How about a Pet-friendly RV vacation?

As the holiday season is fast approaching – oh my, we are already right in the middle of it– we can’t forget our furry friends. When we take to the open road in an RV, we want to bring Fido or Felix or Rover along with us. Fortunately there are many places that are pet-friendly and allow or encourage us to bring along our furrier family members when we go. RV campers willing to follow the same common-sense rules they observe with their pets at home shouldn’t have a problem including their animals on vacation.

Here are some spots to consider for your next Fido-friendly vacation:

  • Arizona: See the Arizona State Parks and Trails site to get a full lineup of possible parks to stay in. Here are just a couple of suggestions:
    1. The Colorado River is a popular spot for boating, tubing, and floating your days away, and there are four great state parks that have camping available so you can get into river life mode for a week or a weekend. The most well-known park, Lake Havasu State Park, boasts a white-sand beach, five boat ramps, and plenty of electric hook-up sites for your RV, including beach-front sites. If you want a quieter park, check out Cattail Cove State Park, located just 15 minutes away. This park has 61 campsites, including boat-in campsites for you to enjoy near the water. Plus, there’s a dog-friendly beach so you can enjoy time with your best companion! Boat on the blue waters, sail into quiet coves, or water or jet ski out on the open lake.
    2. For a completely different experience, head east from the river to Alamo Lake State Park, located near Wendon, Ariz. This is the place to be for bass fishing, expansive views, and quiet solitude. With the nearest city lights nearly 40 miles away, this is also a prime stargazing park. In spring, wildflowers bring bright colors to the gentle rolling hills, and visitors can enjoy camping in tents, RVs, or the park cabins year-round. Take your boat out on the lake, or try a canoe or kayak to get the best views. With plenty of group sites, camping spots, and quiet, you’ll be able to get away from it all and unwind. This park also offers access to some of the best off-highway vehicle trails in the state.


  1. Grand Canyon Railway RV Park in Williams, AZ not only provides rail transportation to the Grand Canyon, it offers state-of-the-art kennels for your dogs or cats during your stay.
  • Want some other examples of pet-friendly family destinations in the midwest to explore? Try Cedar Point Amusement Park, on Lake Erie in Sandusky, OH which has a special Pet Check facility where dogs can be kenneled while you enjoy the park. And there’s a pet-friendly Camper Villageon-site!
  • A whole string of California amusements provide pet lodging for visitors. Some of the most-loved are: Disneylandin Anaheim, SeaWorld in San Diego and Universal Studios in Hollywood.

Pet-Friendly RV Camping Resorts

One more idea for RV campers hoping to share vacation fun with their pets is to make a luxurious pet-friendly RV camping resort your destination. Here’s a pet-friendly tip—most KOA Kampgrounds are designed to accommodate dogs.
These ideas for destinations can help you start planning your trip:

  • Dallas Metro Arlington, TX has an off-leash dog park that’s designed to keep Fido happy as you camp.
  • Four Paws Kingdom in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina is a dog-dedicated campground with an amazing array of pet-centered amenities and activities.
  • San Diego Metro KOA in Chula Vista, CA has a seven-thousand-square-foot Kamp K9 dog park for campers and their furry friends!
  • Angel’s Camp RV Resor tin Angel’s Camp, CA has a large dog park and welcomes your four-legged family member as they do you.

Also, check out our Pet Friendly RV Vacations page to see some other great potential destinations that will welcome your pet.

Are you one of those people who loves to see dogs on parade? Well, you can travel in RV luxury to see the excitement and glamour of many of the top U.S. dog shows. The American Kennel Club sponsors dog shows throughout the country. These shows display the very best in dog show competition and give credibility to this rapidly growing sport. Agility trials, conformation events and several other categories of shows promise something for every type of dog lover. To learn more about specific locations of the AKC shows each year, check out our Traveling by RV to Dog Shows page.


To Rent an RV for your trip:

For the unique travel experience in Arizona you can rent an RV from our El Monte RV Rental location in Phoenix.

For all of our other locations around the country, see our Where to Rent An RV page.

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Pet-Friendly RV Vacations – What You Should Know Before You Go

As you get ready for your next RV adventure, are you thinking about what to do with your pets? Is little Felix rubbing up against your leg as you browse the Internet thinking of far off destinations for your adventure? What about Rover? Is he going to have to stay home and miss all the fun?

We get it!  Your pet is a part of your family and you can pack up the treats and leashes and your furry companion can come along and travel in the motor home with you.

Travelling with Pets

Travelling with Pets

There are lots of spots that allow pets to come along. RV campers willing to follow the same common-sense rules they observe with their pets at home shouldn’t have a problem including their animals on vacation.

Check out our Pet Friendly RV Vacations page to see some great potential destinations that will welcome your pet.

Are you one of those people who loves to see dogs on parade? Well, you can travel in RV luxury to see the excitement and glamour of many top dog shows. The American Kennel Club sponsors dog shows throughout the U.S. These shows display the very best in dog show competition and give credibility to this rapidly growing sport. Agility trials, conformation events and several other categories of shows promise something for every type of dog lover. To learn more about specific locations of the AKC shows each year, check out our Traveling by RV to Dog Shows page.

Here are some tips for safely traveling with your favorite pet:

  1. Make sure your pet is secure when you’re riding in the RV. No, you shouldn’t just let your animal roam about freely. They could be injured and can also be a distraction for the driver. Keep them in a kennel or secure them with a harness or leash that buckles into the seat belt.
  2. Sure, you know your pet needs food and water (and don’t forget the treats!). But what about…
  • Their leash?
  • Their waste pick-up bags?
  • Their litter?
  • Their toys?
  • Their brush?
  • Their crate?
  • That fuzzy sweater that they love?
  1. Make sure your pet has up to date shots and an updated ID. Consider chipping your dog or cat to ensure that in that awful situation when he or she may get lost, you can always retrieve them. Minimally, if chipping doesn’t appeal to you, you should go to your local Wal-Mart or PetSmart, find the pet ID kiosk, type in their name on one side with your name and phone number on the other, print it, stick it on their collar, and voilà! Your pet has his/her own personal ID.
  2. Keep your pet’s information with you while you travel. This includes:
  • Vaccination records- many campgrounds may ask to see recent vaccination records and rabies shots.
  • Proof of ownership – Yes, someone could claim your animal was theirs! If you carry proof, this won’t go far.
  • Photographs – keep some cute pictures of your pet on your phone – and consider printing one or two good pictures in case they run away.
  • If your pets have allergies or medical issues bring the paperwork about that too.
  • A first aid kit – not just your standard personal one but one that includes pet items too.

And there are many other tips you can find by just searching for pet friendly RV’ing.

Now you’re all set to go on your pet-friendly adventure but where’s the RV? You can easily rent one of our RV’s at numerous locations around the US. Check out availability for your travel dates on our Where you can Rent RVs page.

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Keeping Your Pets Safe and Happy on an RV Vacation

Millions of Americans head out on vacations all over the country every year, and many of them will bring pets along when they do.  Pets are a part of the family and have their own special needs.  When you head out on your RV vacation this year, make sure you follow these tips to keep your pet healthy and safe so that you all will have as much fun as possible by avoiding unnecessary complications.

Vacationing with Pets!

Vacationing with Pets!

Begin your pet planning at least one month prior to departure date.  Some of the initial steps you should take to keep your pet safe and secure need to be done in advance.  Before you even get the RV gassed up, check over your pet’s vaccinations and ensure they are up-to-date!   Checking on this early allows enough time to schedule an appointment with your vet and take care of any vaccinations that need to be addressed.

Another vital step before leaving home is to ensure that your pet’s collar fits and that it has an accurate ID tag attached.  Many families do not have pets wear collars while at home, but they are vital while out and about on vacation.  An exterior ID tag is also vital.  Even if your dog or cat has an implanted ID chip that can be scanned at a veterinarian’s office, you won’t necessarily have to wait for an escaped pet to show up at a vet if it has an ID tag.  Whoever spots your dog can call you right away to let you know that your missing pet has appeared.

As your travel time arrives begin writing down a list of all pet traveling necessities.  Pet carriers and extra leashes are a must!  Even if you’ve planned on having your pet ride in the cab of your RV for the entire trip, you should still bring a pet carrier with you.  You will want to take special precautions to make sure that your pet is secured whenever you stop in a new location.  Pets can become easily stressed in new environments and the comfort of their pet carrier provides a safe place for them, especially if you are leaving them in the RV while you’re out site-seeing.  You don’t want your beloved pet running off with their temporary neighbors or getting into mischief while you’re away!   It is highly recommended to keep an extra leash on hand per chance one gets torn, soiled, or destroyed in some way, you’ll be ready to stroll without any delay.

If you are traveling to a warm location, remember to provide plenty of water for your pet, preferably in a self-filling container.  Strap the container to one of the walls of your RV so that your pet can’t accidentally tip it over.  Also, think twice before leaving your pet alone in your RV in warm weather.  Without air conditioning turned on, an RV could potentially heat up inside to the point that your pet starts to get dehydrated.  When camping with hook-ups, keeping the air conditioner running shouldn’t be a problem.

El Monte RV Motor Home Rental Vacation at Grand Canyon National Park

El Monte RV Motor Home Rental Vacation at Grand Canyon National Park

Summer is almost over, so have fun on your last RV trips of the summer and any trips you plan to take this fall.  Take your pets along to make the journeys even more memorable, but follow these tips to ensure your furry friends are having a great time, too!  Pets enjoy being with you on vacation and would fair better by going with you rather than being kenneled without you.  Try it and prepare yourselves for a successful trip!

El Monte RV

El Monte RV Rentals and Sales

For more information on renting or buying a motor home CLICK HEREor call 1-888-337-2208

Photo Credits:  Owner with pet by Terry Bone and El Monte RV at Grand Canyon by Grand Canyon National Park.  Both are licensed under the Flickr Creative Commons license.
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Travels with Casey (the Dog)

Picture of Benoit Denizet-Lewis with His Dog in an El Monte RV

Benoit Denizet-Lewis and His Dog – We Typically Don’t Recommend Letting the Dog Drive…

Benoit Denizet-Lewis, a writer with The New York Times Magazine, is traveling around the country for four months in an El Monte RV with his dog, Casey, for a book he’s researching about dogs in America. He’s driving some 15,000 miles and meeting interesting dogs and dog people in some 35 states, including sled dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, shelter dogs, famous dogs, a pet psychic, a man who raises wolves in his backyard, a dog-catcher who won the lottery, and dog-loving RVers.

We encourage you to follow Benoit and Casey’s journey at Travels With Casey, and be sure to let him know if you know of any great dogs—or great dog people—he should meet on his voyage.

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Dog Friendly Vacation at Canine Country Getaway on 175 Acres

Many thanks to our friends at Glen Highland Farm’s Canine Outdoor Adventures in Morris, NY for the following…

The Canine Country Getaway location is an extended part of Glen Highland Farm acreage set aside for people who like to vacation with their dogs. The land was once home to the Iroquois Indians who lived near the beautiful Butternut Creek, a huge curvy stream filled with trout, abundant wildlife, endangered butterflies and birds. The Creek winds through 175 acres of rolling meadows and winding trails and our 2-acre spring-fed pond, all perfect surroundings for you to enjoy a great vacation at the same time your dog enjoys an outdoor adventure.

We have 2 small cabins nestled high up on the Ridge, secluded amidst tall pine trees with a scenic vista below. Each cabin is furnished with two comfy cots, storage shelves, lanterns, rugs, chairs and a heater (for cooler weather). Each cabin provides plenty of room for two people plus their dog or one person with multiple dogs or for anyone who wants to enjoy the cabin fully for themselves and their canine companion(s). The solitude and fresh air will easily make sleeping a joy for you and your dog! Guests will need to bring their own pillows, bed linens or sleeping bags and blankets. See Guest Info for what to bring.

Situated below the Ridge, are 2 spacious large cottages, each with two “large-man” cots, dressers, lanterns, rugs and chairs. The peaceful setting gives you plenty of privacy and also quick access to nearby trails. The views from the windows are gorgeous! The large cabins easily sleep two to four people with their dogs. They are perfect for friends vacationing together or for a couple who want lots of space to unwind. Guests will need to bring their own pillows, bed linens or sleeping bags and blankets.

The Farm RVs are a real home away from home and wonderfully situated at the foot of a 30-acre meadow. With 5 standard RVs or 1 deluxe RV to choose from, visitors opt for RVs for access to full electricity complete with heating or air conditioning. RVs all have a separate bedroom (with full, queen or king accommodations), the convenience of a private bathroom, lots of storage cabinets, an eat-in kitchen equipped with stove, refrigerator and freezer, microwave and coffee maker. Kitchens are stocked with basic cookware, glasses, mugs, dishware and utensils. If you feel like cooking out, feel free to use the gas or wood burning grills and prep space in the outdoor dining pavilion. Living areas have a comfy sofa (dog approved!) with throw blankets and pillows and also VCR/DVD and stereo. While RVs have their own bathroom with toilet, sink and shower, many guests opt to use our separate full size bathroom and shower facilities. You will need to bring your own bed linens, pillows and blankets.

Have your own RV or RV rental? Load up the dogs and come on over! We have RV hookup sites for you to rent.

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RV Camping with Your Pet

For many, what to do with the family pet can be a big impediment to planning a family vacation. Others simply cannot imagine going anywhere without their four-legged family member.

RV Camping can be the answer for both. Most RV Rental companies allow you to have pets in their RVs (El Monte RV does). Most RV campgrounds also allow pets. In North Carolina there is even a campground that promotes themselves as a “dog dedicated campground“. Be sure to check them out – Four Paws Kingdom.

So instead of wondering where to put your pet while you are away, with an RV the challenge becomes planning a great RV camping adventure because Fido is coming with you.

While taking your pet with you on your RV vacation can be fun and rewarding for all involved, there are some common sense tips that you should remember:

  • Call Ahead – Call campgrounds ahead of time to make sure they are pet friendly. Make sure to ask if they have any weight limitations for dogs.
  • Vaccinations and Medical Records – Make sure that your pets are up to date on their vaccinations (rabies, distemper, etc.) and have appropriate documentation with you to prove it. It is not a bad idea to also have their full medical record with you and to obtain a number of a local vet at your destination just in case your pet needs treatment.
  • Pet First Aid Kit – Have a pet first aid kit and at least a briefing from your pet’s vet on how to use it, just in case (see here for some pet first aid items).
  • Travel Restraint – Provide a protective travel crate or restraint for you pet so that they do not get hurt in the event of a sudden stop, and so that they will not interfere with the driver.
  • Regular Stops – Plan on stopping regularly when traveling to allow your pet to get some exercise and allow them to relieve themselves (remember to clean up after your pet).
  • A Few of their Favorite Things – Bring some things that are familiar to your pet to help them to feel at home in their home away from home.
  • Identification – Have identification on your pets (tags, implants etc.) to make them easy to identify and you easy to contact should they get lost.
  • Keep Your Pets Quiet and Under Control – This means that you should make sure that you have proper pet restraint (leashes and crates) so that they cannot run free. This is true for many practical reasons as well, such as:
    • Far away from home it would be very easy for your pet to get lost.
    • In the great outdoors, your fluffy and playful family pet looks a lot like dinner to other inhabitants of the wild…
  • Clean Up After Your Pet – The single biggest complaint other campers have is pet owners who do not clean up their pet’s “business”.
  • Respect Others – Remember that while you may appreciate your pets, others in the campground may not. Not everyone is a pet person, no matter how foreign that point of view may be to you…

See the following for some additional tips and advice:

Some guides to pet friendly campgrounds:

So don’t worry what to do with your pet while on vacation. Take them with you on a fun and exciting RV vacation!

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