RV Security Using a Hunting Camera

By Maureen Page, Discount Security Cameras

We often get asked by RV and trailer owners if they can use video surveillance cameras to protect or look after their RV or trailer. This does present a bit of a challenge. Classic security cameras require wires. Even if it is a “wireless” camera that sends video wirelessly to a digital video recorder (DVR), a wire is still needed to power the camera. I don’t know too many people who are up to a major reconstruction project to run the necessary wires to set up a security camera system in their RV.

But the need to protect an expensive asset still exists. What is one to do?

Well it turns out that there is an answer to this conundrum. We can turn to our hunting brethren for a potential solution. Hunters often times use hunting cameras, also known as game cameras and trail cameras, to scout potential hunting sites. It turns out that these cameras have a lot of characteristics that make them a good fit for protecting your RV.

  • Hunting cameras are self contained and do not require wires. They run off of internal batteries and they record pictures (not video) to internal memory.
  • Hunting cameras are triggered (take a picture) when motion is detected.
  • Typical hunting cameras can take color pictures during the day, and black and white pictures at night using their infrared flash capability.

So basically, you can simply pull into a camp site and set up the camera to “keep an eye on things”. You will, however, need to lock your camera to something so that it does not get stolen.

Not only can the camera be used to watch your RV at a camp site, it can also be used to keep an eye on it when it is stored someplace when not in use.

Other Benefits to Using a Hunting Camera

In addition to its security aspects, the camera can also keep track of any animals who may “visit” your camp site during the day and night. It might be nice to know that a bear comes by after dark or that dear or other critters come by to visit at times… Hunting cameras can, and often do, get some pretty amazing wildlife photographs.

Hunting cameras can also be set up to take time lapse photographs of a location. So you could set it up to make a time log of your visit to your camp site.

So a hunting or trail camera may be just the thing you need to provide some security for your RV, and you may get some great photographs as a side benefit.

About the Author
This article was written by Maureen Page, VP of Discount Security Cameras, your source for quality security cameras and security camera systems. To learn more about security camera systems and video surveillance visit the Discount Security Cameras Interactive Security Camera Learning Center.

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Top Accessories to Take on an RV Vacation

Readers often ask us about accessories that make an RV camping vacation perfect. Here are some top accessories our readers have suggested to take on an RV vacation:

Top RV Comfort Accessories

  • Folding Travel Chairs – Sit outside in the great outdoors in comfortable sling-type travel chairs that fold up into easy-to-store bundles.
  • 12V Personal Care Appliances – Hair dryers and curling irons built for 12V current go with you on any RV camping trip.
  • Tabletop Propane or Portable Gas Grill – If you’re RV camping often, or host tailgate parties in your motorhome, there are many options for grilling.
  • Portable Air Purifier – RV campers who suffer from allergies swear by their portable air purifiers. They plug into the cigarette lighter and filter out allergens and toxins no matter where you travel.

Top RV Travel Safety & Convenience Accessories

  • Portable Generator – For serious RV campers who want consistent power without hookups, a generator is the way to go. Look for clean running styles and keep a supply of air filters in your RV.
  • GPS System – Never fight an unfolded map again! Key your travel destination into your RV’s GPS system and follow the prompts. What could be easier?
  • USB WiFi Antenna – If your laptop is a permanent part of your life, having a WiFi antenna often lets you pick up a signal where your computer’s built-in antenna can’t.
  • First Aid Kits – Put together your own, or buy one of the great options available from camping stores, but definitely put together a kit with basic first aid supplies.
  • Weather Radio – Know what you’re driving into, or what’s rolling toward your campground, in time to avoid disaster. Weather radios can be tuned to local weather reporting stations so you’ll be alerted if there’s danger.
  • RV Tool Kit – Your RV may be well-maintained, but traveling without a tool kit onboard is a bad idea. There are packaged tool kits specifically made for RVs, or you can pull together you own kit that fits into an easy to stow case.

Top Green RV Camping Accessories

  • Biodegradable Products – Hand soap, dish washing liquid and toilet paper keep your RV camping trips easier on the earth.
  • Solar Camping Lantern – Keep your late night sessions in the great outdoors green with solar camping lanterns. Some even come with emergency strobes and radios.
  • Bamboo Kitchen Accessories – Green RVers love using sustainable products! Bamboo dishes, utensils and cutting boards are a great addition to the green RV kitchen.

Now that we’ve piqued your interest in adding to your RV camping gear, here are some great websites for buying accessories:

Let us know your favorite RV accessories, too. Happy camping!

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