whether you’re an artist, an outdoor adventurer, a lover of theatre or anything else, Spokane has something to offer for everyone. For a trip that you will never forget, be sure to visit the following places.

Riverfront Park

With a theatre, amusement park, ice skating, and much more, there is very little that this park doesn’t have to offer. In fact, Riverfront Park’s attractions could keep you occupied for an entire day! Wake yourself up by taking a SkyRide over Spokane Falls. Take a ride through the entire park on the Tour Train. Treat yourself and your friends to a movie at the IMAX theatre. Riverfront Park also offers numerous special events throughout the summer, including a Hoopfest in June and a Pig Out in the Park in August. For the outdoorsy ones, this park also offers numerous hiking trails.

Carr’s One of a Kind in the World Museum

When you realize that there is nowhere else in the world a World War One German machine gun and a 16-foot-tall stuffed giraffe can be found in the same room, you will see that the name of Marvin Carr’s museum can be taken literally. This museum can keep you entertained for an entire day, filled with antiques, collectibles, and many oddities. Furthermore, Marvin Carr gives every visitor a personal tour of all of his items. These items range from the largest stuffed black bear in the world to the skin of a boa constrictor. You can be sure that there will not be a dull moment once you enter his doors.

Street Art

As you explore downtown Spokane, you will notice that it’s almost like walking through an art gallery. Look for artwork on the sides of buildings, windows, train passes, etc. Whether you find murals, quilts, or a community project, there is bound to be a masterpiece around every corner.

First Fridays

Once a month, Spokane offers an evening full of visual art, ceramics, music, dance, theatre, shopping, painting, and more than you can imagine. This event is open to the public and features a different event every month. Come on the first Friday of any month to enjoy an evening of live music and wine tasting and art studios. Experience a portion of the immense amount of creativity from Spokane’s most talented.

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Visit Mount Rainier on an Exciting Washington RV Trip

Picture of Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier

Washington State offers premium sights and activities to those who want to experience the best of the state. Traveling from Tacoma, Washington and circling Mount Rainier on a scenic route, you will have a wonderful RV vacation. While in Tacoma, stop for an evening of music at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse, and if you have kids with you, take them to tour the Children’s Museum of Tacoma. You’ll find RV camping at Holiday Park.

Taking Highway 167 out of the city and branching off on Highway 410 is the best route. This will take you by Mud Mountain Lake where you can pull out that two-wheeler and take a bike ride. You can also hike or simply relax and watch the wildlife. Another place to enjoy outdoor recreation is Federation Forest State Park, along the White River.

The wild volcanic landscapes never fail to amaze. At the Norse Peak Wilderness Area you’ll witness steep rocky terrain and narrow valleys with sparkling mountain lakes. Forests of Douglas Firs and Ponderosa Pine beckon you into the backcountry.

Even in the summer, Crystal Mountain offers fun for the whole family. Take a scenic gondola ride, play a game of disc golf or go horseback riding. You will find plenty of RV camping in the area with great amenities so you can settle in for a lengthy visit.

Now to plan your visit to Mount Rainier National Park, the major attraction of this Washington RV excursion! Here you will visit what is considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. It can be seen dominating the horizon during your entire drive. With a multitude of outdoor fun available in the park, you will want to spend some time here. Many hiking trails throughout the park will give you the opportunity to exercise and get some of that fresh air into your lungs.

Be sure to stop at the historic Paradise Inn, the guest lodge built in 1916. Enjoy the nearby hiking trails and smell those wildflowers blooming everywhere. The Pacific Crest Scenic Trail also stretches nearby and skirts lakes between Highway 410 and White Pass. Don’t miss out on exploring the Cayuse Pass while you’re here.

Now you’ll take Highway 410 to Highway 123 south and cut over to Highway 706 heading west. You’ll shortly run into the Tatoosh Wilderness Area, an amazing spot with subalpine meadows and more lovely wildflowers. Head out to Tatoosh Lookout. Prepare yourself for a lengthy hike on the Tatoosh Trail. It’s almost 9 miles long but worth the trek in every sense.

After going through Longmire, you will soon come upon the Glacier View Wilderness Area, your last stop to take in the volcanic landscapes and astonishing views before heading home. You should stop in Ashford, Washington for dinner out before heading north on Highway 7 back to Tacoma. You’ll be happy you came and will no doubt want to come back again for a scenic Washington vacation in your RV.

Picture credits: The picture of Mount Rainier is by Walter Siegmund and is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported2.5 Generic2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.

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Five Fun Things to Do While RV Camping in Ferndale, WA

Combine a scenic river right through the middle of town and easy access to British Columbia and Bellingham Bay and you’ve got Ferndale, Washington, an excellent RV camping destination. The lush, green beauty of the Pacific Northwest rolls along the Nooksack River and brings peace to vacationing RVers who come to Ferndale. We’ve collected five fun ideas for things to do while RV camping in Ferndale.

  1. Pioneer Park
    Ferndale’s excellent parks blend historic sites and natural beauty to create first-rate attractions for visitors. One perennial favorite is Pioneer Park, where some of the oldest log structures in the Pacific Northwest have been relocated and preserved. Gain a whole new understanding of the courage and creativity of the area’s early settlers by visiting these dozen slab cedar structures in a stand of uncut red cedars.
  2. Bellingham Waterfront
    Squalicum Harbor in Bellingham, WA is a short drive from Ferndale and filled with attractions for the whole family. Not only can you charter a kayaking, whale watching, sailing, scuba diving or just about any other kind of Bellingham water adventure starting here, you’ll also find exciting places to shop, stroll and spend your day in this scenic waterfront district.
  3. Mount Baker National Scenic Byway
    Just down the road from Ferndale, on the edge of Bellingham, begins an awesomely scenic byway known as the Mount Baker Highway. Paralleling the Nooksack River, this route passes by such splendid scenery as Nooksack Falls and Heather Meadows, while offering the chance to stop to watch for bald eagles or see a logging show. Once you reach Mount Baker in the Snoqualmie National Forest, feel free to explore the dozens of trails, photograph the lush wildflower-filled meadows or go river rafting before getting to see it all again on the way home to Ferndale.
  4. Moran State Park
    The San Juan Islands are a vacation in themselves, and Moran State Park is the perfect place to learn what all the excitement is about. Take the ferry to Orcas Island where Mount Constitution and Cascade Lake are just two of the natural attractions at Moran State Park. RV travelers can enjoy fishing, swimming, hiking and biking trails, scenic drives and such memorable sights as Cascade Falls. This is also a premier launching point for whale watching tours, so be sure to book one before you come!
  5. Vancouver, British Columbia
    Less than an hour north of Ferndale, Vancouver, British Columbia is a remarkably scenic spot to spend a day. Blessed with both mountain and ocean views, Vancouver is also a sizzling cultural center filled with galleries, restaurants and interesting architecture to capture your attention. Don’t miss the chance to visit Vancouver when RV camping in Ferndale!

Ferndale, Washington RV Campgrounds
As you’re planning this year’s Ferndale, Washington RV camping itinerary, you’ll need to know where to camp. Here are two of the area’s many RV-friendly campgrounds ready to host your stay:

Tall cedars reaching for the skies, thrilling mountain vistas and plenty of ways to spend quality time outdoors are just the beginning of your Ferndale motorhome camping adventure. The Pacific Northwest is waiting to show you why it’s a favorite area for veteran RV campers.

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RV Camping to Seattle’s Green Lake Neighborhood

Hoping to visit the Seattle area, but aren’t crazy about the crowds? The Green Lake neighborhood in North Seattle has all the ingredients for a memorable RV vacation. Outdoor recreation, historic streets and plenty of places to shop and play – those are the treasures of Green Lake. Blend those attractions with scenic RV campsites close by and Green Lake just might become your favorite Seattle area playground.

Green Lake Outdoors

At the heart of this lakeside neighborhood is, of course, the lake which lends the area its name. The three hundred acre lake and the deliciously welcoming green space around it form Green Lake Park, a popular Seattle outdoor playground. RV camping fans will find they can play a dozen different ways in and around the lake. Bike, jog or skate around the lake on the 2.8 mile Green Lake Path. Seattle Parks and Recreation has done a nice job of dividing the path for multi-sport use.

Beaches on both sides of the lake allow swimmers to enjoy Green Lake from the water. There’s also an indoor pool to enjoy. Prefer to hit the water in a boat? Green Lake Boat Rental on the northeast shore can outfit your crew with stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, canoes and row boats. You might also want to try your hand at fishing Green Lake, where rainbow and brown trout are stocked annually.

If you’re simply hoping for a beautiful place to relax, bring your blanket, your camera and your picnic basket. The gorgeous vistas and the sound of songbirds can erase months of pre-vacation stress.

Green Lake’s Historic Charm

Another reason RV campers will enjoy Green Lake is the historic charm throughout the neighborhood. Take, for example, the Bath House Theater. On the shores of Green Lake, this vintage bathhouse is now home to a lively theater company, so make plans to attend a production while you’re here.

Rent a bike from Gregg’s Green Lake Cycles and spend the day riding through restored neighborhoods, past the 1910 Carnegie Library and then plan stops to enjoy Green Lake’s interesting collection of bistros, coffee houses and ethnic restaurants. From Thai to seafood, there’s an eatery ready to delight in Green Lake.

Slow things down on your next Seattle RV camping vacation. Spend your days in Green Lake, where an urban oasis with historic charm will enchant the most jaded traveler.

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RV Camping the Mountains to Sound Greenway

Itching to go on an epic RV camping journey where lakes, mountains and national forests are your playgrounds? Washington’s I-90 passes east from Seattle through the Mountains to Sound Greenway, revealing superb scenery, dozens of outdoor recreation venues and historic towns that celebrate Washington’s past.

Before you discount this route’s 100-mile length as a day trip, consider that this is a byway to be savored. Bring your hiking shoes, fishing gear and mountain bikes. Camp along the way in one or more national forests and spend your nights in serene settings. Plan at least a day to explore the wonders of Seattle and Puget Sound. It’s all there on the Mountains to Sound Greenway, waiting for RVers to discover it.

Start your journey in Seattle at the Log House Museum, just off historic Alki Beach Park. The museum unfolds Seattle’s earliest history, and Alki Beach offers marvelous views of both Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Another exciting way to spend an afternoon is to rent a kayak and explore Union Bay Natural Area or Lake Washington.

And then it’s east on I-90, through the Mount Baker Tunnel and across the floating bridge to Mercer Island. Skirt across the northern end of the Island and over the East Channel Bridge to Bellevue, WA. If you’re ready for more outdoor recreation, don’t leave Bellevue without paddling Mercer Slough.

From there it’s a short trip east to the heart of the Mountains to Sound Greenway. Plan plenty of time to make stops at such scenic sites as Lake Sammamish State Park, where boating, swimming and blue heron watching are popular activities. Active RV campers are also going to want some time on the Issaquah-Preston Trail at the south end of the lake.

As you continue east along I-90, you’ll be surrounded by memorable mountain scenery. Choose a side trip to Squak Mountain State Park Natural Area, a hike along Rattlesnake Ridge in the “Issaquah Alps” or spend the night at Tinkham Campground in Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.

One of the highlights of this drive is crossing over three-thousand-foot Snoqualmie Pass in the Cascades. All around you’ll be blessed with views of a vast wilderness in which you’ll find trailheads to some of the best trails in the Pacific Northwest. Consider hiking a section of the John Wayne Pioneer Trail or take the hike up Granite Mountain just west of the Pass.

You might also want to paddle the Snoqualmie River and stay to fish for salmon. The Middle Fork National Recreation Area, just off the Greenway, offers abundant hiking, biking, fishing, paddling and sitting-back-and-relaxing-in-nature possibilities.

And did we mention the charming towns at the east end of the Mountains to Sound Greenway? Thorp, WA, well-known for its fruit stands, is also home to Thorp Mill, an interpretive center that tells the history of the Kittitas Valley. To learn even more about Eastern Washington history while experiencing nature at its best, travel the five mile Coal Mines Trail through historic mining towns Cle Elun, Roslyn and Ronald.

There are outdoor adventures everywhere along Washington’s Mountains to Sound Greenway. Why not take your family into the wilderness on this year’s RV camping journey?

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Explore Washington’s Olympic Peninsula from the Elwha Dam RV Park in Port Angeles WA

Thank you to our friends the Elwha Dam RV Park for providing us with this post.

Welcome to Washington State’s OLYMPIC PENINSULA! Where else can you snowshoe in the morning and kayak in the afternoon? Or, wander the temperate rain forest moss-laden trees of the Hoh River before lunch and marvel at a ruby-red Pacific Coast beach at sunset? From Elwha Dam RV all this is possible!Create life-long memories in and around Olympic National Park. With miles of puzzle-like shorelines, alpine meadows crowned with glaciers, and dense rainforest valleys, you’ll find a vacation playground with almost a million acres of Olympic National Park, along with Olympic National Forest and dozens of state, county and city parks.

Follow Olympic Peninsula’s Waterfall Trail of 24 identified waterfalls. From a paved, wheelchair accessible pathway, to forested trails, or waterfalls only found by boat or backpack, there is a trail for everyone of every fitness level. Several of the listed waterfalls are easy accessible from Elwha Dam RV Park.

Our proximity to the dams gives us the right to be called “The best RV Park by a Dam Site”. You can walk to the Dam view from Elwha Dam RV Park. In September of 2011 removal of both of the Elwha River Dams will begin. This will be the largest dam removal project ever undertaken to enhance a salmon run. The removals are expected to take 3 years. Restoration of the Elwha Valley, which runs north/south nearly the full length of the Olympic Mountain range, will then begin. All non native plant species will be removed, river channels will be restored to their original routes and wetlands will replace the current reservoirs. A project to propagate native vegetation has been underway for several years and these plants will be used to restore the valley to its natural state. Once the dams are removed the salmon and other species of fish will be able to travel nearly 70 miles into the heart of the Olympics.

Forks, where Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling Twilight saga books are set, plays an Oscar-worthy role for fans making the pilgrimage to walk in their favorite characters’ footsteps. Follow their footsteps to First Beach on a self-guided tour of fictional locations. Stop at Forks Chamber of Commerce to pick up a map and take a photo with the replica of Bella’s red truck.

One activity that all tourists take part in when traveling, THEY EAT! The Olympic Peninsula is THE growing culinary tourism destination. Restaurants specializing in fresh Olympic Coast Cuisine, award-winning wineries, lively seasonal Farmer’s Markets, and numerous annual culinary festivals showcase nature’s bounty, reflecting the diverse microclimates, coastal proximity and Native American heritage that characterize the Olympic Peninsula. Farmer’s Market in Port Angeles on Wed. afternoon and Saturday showcases many of the wonderful choices from the area.

Whether you’ve walked to a thundering waterfall or soaked in a natural hot spring, or explored the miniature world of amazing critters in a tide pool, or entered the imaginary Twilight world of werewolves and vampires, mythical story lines or real experiences, you will leave with a full imagination.

Here are a few points of interest in our area:

  • Hurricane Ridge, 30-40 minute drive from Port Angeles
  • Hoh Rain Forest
  • Rialto Beach, near LaPush
  • Ruby Beach
  • National Park Lodges
    • Lake Crescent Lodge
    • Sol Duc Hot springs Resort
    • Kalaloch Lodge
    • Lake Quinault Lodge
    • Log Cabin Resort, Lake Crescent
  • Quilcene Historical Museum
  • Fort Flagler State Park
  • Port Townsend, Historical Victorian Seaport
  • Fort Worden State Park, Commanding Officer’s Quarters Museum, Port Townsend
  • Dungeness River Audubon Center, Sequim
  • Olympic Game Farm, Sequim
  • Port Angeles Fine Arts Center & Webster’s Woods Art Park
  • Olympic Cost Discovery Center and Arthur D. Feiro Marine Life Center, Port Angeles
  • Makah Indian Reservation and Cultural Center, Neah Bay
  • Highway 112
  • Olympic Discovery Trail
  • Olympic Peninsula Waterfall Trail
  • Olympic Peninsula Culinary Loop

If your travels take you to this part of Washington please check oug the Elwha Dam RV Park.

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Tons to Do at Wildwood Resort in Bellingham, WA

This was provided to us by our friends at Wildwood Resort in Bellingham, Washington.

Wildwood Resort on Lake Whatcom has a long history as a day use and seasonal family camping facility. Lake Whatcom has long been recognized as a premier lake for water sports of all kinds. The lake is a popular for motor boating, sailing, swimming, fishing and other recreational activities and also serves as the drinking water source for approximately 85,000 residents in the City of Bellingham as well as Whatcom County. It is approximately 10 miles total in length and 1 mile in width at its widest, has one island, and is also home to 13 species of fish.

The recreational activities in and around the lake are endless.

  • Just a few minute drive to the west of the resort and also lying on the lake is Sudden Valley Golf Course. Rated “Four Stars” by Golf Digest, Sudden Valley has been the site of many major Northwest tournaments.
  • A ten minute drive gets you to the trail head of Squires Lake Park where you can hike up a few short switchbacks to an azure lake surrounded by forests and foothills. Longer loops lead to a beaver pond, around the 5 acre lake to viewpoints and fishing spots, and connections to the long-distance Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail.
  • A 25 minute drive toward the I-5, just off the Alger exit, takes you to an intriguing and scenic natural landmark – a glacial-polished and fractured exposed hunk of sheer cliff on Blanchard Mountain called the Oyster Dome. A popular hiking destination year-round, Oyster Dome is the pearl of the Chuckanut Mountains.

Wildwood Resort is located on the southernmost part of the lake on what is known as Southbay. This sheltered bay lends itself beautifully to the serenity of the resort. It is approximately a one and a half hour drive to Seattle and also lends itself to Canadian visitors as the resort is less than an hour’s drive from most southwest BC border crossing points.

Wildwood Resort has completed phase 1 of their development and is ready for the 2011 camping season with 8 RV sites with full hookups, 5 cabins, a pool, hot tub, and tennis court. 75 more RV sites and 2 more cabins will be ready by fall.

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