NASCAR RV Camping—The Ultimate Racing Experience

Set up your motorhome inside Turn One at the speedway and you’ll soon understand why RV camping at a NASCAR race is the ultimate experience for racing fans. Whether you camp in the infield, next to the grandstand or in a lakeside campground adjacent to the speedway, RV camping NASCAR fans take racing mania to a whole new level. 640px-NASCAR_practice

Ready to find out why? Here are the top ten things you need to know about camping in a motorhome at a NASCAR track.

  1. Some tracks have a waitlist or book their campsites months in advance. Check your track’s website for details on when a campsite can be reserved.
  2. Several venues for RV camping may be available at your favorite track—in the infield, on a terrace overlooking the racetrack, or even at campgrounds run by nearby sponsors/partners of the speedway. Depending on your camping budget, you can get as up-close-and-personal as you’d like to racing action.
  3. Know the rules for your campground before you go—things like whether external speakers are allowed, if motorized scooters and golf carts can be brought on racetrack property, what kind of coolers are allowed at the track, where towed vehicles should be parked and the hours quiet rules are enforced are important to know to keep things running smoothly during race week.
  4. The fan pages on NASCAR track websites are a great source of information for new NASCAR campers. Ask veteran fans your questions and get advice on how to maximize the fun.
  5. Knowing what to pack is the foundation of any great RV vacation, and that goes for NASCAR camping, too.
  6. If you don’t own an RV, but love the idea of camping at the races, we can help. Renting an RV for a NASCAR vacation is easy and affordable.
  7. Services for NASCAR campers vary depending on the type of RV camping you’ve reserved at the track, from port-a-jons at every campsite to full-service hookups. You’ll also find a wide range of amenities to enhance your camping experience. Dover International Speedway, for example, offers RV camping race fans mobile pumping service and water delivery as well as a huge grocery tent with everything you’ll need for camping and tailgating during race week.
  8. And speaking of tailgating, what could you cook up in a fully-equipped motorhome kitchen? Use these tips to get your menu started, and don’t be afraid to experiment. You might just become a racetrack legend for your burgers, brats or muffalettas!
  9. If you’re ready to turn your next camping trip into a NASCAR vacation, there are plenty of places to visit. Did you know there are more than one hundred tracks in 38 states, as well as Mexico and Canada? Use this list of NASCAR tracks to start planning your next RV camping vacation at the track.
  10. What if you find you love NASCAR camping enough to buy season tickets? That’s a great idea! You’ll find that season camping passes have perks, like two tickets for the races or the chance to purchase additional tickets for your guests.

Traveling to a NASCAR race in RV comfort, and camping close to the action with a whole lot of friendly racing fans can bring new meaning to ‘vacation’ for your family. Pick a race, get tips from motorhome camping NASCAR fans and reserve your campsite and an RV rental for race week. You know you want to!

Photo credits:  Wikimedia Commons

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Tailgating Recipes Perfect for RV Tailgating Parties

A tailgate party in an RV can be one of the best ways to tailgate, with the convenience of a motorhome kitchen and an enclosed space to cook in any weather. Tailgating is in full swing right now and it’s time to get out there and enjoy. Here are some tasty recipes perfect for RV tailgating and partying.

Naturally, breakfast is an important part of a tailgating adventure. Fixing a delicious first-meal-of-the-day will go a long way toward warming up you and yours for the exciting times ahead. Try the Chorizo and Potatoes with Roasted Peppers and Egg for a quick feast. You can cook them up right on your RV stovetop in twenty-five minutes. Pretty delicious with chorizo, potatoes, red peppers, and eggs!

Slow Cooker

Slow Cookers Make Game Day Meals Easy

The chips are coming out in short order and you will have to have some sort of yummy dip! One great choice is the recipe for Spinach-Artichoke Dip with Blue Cheese and Bacon to please every one of the tailgaters joining your festivities. You can start it in plenty of time for snacking. Cooking bacon, and then mixing the onion, spinach, red sweet pepper and garlic in a slow cooker… well, be prepared for a taste delight. With twenty-four servings, there will be enough for everybody!

Ensure you put appetizers on the menu! Mini Muffulettas make the perfect taste treat before dinner. You won’t have to prepare them before you leave when you make them up in your RV kitchen. The ingredients will all travel well in your refrigerator, too, so you can fix up these servings just before ready to eat.

An entrée for all ages is the Slow Cooker Chicken Chile Tortilla Soup which you can put on in the morning and have it ready before kickoff. The southwestern flavor may be reminiscent of old-time cowboy days, but this may be just the ambience you would like for your tailgating party. Turn your cooker on high for faster cooking time. Whichever setting you choose, the combination of red pepper, corn, tomato, garlic, chili and chicken is something that will soothe the wildest appetites.

If the men want a real meat-and-potatoes meal, serve up the Slow Cooker Hearty Beef Stew! This is another dinner entrée which calms the savage hunger any time of day. It will take five to six hours to cook on the high setting on your slow cooker, which may work out better than the low setting for ten or eleven hours. It depends how early you begin preparation and when you want to eat! But meat, potatoes and veggies all combine to make this a complete and filling meal.

Of course, if your diners want some pork, you can cook up the Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork in six to ten hours. This is not just any pulled pork recipe but deliciously flavored with brown sugar, chili powder and cinnamon. Yum! You can also serve the pork in many different ways, such as in a sandwich, on nachos or… get creative!

And last but not by any means least is dessert! Peanut Butter-Caramel Candy Bites with Colorful Candies will fill the bill. The perfect ending to a perfect tailgating party!

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Northern California Tailgating can be an RV Adventure

Tailgating is a great way to spend some time. Celebrating your time away at a big game offers the opportunity of getting together with friends and meeting new folks who share your sense of fun. Northern California has some great tailgating parties coming up and you won’t want to miss one of them. Going in an RV is more than half the fun, too!

Bulldog Stadium

Bulldog Stadium, Fresno CA

The first place to head is Candlestick Park or “The Stick” as it is affectionately called. As the seats begin to fill, you’ll discover waiting for kickoff is a big part of the experience. Since Candlestick Park is likely to be replaced by a new stadium soon, it might be good to get out here for a game or two before the move. You will want to make memories at this park so you can brag later to your friends about how wonderful fun you had at this 49ers stadium.

The 49ers will play the Carolina Panthers on the 10th of November, the St. Louis Rams on the 1st of December, the Seattle Seahawks on the 8th and finally the Atlanta Falcons on 23 December. First hit the Grand Plaza for all sorts of entertainment and food, and then begin your tailgating in the parking lot. If you have a traditional space, get there early to claim your spot.

Then in Berkeley, you can visit Memorial Stadium and head nearby to Maxwell Field for the tailgating. It is called Tailgate Town and starts three hours prior to the big kick-off. You will find a beer garden adds to the celebration! This is one big event, and be sure to note the times of the games – 2 November for Berkeley vs. Arizona and 9 November for Berkeley battling USC.

The California Bears will make your wait for kickoff worthwhile, but what the real entertainment is – tailgating. You won’t find much tailgating right next to the stadium but Maxwell Field is just north and offers the best in fan parties.

Tailgating at O.oc Coliseum takes place until right after kickoff. At that point there is no more consumption of food or beverages. You won’t be able to sneak a peek at the action via television or any other electronic device. So resign yourself to seeing the game live! You could have a worse fate!

Watch the Oakland Raiders vs. the Eagles on 9 November and against the Titans on 12 November. The Raiders play the Chiefs on 15 December and the Denver Broncos on 17 December.

It’s time for college football at AT&T Park. This is an exciting place to come for fall tailgating parties. Pac-12 vs. BYU is happening on the 27th of December. Bring your jackets and sweats and enjoy some drinking and partying with friends and neighbors. Don’t spend it at home watching everything on ESPN. Get out there and join in the celebrations. Park an RV in the Bus Lot and walk over to lot C or D to tailgate with your buddies.

If you head Fresno way, you’ll find more tailgating opportunities at the Bulldog Stadium where Fresno will challenge Nevada on November 2 and New Mexico on November 23. Traveling around and becoming part of the tailgate tradition in Northern California is something you definitely want to have on your list of great things to do this year.

Picture credits: The picture of Bulldog Stadium is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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RVing to Two of the Big Bowl Games

College football and RVs are a wonderful match. They are a wonderful way to get to the game, a great and inexpensive place to stay when you get there, and for those stadiums that allow it, a great way to tailgate.

With Bowl season in full swing we thought that we would highlight an RV trip to two of the big ones…

The Rose Bowl
The Rose Bowl is the oldest of all of the bowl games and a must see at least once event for any rabid college football fan. On January 1, 2011 the number 5 BCS ranked Wisconsin Badgers will square off against the number 3 BCS ranked TCU Horned Frogs at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California.

For the RV traveler, one- to three-day RV parking for the Tournament of Roses parade and Rose Bowl Game is provided by Sharp Seating. A shuttle will operate from 10 a.m. until approximately two hours after the game. Motorhome parking at the stadium is very limited and available on a first come first served basis.

The BCS Championship Game
This year the BCS Championship Game will be held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Playing in this year’s game are two high-scoring, undefeated powerhouses – the Oregon Ducks (12-0) from the Pac-10 and the Auburn Tigers (13-0) from the SEC. With two high-powered offenses, the game could be a high scoring affair.

While the stadium has limited parking for “oversized” vehicles, there are several RV parks within 25 minutes of the stadium that you may wish to consider making your home base:

  1. Covered Wagon RV Park in Phoenix
  2. Desert Shadows in Phoenix

…and if you need an RV for either of these two events, our Santa Fe Springs RV Rental location can help you out for the Rose Bowl and our Phoenix RV Rental location can help you out for the BCS championship game…

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Football RV Tailgating

From Pop Warner to NFL, football is one sport that inspires obsession in its fans. They’ll travel long distances, sit through freezing temperatures and dress in outrageous costumes, just to show loyalty for their favorite teams. One thing they really go all out for is RV tailgating. You won’t believe some of the things that football fans cook when they’ve got an assist from a well-equipped RV.

RV Tailgating Recipes
The things hardcore tailgating fans eat before the big game usually have their roots in the region’s culture. In the Southeast, for example, football stadium parking lots may be the place to find outstanding seafood on the grill or a pot of jambalaya heating up. Travel to the West Coast, and you might share fish tacos or stuffed jalapennos with your fellow RV tailgating fans.

The possibilities for tailgate party cuisine are endless, especially with the convenience of an RV kitchen. With today’s first-rate RV appliances, you can prep, bake and boil to your heart’s content while the tailgaters in the next parking space struggle to light their grill.

Here are some perennial favorites to prepare on game day, but feel free to add your own special touches. Make note of what makes your football fans cheer, so you’ll be ready for next season.

  • Create a burger bar grill side and add condiments and sides that express your culinary flair (think goat cheese crumbles, homemade pickles and Vidalia onion rings).
  • Thrill seafood fans by boiling shrimp, grilling salmon or pan frying catfish nuggets. Add your signature seafood sauce and big pans of hushpuppies and slaw, and you’ve got a touchdown on your hands.
  • Beat the heat at warm weather games with cool pasta, fruit and vegetable salads. Marinate steaks overnight in a teriyaki, green onion and garlic mixture and throw them on the grill just before you’re ready to serve.
  • Hollow the centers of portabellos and fill them with chopped crabmeat, goat cheese and diced red pepper. A few minutes grilled on a piece of foil and you’ve got a side dish your friends will line up for.
  • Create a sausage smorgasbord by grilling brats, Italian sausages and kielbasa. Add grilled green pepper and onion slices, sauerkraut and several varieties of mustard to an assortment of hearty rolls for an unforgettable RV tailgating party.
  • Don’t forget the desserts! Cookies, brownies, fruit kabobs or hot apple turnovers…there’s no limit to the sweet endings you can create for your tailgate parties. Just remember to keep them easy-to-eat and be sure to make plenty to share.

And we haven’t even talked about special tailgating beverages. Depending on your preferences (and your favorite stadium’s policies) you can prepare crowd-pleasing drinks with or without alcohol. Share a washtub full of cold beers with your crowd, mix up a pitcher of sweet tea or brew a big pot of coffee to fend off the chill of a snowy day. Find a drink to match your menu and you’ll soon have your own cheering section!

There’s plenty of time to plan next season’s RV tailgating menus. Check websites like and for even more recipe ideas. Test drive new recipes to make sure they’re winners before you roll up to the stadium. With a little practice, you’ll soon have your fan club cheering you on each time you start game day with your RV tailgating specialties

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Football Tailgating the RV Way!

Football season is upon us, and there’s no easier way to throw a tailgate party than with a well-equipped RV. If you haven’t had the pleasure, it’s definitely time to get in the game! To help you get started with RV football tailgating, we’ve put together some helpful tips and tools.

NFL Football RV Tailgating
One of the ways we’re helping you prepare for pro football RV tailgating is by publishing a month-by-month schedule of NFL games on our website. After all, you’re going to need plenty of time to plan all those great tailgate party menus!

And speaking of menus, you’ll find plenty of help online. Websites like and will deliver recipe ideas sure to score a touchdown with your RV tailgating crew. Another website you’ll want to visit is NFLTailgating, where you’ll find tailgating gear customized for every NFL team on the roster! One more hot tailgating tip: is up and running and shares lots of helpful information on “away game” stadiums and tailgating venues.

College Football Tailgating
A crisp, autumn day and the promise of exciting gridiron action…add in the aroma of great tailgate party food and it’s paradise for the college football fan! We want to help, so we’ve created a guide to this season’s college football and posted it at

Whether you’re cheering for Fresno State or call yourself a die-hard Clemson Tigers fan, there’s no reason not to enjoy a full season of RV football tailgating. No matter what kind of food and drink you plan to serve, starting with the convenience of a motorhome kitchen makes it easy.

To get you in the mood, here are some of our favorite college football tailgating websites:

Ready to get your grill on? There’s an RV waiting at one of our rental locations that will fit your football tailgating needs perfectly. Read the football action guides we’ve posted on our website, pick your RV and your menu and get ready for some serious RV football tailgating this season!

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