NASCAR RV Camping—The Ultimate Racing Experience

Set up your motorhome inside Turn One at the speedway and you’ll soon understand why RV camping at a NASCAR race is the ultimate experience for racing fans. Whether you camp in the infield, next to the grandstand or in a lakeside campground adjacent to the speedway, RV camping NASCAR fans take racing mania to a whole new level. 640px-NASCAR_practice

Ready to find out why? Here are the top ten things you need to know about camping in a motorhome at a NASCAR track.

  1. Some tracks have a waitlist or book their campsites months in advance. Check your track’s website for details on when a campsite can be reserved.
  2. Several venues for RV camping may be available at your favorite track—in the infield, on a terrace overlooking the racetrack, or even at campgrounds run by nearby sponsors/partners of the speedway. Depending on your camping budget, you can get as up-close-and-personal as you’d like to racing action.
  3. Know the rules for your campground before you go—things like whether external speakers are allowed, if motorized scooters and golf carts can be brought on racetrack property, what kind of coolers are allowed at the track, where towed vehicles should be parked and the hours quiet rules are enforced are important to know to keep things running smoothly during race week.
  4. The fan pages on NASCAR track websites are a great source of information for new NASCAR campers. Ask veteran fans your questions and get advice on how to maximize the fun.
  5. Knowing what to pack is the foundation of any great RV vacation, and that goes for NASCAR camping, too.
  6. If you don’t own an RV, but love the idea of camping at the races, we can help. Renting an RV for a NASCAR vacation is easy and affordable.
  7. Services for NASCAR campers vary depending on the type of RV camping you’ve reserved at the track, from port-a-jons at every campsite to full-service hookups. You’ll also find a wide range of amenities to enhance your camping experience. Dover International Speedway, for example, offers RV camping race fans mobile pumping service and water delivery as well as a huge grocery tent with everything you’ll need for camping and tailgating during race week.
  8. And speaking of tailgating, what could you cook up in a fully-equipped motorhome kitchen? Use these tips to get your menu started, and don’t be afraid to experiment. You might just become a racetrack legend for your burgers, brats or muffalettas!
  9. If you’re ready to turn your next camping trip into a NASCAR vacation, there are plenty of places to visit. Did you know there are more than one hundred tracks in 38 states, as well as Mexico and Canada? Use this list of NASCAR tracks to start planning your next RV camping vacation at the track.
  10. What if you find you love NASCAR camping enough to buy season tickets? That’s a great idea! You’ll find that season camping passes have perks, like two tickets for the races or the chance to purchase additional tickets for your guests.

Traveling to a NASCAR race in RV comfort, and camping close to the action with a whole lot of friendly racing fans can bring new meaning to ‘vacation’ for your family. Pick a race, get tips from motorhome camping NASCAR fans and reserve your campsite and an RV rental for race week. You know you want to!

Photo credits:  Wikimedia Commons

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El Monte RV at Seabring International Raceway

If you look up accommodations on the Seabring International Raceway site you will see El Monte RV prominently displayed. However what you will not see is what you can actually see at the track, and that’s El Monte RV motorhomes in use.

El Monte RV Motor Homes at Seabring International Raceway

El Monte RV Motor Homes at Seabring International Raceway

Many thanks to Rori Paul of RoriTravel Blog for the picture above. Rori is also the Orlando Florida Vacation Examiner.

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RV Camping NASCAR 101

Are you ready for racing season? There’s nothing more exciting than RV camping in the infield! If you’ve never indulged in NASCAR RV camping, here’s a tutorial for getting ready for the races.

I. Where Would You Like to Go?
Every single NASCAR track works hard to create a memorable experience for die-hard NASCAR fans who also love RV camping. Race weekend at these tracks means a veritable city of RVs and motorhomes springs up, and it’s time for you to be part of it! Here are some favorite tracks suggested by our RV rental clients: Kentucky Speedway, Atlanta Motor Speedway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway, and Charlotte Motor Speedway. If none of these get your engines revving, check for information on world-famous tracks like Daytona, Talladega and Chicagoland.

II. Make Reservations Early!
As you’re choosing your favorite NASCAR RV campground, remember that infield camping and nearby campgrounds fill up many months in advance, so make your reservations soon. A terrific resource for NASCAR RV campers can be found at They charge a minimal fee for the information, but they’ve done an amazing amount of research on campgrounds, onsite camping and local amenities for nearly every NASCAR track.

III. Arrive Early!
You’re going to find a party waiting at any RV campsite near a NASCAR track, long before the race begins. Make your vacation super-memorable by arriving early. Our clients have shared some great stories about marathon poker games, non-stop tailgating and incredibly friendly fans. If that sounds like the perfect vacation to you, plan to set up camp as soon as the gates are open.

You can find information about individual tracks and race weekend particulars at The fan guides for each track explain when and where camping is allowed, where RVs can park for tailgating if you’re camping off-site, and the best traffic routes.

IV. Know What to Expect!
There’s nothing worse than arriving for a long weekend of NASCAR racing and RV tailgating, only to realize the infield camps don’t have hook-ups. If this is your first time RV camping at a particular NASCAR track, head for the track’s online fan forums and ask questions. You’ll find plenty of NASCAR RV camping veterans able to help.

RV camping on-site at a NASCAR track is the ultimate experience for racing fans. We’re ready and waiting to help our customers enjoy maximum NASCAR excitement. Give us a call to start your NASCAR season rolling or check out NASCAR Vacation / NASCAR RV Camping on the El Monte RV site.!

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RV Tailgating at NASCAR Races

“Daytona”, “Talladega” and “Watkins Glen,” those names run through the dreams of NASCAR fans as racing season opens. They know there’s not only great racing to be enjoyed at NASCAR tracks, but non-stop tailgating fun, as well. Those fans lucky enough to travel by RV have a leg-up on the competition. Here’s a primer on how to plan a full season of NASCAR RV tailgating.

Choose Your Favorite Tracks
For a winning season of NASCAR RV tailgating experiences, start by choosing your NASCAR itinerary for the season. Besides local and regional racing, NASCAR features three national racing series – Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series. They also have a sanctioned racing season in Canada and Mexico.

You might also have a favorite driver or two that will help you decide which races to follow. Drivers like Kurt Busch, Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon have built loyal throngs of fans who line the stands every time they race.

If you’ve been following NASCAR racing for years, you probably already know which drivers you’d like to watch and their scheduled races. Newcomers to NASCAR racing can look here for schedule information, and then decide how many races you’ll travel to attend. An important tip: order tickets early! Many NASCAR tracks, even those holding nearly two hundred thousand fans, have been known to sell out during the more famous races.

NASCAR Tailgating Traditions
Every NASCAR track has unique attractions, and they’ve created RV camping and tailgating traditions at each. Daytona International Speedway, for example, offers NASCAR fans five different RV campgrounds within sight of the speedway. During races like the Daytona 500, thousands of NASCAR-loving RV campers bring out their best tailgating recipes and enjoy a non-stop party over race weekend.

Bristol Motor Speedway in the hills of Tennessee, Sonoma Raceway near Sonoma in California’s Wine Country and Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway with its convenient infield RV camping are just three of the tracks that are known for great RV tailgating possibilities.

To get the latest in RV camping and tailgating information, and to learn tips such as what can be carried into the grandstands, go to each individual track’s website and follow the links to their fan guide. Also, find out which RV campgrounds require reservations and be sure to make yours early for this race season.

Plan Your Tailgate Party Menu
Now, let’s talk about food! That is, after all, what’s at the heart of every great tailgate party. The convenience of an RV kitchen can make all the difference in whether your NASCAR tailgate party crosses the finish line first. Think about which of your favorite recipes could be easily eaten at the track—grilling brats and burgers, cooking a batch of your famous chili or roasting veggies in foil are all tailgating traditions.

Food Network’s website offers dozens of tailgate party recipe ideas, everything from Uncle Bubba’s Wings to Deviled Crab Potato Skins. The blog also features favorite recipes from hundreds of tailgate party aficionados.

Remember, if you’re traveling to the track by RV, you won’t be limited to a hibachi outside your mini-van. You’ll have well-designed kitchen appliances perfect for preparing a meal on the road. There’s really no better way to host a tailgate party than in the shade of a great RV!

Pack Up the RV
You’ve chosen your RV roadtrip itinerary that includes time at your favorite NASCAR tracks. You’ve selected your very best tailgate party recipes, bought the groceries and planned for kitchen utensils and party ware. All that’s left to do is pack what you need and head for the track.

Be sure to check with El Monte RV Rentals if you will be renting an RV for the trip. For additional information also see NASCAR Vacation, NASCAR RV rentals, NASCAR RV Camping & Tailgating.

It’s going to be a great NASCAR racing season! Don’t miss the excitement; start making your plans now for at least one weekend of race-car-watching-tailgate-partying fun this year.

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