An RV Vacation in Search of the World’s Longest Yard Sale

The old saying “someone’s trash is someone’s treasure” certainly holds true for the World’s Longest Yard Sale, also known as The 127 Corridor Sale. Everybody loves to find a bargain. Imagine a five-state, 690-mile yard sale stretching along highway 127 from Gadsden, Alabama to Addison, Michigan. Individual families, groups of people and communities set up tables and booths to participate in the yard sale. Vendors lease fields and open spaces along the corridor to sell their wares.

Yard Sale offerings

Yard Sale offerings

The event officially begins the first Thursday in August and ends the following Sunday. This year’s dates are- August 2 – 5. The massive yard sale was the brainchild of Mike Walker, a local Fentress County, Tennessee official. He envisioned the yard sale as a way to get people off the major interstates and onto America’s backroads. The first yard sale took place in 1987 along highway 127 in Fentress County, Tennessee. The Fentress County Chamber of Commerce currently serves as the yard sale’s headquarters.

It would be impossible to travel the entire stretch of highway 127 in the four days, much less visit each vendor or sale. You could make this an annual trip, visiting a different section of the corridor each August. Some of the major cities along the route are:

  • Gadsden, AL
  • Chattanooga, TN
  • Jamestown, TN
  • Frankfort, KY
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Addison, MI

An excellent starting point would be where it all began – in the state of Tennessee. The Edgetrekker is a website that helps plan and organize your trip along the 127 Corridor Sale.

Reserve a campsite as a home base in Crossville, which is about midway on the TN section. From there you can travel north or south checking out yard sale bargains during the weekend. You can explore local attractions the days before and after the big sale.

The local Tennessee scenery is worth the trip even if you don’t buy a thing.

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Let an RV Rental Help With Extra Accommodations

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, don’t let the need for extra sleeping accommodations add to your worry.  An RV rental can make providing extra beds for visiting relatives or friends easy!  You can set them up in your driveway, or find a nearby campground, but either way, it’s comfortable and convenient.  Going out of town for the holidays instead?  Renting an RV makes your trip easy with plenty of storage for you and your presents!

El Monte RV not only has sizes from 22′ to 37′ that sleep up to 8, but we currently have a rental special that makes your holidays a little more bright!  Rent any day in December for at least 6 nights, and get an additional night free, along with 50 free miles per night!   Be sure to use Coupon Code:  HOLIDAY when making your reservation, either online or from our Reservations Call Center.

Santa's One RV Open Sleigh Saves the Day!

Santa’s One RV Open Sleigh Saves the Day!

No matter what your plans have in store for you, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season!  Let us help make it a little more merry!




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Rental RV Delivery for Special Events

Here’s a scenario that might sound familiar:

“I want to rent an RV for a music fest, but I’ve never set one up at the campground. I know I’ll be so stressed setting up the RV that I won’t enjoy the event. Does anyone deliver and setup motorhomes at special events?”

If you’ve had that same question, we’re glad you found our blog! An El Monte RV Rental location near the event may be able to help. For some major events, our local rental locations can provide delivery and setup service at the event campground.

When would RV delivery come in handy?  Your special event might be a NASCAR race or a multi-day music festival. It could be an annual week-long swap meet where thousands of RV campers converge. When you call to rent an RV for the event, be sure to ask if delivery and setup service is available.

That’s not all El Monte RV Rentals locations can do to make RV camping at special events a success. They may also be able to provide a convenience kit that contains linens, dishes and silverware, or a kitchen kit that supplies cookware, kitchen tools, a coffee/tea pot and cleaning equipment.

What if Delivery Service isn’t Available?

Even if a specific rental location isn’t able to provide delivery service, rest assured that there will be experienced staff on hand to help. They will guide you through El Monte RV Rentals’ training tools for driving and setup procedures. We’ll never just ‘turn you loose’ to figure out driving and setting up an RV on your own.

RV Delivery for Temporary Housing

But what if your RV delivery need isn’t for a special event? Maybe you’re launching a major remodel and don’t want to live in a hotel room until it’s completed. It could be that relatives are coming in for the holidays and there’s not enough bedroom space. You might even have been impacted by a natural disaster and need a place to call home until your home can be repaired.

Call your local El Monte RV Rentals office and ask about delivery of a motorhome or travel trailer.     

El Monte RV Motor Home

El Monte RV Motor Home

Here’s another scenario in which an RV as temporary housing makes sense—if your employees need to be housed near a remote work location. We often, for example, provide RVs for film production companies to use while filming on location.

No matter what the reason you need temporary housing, we can provide recreational vehicle delivery and set-up assistance.

Beginning to get the picture? We’ve got the help you need, whether it’s setting up a Class C motorhome at a major music fest or delivering multiple temporary housing units to your remote workplace. Give us a call or visit your local El Monte RV Rentals location as you make your plans. We’ll do our very best to deliver exceptional service.

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RV Road Trip Etiquette 101

It’s a fact—RV road trips can bring families and friends closer together. Shared vacation experiences can highlight the differences and similarities that keep relationships interesting. But there’s a dark side to vacation travel that needs to be discussed, as well—the road trip that disintegrates until everyone is wondering why they came. What’s the difference? It all comes down to road trip etiquette, the fine art of exercising respect and courtesy while traveling together.

Our tips for traveling sanely with others could be called “RV Road Trip Etiquette 101”. They can make all the difference between the RV trip you’d like to forget and the vacation you’ll always treasure.

It’s a Vacation, Silly!

It’s so easy, especially for those of us who live highly organized lives, to take our vacation planning too far. If you love to plan your trips to the smallest detail, you may have noticed not everyone you travel with is appreciative.

The first lesson of RV Road Trip Etiquette 101 is to remember, “It’s a vacation, silly!” Leave room for spontaneity. Back off organizing every experience and watch for cues from your companions that you’re over the top.

Plan reasonably—book campsites during peak seasons and reserve tickets for popular attractions. There’s nothing wrong with knowing you’ll have a place to rest at the end of a long day of travel. But if the kids are begging for another day at the beach, and you’re determined to march along to a faster beat, step back, take a breath and consider the goal of any RV vacation—to relax.

Plan Something for Everyone

No one likes to be dragged along on someone else’s dream vacation. RV road trip planning etiquette requires us to ask what everyone hopes to do on the trip.

Kids might request quick stops at quirky roadside attractions. Plan the time in your schedule. The spouse who accommodates your need to shop at every mall on your route might be dreaming of time spent on mountain trails. Work-weary friends might enjoy hitting the spas, but you won’t know unless you ask!

What we enjoy doing on vacation can be different for everyone in your RV. By discussing ahead of time what each person’s looking forward to, and allowing time to do it, you’ll cut down on grumbling and maybe even learn to enjoy something new.

Give Each Other Some Space

Here’s the thing about vacation travel, whether it’s spent in airplanes and hotels or on the road in an RV; there’s such a thing as too much time together!

One of the best things we can do for each other to keep vacations relaxing is to allow for time spent alone. Even small children who require our supervision can be allowed to play in uncrowded space. Teens who can’t take another minute cooped up with their siblings will appreciate a time out, too. The closest of friends can begin to grate on each other’s nerves when too long in close quarters.

Skip the assumption that every vacation minute must be spent together. Encouraging fellow travelers to walk, swim, shop, see a movie or otherwise release vacation claustrophobia can go a long way to keeping the peace while traveling.

Traveling together by RV is a wonderful way to strengthen the bonds of friendship, build family memories and rekindle romance. The trick to keeping things friendly and relaxing is practicing basic courtesy. Allow others to indulge their interests. Squelch the need to over-plan. Give each other time off from togetherness. These basic principles are what we call, “RV Road Trip Etiquette 101”, and they’ll go a long way to building pleasant, relaxing vacations.  

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6 Myths You Might Have About Renting an RV

You begin to plan a vacation, and someone brings up the idea of renting a recreational vehicle. Suddenly, your mind goes into RV rental anxiety, based on myths you might be believing about renting an RV.

Before you close the door on an excellent vacation travel option, consider these six common myths about renting RVs, and the facts that can help erase your anxiety.

Myth #1: Renting an RV is Too Expensive!

This is one myth we enjoy exploding, because the fact is, renting and traveling in an RV can be surprisingly economical. Consider this: if you book airline tickets or rental cars instead, that’s just the beginning of your travel expense. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, there are hotel rooms and restaurant meals, as well.

In contrast, renting an RV allows you to take your sleeping quarters on the road. It lets you decide which level of campground amenities suit your budget. You’ll also be taking your RV kitchen along for preparing meals and snacks, yet another budget-friendly bonus while traveling.

One more tip for keeping RV rentals affordable: ask about current rental deals. You may save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of seasonal, one-way or extended trip specials.

Myth #2: It’s Too Hard to Drive an RV!

Here’s how to keep this myth from ruining your vacation dreams—find an RV rental model that you feel comfortable driving. With the range of recreational vehicle models available at many rental locations, it’s possible to rent an RV from the largest Class A ‘bus style’ motorhome to a compact, Class C cabover model. Visit your local RV rental office or sales location to see sizes for yourself, and to learn how well-equipped today’s RVs are for ease of driving.

One more anxiety-buster: RV rental locations usually have instructional videos and detailed RV operation manuals that share tips for safe driving. Ask questions if you aren’t sure how safety features work. Book your RV pickup time early enough to get familiar with your rental vehicle before you hit the road. You’ve got this!

Myth #3: Renting an RV is a Hassle!

You’re going to be pleasantly surprised at how convenient renting an RV can be. Here at El Monte RV Rentals and Sales, we’ve refined the process of picking up and dropping off rental RVs to get you on the road and back home again as quickly as possible.  

From ‘fly-drive’ locations near major airports to detailed RV rental guides online, there’s plenty of help available to help streamline your experience. And don’t forget to take advantage of the wealth of trip planning tips here on Monty’s Musings!

Myth #4: I’ll Never Figure out the RV Hookups!

Facts win once again! Using the videos and instruction manuals available, first-time RV rental customers finding it surprisingly easy to hook up their RVs to electric, water and sewer connections at the campground. We won’t leave you stranded! If anything seems overwhelming, be sure to ask your rental location staff, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation without worry.

Myth #5: RV Rentals are Just for Long Distance Trips

This is definitely mythology, based on the reasons our customers rent recreational vehicles. Some choose to rent an RV for comfortable camping at nearby music festivals. Others have told us they rent an RV for extra housing during the holidays.

Another popular reason to rent an RV is to host special weekends at a local destination—everything from a ‘girls only’ campout at the lake to camping close to swap meets, fairs or fly-ins. Traveling by RV long distance can be memorable, but don’t let that be the only reason you take advantage of convenient, affordable RV rentals.

Myth #6: Rental RVs are ‘Bare Bones’

Guess again! You can choose to camp in luxury on most any rental budget. Generators, microwaves and roomy dinettes are just a few of the convenient features that add comfort to today’s RVs. If you’ve never rented an RV, explore the options available for comfort and convenience, whether you’re renting a Class C with roomy slide-outs or a Class A ‘Luxury Class’ model.

El Monte RV

El Monte RV

Renting an RV can be your best option for budget-friendly, comfortable travel. Don’t let these myths stand in the way of your best vacation yet. Check the facts on RV rentals and then take the plunge. It’s time you learned how renting RVs could enhance your vacation plans.  

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RV Camping Destinations—Where to Get Great Ideas

So many things to see! So many campsites to discover! But how in the world do we decide where our RVs will take us when we next go camping?

For some of us, the answer is simple—we go to the places we’ve always gone, those special campgrounds where we know what to expect, which old friends are likely to be there and what adventures are just around the bend.

But for other RV travelers, anticipation is the thing—that tingle of excitement when we turn the key in the ignition and go out in search of something new. And we’re here to help you get started!  We’re constantly collecting new resources to assist our readers who are ready to set up camp at someplace new.

Fasten your seatbelts for our quick list of places you can go right now to find info on campgrounds, camping activities and unforgettable camping destinations.

Where will the road take you?

El Monte RV Rentals: Every once in a while, we like to remind our readers about the fantastic travel resources we’ve gathered on the way to becoming one of America’s top RV rental firms. Here are just a few of the pages you might find helpful as you look for new reasons to travel:

  • RV Camping Guide: Tons of information on places to go, things to do and how to make it easy to get there by RV. From air shows to NCAA football tailgating, we’ve got the goods right here on your next reason to go camping.
  • State by State Campground Guide: Our list of exceptional campgrounds waiting to host your next vacation.
  • Camping Opportunities Calendar: Month-by-month calendar of special events that are custom-made for a camping adventure.
  • RV Camping Itineraries: Step-by-step journeys mapped across America to provide maximum camping satisfaction.
  • RV Trip Planning Resources: Our collection of special helps for RV campers, from green camping information to how-to guides for newbie campers.

National Park Service: No doubt about it, America’s national parks are some of the finest legacies we’ve preserved for future generations. Mountain-top to shining sea, our country has set aside magnificent landscapes, historical sites and cultural treasures to be camped, hiked, studied and treasured by each new generation.

The National Park Service website does an excellent job of sharing what you’ll need to know. Simply click on the map to start searching for the kinds of places your family will enjoy and then click on Plan Your Visit to locate camping opportunities. Get out there and find America this year! Here’s another gem for campers mining the internet in search of travel destinations. Maps, abundant details on facilities and reviews by other campers make this site another go-to place for planning your next itinerary.

Private Campground Resources: Click here and scroll down to Other Camping Resources to locate links to sites like Kampgrounds of America (, Passport America and Thousand Trails. You’ll also find a wealth of information on where to find free campsites and how to reserve campsites at most state and national parks ( and

We challenge each one of you to make it through this list without finding a place you’ve never been! Don’t stay home this camping season simply because you can’t decide where to go.

Let us help you find your next RV camping experience, the one you might have missed if your friends at El Monte Motorhome Rentals hadn’t lent a hand.

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RV Travel: Millennials Behind the Wheel!

If you picture RV travelers as mostly senior citizens, think again! Millennials, the generation born between 1980 and 2000 (especially in the 25-35 year old range) are a growing segment of RV travel. Here’s why:

Millennials Value Outdoor Recreation

Spending time in outdoor pursuits is big on the list of things Millennials hold dear. That’s why visiting state and national parks, lakes and forests, mountains and beaches all over America by RV is a no-brainer.

There’s nothing quite like being out in nature to feed the soul, and these adventurers are hitting the road to find our country’s most beautiful places, one campsite at a time. The more biking, hiking, rock climbing and other activities the better—they’re making it a life priority to get outside and play!

Millennials Expect Amenities

Comfortable accommodations with access to technology are at the top of list for Millennial travelers, one more reason to travel to a national park, a beach where the waves are epic or a music festival by RV. Amenities common in modern recreational vehicles include flat screen televisions, generators, plenty of electrical outlets, memory foam beds and fully-equipped kitchens.

Many RV campgrounds offer cable television hookups and wireless internet, as well. If you enjoy a home-away-from-home experience as you travel, younger travelers need look no farther than today’s RVs.

Millennials Enjoy Traveling with Friends

RV travel with a group of friends makes sense! Splitting the costs of an RV rental, fuel and food helps everyone budget for the trip, and the memories made while on the road are priceless. The wide range of floorplans and accommodations make traveling by motorhome flexible enough to fit most groups of traveling buddies.

Millennials Enjoy Combining Work with Travel

This up and coming generation of professionals values working outside the office. What better way for freedom-loving Millennials to contribute than from the road?

Picture this—you pull your motorhome or travel trailer into one of the many campgrounds that offer free wi-fi. Nearby are hiking or biking trails, or perhaps a lake to paddle board on your lunch break. In the comfort of your fully-equipped RV, you brew a little coffee, fire up the laptop and finish the reports the boss is waiting for. The internet makes telecommuting simple and RV travel to well, just about anywhere in America, makes it a pleasure!

If you’re a part of the Millennial generation and you’re wondering whether RV travel is for you, why not take a trip to one of our rental locations? We’ve got trained staff on hand to help you learn your options, whether it’s for telecommuting from a national park or enjoying the great outdoors with a group of friends.

It’s time to hit the road, Millennials! RV travel can take you where you want to go, on your own terms and with the flexibility and amenities you value most.

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RV Camping—Where Will 2015 Take YOU?

Saguaro National Park, AZ

Saguaro National Park, AZ

Are next year’s RV camping hopes already dancing in your head? The ease and comfort of camping in a motorhome may be lighting up vacation dreams for you and your family. So we’d like to know—where will 2015 take YOU and your family RV camping?

Will you go somewhere new this year or continue a camping tradition? Is there somewhere on your ‘bucket list’ that’s calling you to come explore? Please share your plans in the comments section below and, in the meantime, we’ll share some favorite RV camping spots from previous years.

Favorite Lakeside Camping Locations

There’s nothing quite like camping near a sky blue lake to breeze away everyday stresses. Here are some of the top picks among RV travelers for lakeside camping vacations:

Grand Haven State Park (Michigan): Located on a scenic beach between Lake Michigan and the Grand River, this state park’s beachside RV campground gets top marks. Walk the beach at sunset for spectacular views of the lighthouse and Grand Haven Pier.

Island Pond, Vermont: Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, just south of the Canadian border, is home to breathtaking mountain views, charming rural villages and RV camping next to crystal clear ‘ponds’. Island Pond is a favorite for trout fisherman, wildlife photographers and hikers.

Land between the Lakes National Recreation Area-Kentucky/Tennessee: Imagine two huge lakes divided by a one-hundred-seventy-thousand acre peninsula filled with trails, campgrounds and historic sites and you’ve got Land Between the Lakes. Fish, boat and explore both Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake and then take to the trails and scenic drives for first-rate 2015 RV camping.

Favorite Mountaintop Camping Experiences

Klamath River, California

Klamath River, California

High Sierra CampingCalifornia: Motorhome campers have found the campgrounds near the Oregon border in California’s High Sierras to be among their favorites. As you’re planning your 2015 RV camping itinerary, consider a stay on the banks of the Klamath River at Blue Heron RV Park, where you can kayak, hike, or fish for steelhead released from the nearby hatchery.

Ridgway State Park – Colorado: If you haven’t experienced the magnificent San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado, a trip to this state park near Ouray is in order. A mountain reservoir adds even more recreation possibilities to a stunning setting surrounded by some of the tallest mountains in America.

Favorite National Park RV Camping Spots

RV camping in America’s national parks is one of the best reasons to hit the road next year. Here are three top-ranked national park camping possibilities.

Gulf Islands National Seashore – Florida/Mississippi: Taking a motorhome vacation with kids in 2015? The barrier islands near Pensacola hold enough adventure to keep them busy all summer! Historic forts, quiet bayous, perfect, white sand beaches and a wide variety of outdoor recreation makes this a top pick among motorhome campers.

Redwood National and State Parks – California: The North Coast has drawn California RV campers for decades. Visitors will find not only the giant coast redwoods that give these five interconnected parks their name, they’ll also have the chance to experience wild, rocky beaches and meadows filled with wildlife. Likely to become a family favorite!

Gulf Island National Seashore

Gulf Island National Seashore

Hudson Valley National Heritage Area, New York: Hoping to plan an extended RV camping vacation in New York? The unforgettable Hudson River Valley has everything you’re looking for—hiking, biking and paddling trails, excellent fishing, scenic drives, quaint villages and lots of local history. Use this site to find the best motorhome camping in the Hudson Valley National Heritage Area.

Ready to start planning? We’re excited to hear where you’re going camping in 2015, and we’re always ready to help with an RV rental.  Get in touch today, and don’t forget to add your ideas in the Comments!

Photo Credits: Klamath River – ((brian)) flickr commons; Gulf Island National Seashore – faungg’s photo flickr commons
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Helpful Tools to Help Plan Your RV Trip

Spring is here, and summer is on its way, so it’s time to start thinking about a vacation!  One of the best ways to enjoy your time off is to see the country in an RV.  Before you can have fun, however, you have to plan your trip, and that can be the most stressful part.  Where do you want to go?  What should you see?  What do you want to eat when you get there?  Luckily, we have access to some great online tools to help plan an amazing RV trip for your family.

First off, check out El Monte RV in order to rent the perfect motorhome.  You can pick from locations across the United States, so wherever you’re from, there will be one close to you.  El Monte’s site makes it easy to compare different sizes of motorhomes and to check the availability of rentals at different locations, too.

After you have picked out your RV, it’s time to decide where you want to go and what you want to do when you get there.  A fantastic site for choosing destinations and activities is  Zerve connects travelers up to tours, day trips, wine tastings and thousands of other activities in cities all over the country.  Whether you want to book a whale watching trip in San Francisco or tour through famous film locations in New York City, Zerve will help you find the perfect trip for your family.

Once you’ve decided where you want to go, it’s time to start packing, and you’re going to need a good packing list.  Taking your RV on a Grand Canyon camping trip will require a very different packing list compared to a sightseeing tour of Major League Baseball parks on the East Coast!  Are you going to need a lantern and grill, or just your favorite player’s jersey and plenty of sunscreen?  Whatever you plan on doing, make up an RV packing list and start figuring out what your trip will require.  Start early and make sure you get everything you need!

When you’re on your way, recognize that traveling in an RV isn’t just about the destinations, it’s about having fun on the road, too!  One of the great ways to spend time during your trip is to listen to audio books, and that has never been easier than it is with the downloadable app from  Audible gives you the opportunity to listen to over 150,000 high-quality audio books.  You could listen to Lonesome Dove as you roll through the heat of a Texan afternoon, or experience Twilight as you actually navigate Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.  Downloading this app is guaranteed to make your RV vacation the most immersive one of your life!

Lastly, everyone has to eat, and what’s the point of traveling if you don’t sample the cuisine along the way?  Try Yelp to find the best restaurants wherever you’re headed, and Open Table to book a reservation before you get there.  By knowing what other diners have to say about the local fare, you can guarantee a fantastic dining experience at every stop on the road.

You have access to more technology and tools than at any other time in human history, so make use of it when you head out on your RV adventure!

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The “Right” RV for Your Vacation

If the lure of convenient RV camping has captured your imagination, it’s time to find out which motorhome will suit your vacation plans best. Today’s RVs are a far cry from the tiny “Flintstone trailers” of the past. In fact, many people are opting to live full-time in their motorhomes, because they offer a luxurious lifestyle that can be moved when the mood strikes!

But if you’re simply headed for a trip with your partner, friends or family, how can you pick the right one from your many RV options? The best place to begin is by asking yourselves two questions:

  1. Where are we going?
  2. How do we like to travel?

Let’s look at the options that suit the most common answers to those questions.

What is Your Vacation Destination?

Some folks rent an RV for the thrill of tailgate parties and camping close to the big game or race. If you’re headed for NASCAR or football fun, and you’re taking a crowd along, why not look at a Class A motorhome? These specially-built full sized RVs feature slide-out compartments that double your living space once you’ve parked. Share the cost with your friends and camp in extravagant comfort when you come home from a day at the races or from cheering on your team.

If you’d like something a little smaller, but prefer the convenience of driving the vehicle you’ll be camping in, take a look at Class C motorhomes.  Sometimes called “cabovers”, these RVs feature sleeping space above the vehicle cab as well as another bedroom, so they’re great for families or two couples. Larger models will even sleep up to four adults and two children!

If you’re setting up a base camp at a State or National Park, but want to use your vehicle for day trips, consider renting or buying a towable camping trailer. With special towing equipment that attaches to your vehicle (one rated for towing a trailer, of course) you can pull your “home away from home” to the campsite, detach it and set up camp, then visit area attractions easily in your own vehicle.

Your Preferred Camping Style

While you’re looking at all the options, it’s also good to keep in mind your preferred “on the road” lifestyle. For example, active campers who set up camp and take off for outdoor adventures may prefer the compact convenience of a towable camping trailer or one of the smaller Class C motorhomes.

On the other hand, if your group’s vacation plan is to settle in to a first-class campground, read your whole summer reading list and hike a few gentle trails, you’re great candidates for Class A RV luxury. Open a bottle of wine, cook a gourmet meal in the well-equipped kitchen and fall asleep to the sound of a nearby ocean, lake or river. Sound like your dream vacation? Sign yourselves up for a Class A motorhome soon!

It’s All About You

As you can see, choosing the perfect RV to rent or buy is all about what you need and where you’re going. Because motorhome camping is very affordable when compared to hotels, meals in restaurants and rental cars, you can plan any number of great vacations that include some type of camping.

Sit down with your camping crew and pick your destination, then create your “must have” list of camping conveniences. Armed with that of information, your RV selection is already half-way down the road!

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