October and November RV Tailgating in the Southeast

Partying has never been better and it is particularly spectacular when you enjoy some tailgating parties in Florida and Georgia during October and November. Hit up the best football games and make this a time to meet up with like-minded folks and go wild. Tailgating includes such activities as grilling or barbecuing, consuming plenty of good food and drinking. Don’t forget your paraphernalia, such as team tokens and flags.

At EverBank Field in Jacksonville, Florida, drive into Lot Q Drive which is known as the tailgating lot, but is restricted to those with season tickets. RV parking is at the Fairgrounds. Another lot is called Tailgaters Parking and opens up four hours before kickoff time. It is on Talleyrand Avenue.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers flag

Tampa Bay Buccaneers flag

So now that you are in Jacksonville, it’s time to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars at work. They play the Chargers on October 20th, and there will be a huge block party at the Arena as well, with live music and fireworks. On November 17th the Jaguars will play the Cardinals and this is certainly a game you won’t want to miss.

The sun seems to always be shining in Miami and thus this is a perfect place to go for a tailgating party. The Sun Life Stadium is in Miami Gardens and there is a lot on the west side of the stadium which is especially for RVs. Tailgating is wonderful in an RV motorhome and you will join in fun and celebrations with others as you wait for the game.

There is a long list of games to look forward to and you’ll have time to gather together your family and friends so you can arrive in plenty of time. The Miami Dolphins are playing the Cincinnati Bengals on 31 October. Of course, you can also go to watch the Miami Hurricanes battle the Virginia Tech Hokies on the 9th of November. More games you might wish to attend are the Miami Dolphins versus the San Diego Chargers on the 17th of November and the Dolphins against the Carolina Panthers on the 24th.

Driving up the west coast of Florida will bring you to Tampa Bay and the Raymond James Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway. On event days you can buy tickets at the office from 8 am to 5 pm and enjoy tailgating in Lot 8. You may also like a tailgating party at Al Lopez Park if you like the shade of some beautiful oak trees.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be playing the Carolina Panthers on the 24th of October, so you better make your way there as soon as possible. Hang around until the 26th and you can see Louisville versus USF. Then the Miami Dolphins are challenging the Buccaneers on the 11th of November. More games are happening, but definitely put on your itinerary to see the Buccaneers battle the Atlanta Falcons on November 17.

Next stop will be the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. Head for Philips Lot on Foundry Street for the tailgating parking spot! The Atlanta Falcons will play the Atlanta Falcons on the 20th of October, the Seattle Seahawks on the 10th of November and the New Orleans Saints on the 21st of November. Make the rounds, enjoy the games, and most of all – have the tailgating time of your life!

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Travel through Georgia in an RV and Experience the Festivals and Fairs

Let’s have some good ole downhome fun with some festivals occurring around Georgia this fall. You can drive up from Florida to get some old-fashioned entertainment and meet up with happy folks who love to get out and visit with neighbors and newcomers. An RV is the perfect way to travel this route, as you will be moving along the Georgia highways in style and comfort.

Festival in Georgia

Festival in Georgia

About an hour north of Atlanta, you can join in at the Fall for Chatsworth’s Black Bear Festival in Chatsworth, Georgia. This is a family event which all ages will love. Arts and crafts is one of the favorite treats as there are so many artworks to see and some you may want to take home. Great music, yummy food and plenty of activities will keep you having fun and excitement. Take part in the pumpkin carving contest or put on your costume and try and win the grand prize. Be there from October 19 to the 20th for all festival activities with friendly townsfolk.

During the same time period from the 19th to the 20th of October, there is the Johns Creek Art Festival which may be to your liking. This is another wonderful festival where you can enjoy music from all manner of talented musicians.  The live music will have you tapping your feet. The dancers will entertain you and the jazz and gospel music will intrigue and enliven.  There is nothing quite like a wide variety of music to let you shed those workaday woes.

From October 25 through to November 3 you can take in the Georgia State Fair in Atlanta at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. This is a true Georgia event, with plenty of entertainment, foods, activities and shows. Does sword swallowing thrill you? When you see someone eat fire, do you cringe or do you yell for more? All these events are here for you and your family. Halloween offers more fun with a magic show and much more.  There is even a Sea Lion exhibit, fun for the whole family.

Travel a bit and head for the coast and Savannah, Georgia for the Savannah Food Day Festival. Held in Daffin Park on October 26, this festival is one not to miss if you like to eat your fill of the best food around. Then move on to Kingsland, Georgia where you can experience the Kingsland’s Fall Festival. Before or after the festival you can explore the pine forests and tour the town which is on the National Register of Historic Places. The theme of the festival this year is pirates! Kids will love to get their photos taken with Pirate Cut-Outs.

You can now head home or you can make your way back to Atlanta to attend the 4th Annual Festival and BBQ Competition on November 1st in Jonesboro.  If you are a BBQ master, you can enter the competition and see what kind of prize you can win.

What a fun RV trip this was – with good foods, great entertainment and lots of general fun! Come back again next year!

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Take an RV Trip along the Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway

Anna Ruby Falls in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

Anna Ruby Falls in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest

It is that time of year to head to Georgia and take a scenic drive in an RV. This is the ideal spring adventure, beginning your extensive travels planned for the year. The beauty of Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest awaits you. This is where you can enjoy those cool mountain streams, misty valleys and pristine forests. All manner of outdoor activities are right at your doorstep.

Start out in Helen, Georgia, a wonderful village tucked in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The rich history of the Native Americans who lived here is enough to take up considerable time to investigate. Wander the cobblestone alleyways and dine in fabulous restaurants. RV camping is plentiful and you will find a long list of RV campgrounds to choose from. Once you settle in, you can plan your 41-mile trip along the nearby scenic byway.

The Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway attracts travelers from all over. They love to see the gorgeous cascades of numerous waterfalls and get lovely views of the valley. This byway is the way to see it all. There will be lots of places to stop and go for a hike or cast a line into a bubbling stream.

If you want to go hiking, you will have access to the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. This trail travels through dense forests and moves over ridges with amazing views. You will also have the ability to reach some wonderful places to fish. There is nothing quite like fishing a mountain stream in Chattahoochee National Forest.

A perfect trip is the famous Russell-Brasstown Waterfall Tour where you can get the full tour of all the best spots in the area. This is the greatest time of year for this tour, too. The mild temperatures make for cool hiking and sightseeing. You can take in the sights, hike, fish or do whatever else your heart desires.

Brasstown Bald is another must-see. This is the tallest mountain in Georgia. Getting to the top will provide you with some incredible 360-degree views from 4,784 feet above sea level. The road is very winding and steep, so be sure to get weather reports and more road information before driving your RV motorhome up there.

Into the wilderness you go and you will soon discover the Chattahoochee River’s Headwaters with the forests surrounding and the wildlife peeking around every corner. Perhaps you will see some deer, turkey and quail. There is so much territory to explore. And all of it is accessible from the byway. Just pull over, get out and the world is at your feet!

Nearby is Unicoi State Park. You will find campsites for an RV here too, and best of all tons of outdoor recreation. You can rent a boat for a paddle on the lake, take a mountain bike along the trails, swim or even play tennis. It is all here for you!

It is great fun visiting Anna Ruby Falls, a beautiful scenic area where two creeks meet. Each creek forms one of the twin waterfalls and falls over the rocks into Smith Creek. Grab your camera to get a shot to take home. You’ll want to share these sights with friends who couldn’t be there. The picnic areas make a wonderful respite from traveling around. Bring some food and spread out a feast. Check out the visitor center too!

Be sure to stop at Raven Cliff Falls and Wilderness Area so you can take in another fantastic waterfall and have more opportunity to see nature at its finest. Raven Cliff Falls tumbles 100 feet in a series of three lovely waterfalls. Again, a time to have your camera at the ready! There are other waterfalls around too.

Another state park which offers some natural beauty is Vogel State Park. Spring is the perfect time to hike the trails with wildflowers blooming all along the way. RV camping is available here and you may just want to stay awhile. Swimming and fishing are great here. You have over 200 acres you can explore.

Yes, you will be really happy you brought an RV on this trip so you can relax in a homey environment in between adventures. You can sit with the rest of the family over a cool drink or a hot cup of coffee and relive your day’s journeys and discoveries. You will get a good night’s sleep and be right there, ready to go the next morning and see what else Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Byway has to offer.

Picture credits: The picture of the Anna Ruby Falls is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is in the public domain.

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An RV Trip to Okefenokee Swamp for a Unique Adventure

Okefenokee Swamp

Okefenokee Swamp

Visiting the Okefenokee Swamp is truly a unique adventure. The landscapes are in a constant fluctuation, with marshes, lakes and islands taking on a special beauty. Travelling there in an RV motorhome makes it all the better, as you will have a perfect place to retire at the end of the day to tell the tales of the day’s adventures. The Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge is in southern Georgia and extends into northern Florida. This area has forests and wetlands that give you all the space to explore you could imagine.

Once you arrive, you’ll want a home base from which to operate. The Okefenokee Pastimes Campground is a great place to stay in your RV motorhome while visiting Okefenokee Swamp. Located at the Okefenokee’s East Entrance, this campground has free WiFi, nature trails to explore and even a pond for fishing. You will find water, 30 amp electrical service, sewer hookup and dump station. Then after you are settled, you can decide what form your exploration will take. You can enjoy guided tours on boats through canals, forests and prairies. Or you can do your own self-guided tour and use the convenient observation towers and boardwalks to experience the park.

Wildlife in the Okefenokee Swamp will hold you enthralled. February will offer a wide variety of birds such as wild turkeys, red-tailed hawks and ospreys. In March you will see alligators sunning on the banks of the riverways, sandhill cranes dipping for fish and ducks who stayed for the winter.

Hiking in Okefenokee Swamp offers treks through amazing habitats and you’ll have a special view of the areas so popular here. The Phernetton Trail is a short hike on a loop trail and the Longleaf Pine Interpretive Trail is a bit longer, at four miles, which takes you through the upland forests. If you love birds, you’ll want to hike the very short loop trail, Upland Discovery Trail, where you can observe the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker. There is a whole colony here.

Visit Chesser Island to see the Chesser Island Homestead. This is where a family settled in the late 1800s and made a living from the land by fishing, growing crops and trapping animals. The forests here held a wide variety of wildlife, and still do. You can see the Chesser home looking as it did when they lived in it and raised their family. The last family members left in 1958 and the maintenance of the property makes it a place where others can see what life was like in the swamp.

You can actually hike to the island on Ridley Island Trail from Swamp Island Drive. Once on the island you can enjoy a short loop trail, the Chesser Island Homestead Trail, which will give you the opportunity to get a feel for the area and how it must have been to live here. Don’t miss the other trail nearby called Deer Stand Trail.

Driving through the swamp is possibly the best way to see everything. You should take the full Swamp Island Drive before you leave Okefenokee Swamp. There are a number of stops along the way where you can view wildlife, hike or get some history of the region. What a great trip this has been!

Picture credits: The picture of the Okefenokee Swamp is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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An RV Trip down the Georgia Coast from Blackbeard Island to St. Marys

The second leg of a trip down the Georgia coast is an extension of the good times you had coming from Savannah, Georgia to Blackbeard Island (see An RV Trip down the Georgia Coast from Savannah to Blackbeard Island for the first leg of this trip). Of course, it will be just as much fun if you start out at this national wildlife reserve. Whatever your point of origin, moving down the coastline of this marvelous state is wonderful for a winter vacation.

Of course, you must stay a while at the Blackbeard Island National Wildlife Reserve. There is no choice but to enjoy nature here. It is suspected that the name came about due to rumors that the famous pirate had buried treasure here on the coast. Nothing has ever been found, however. The wildlife is abundant and you may catch sight of a loggerhead sea turtle, deer or even an alligator or two.

Heading south, you will come to a small barrier island called Sapelo Island. Enjoy the visitor center on the mainland first to learn all about the island’s history, then take a ferry ride over to the island. Stop at Reynolds Mansion and visit the restored lighthouse, originally built in 1820. After you are finished your visit, back on the mainland you’ll head south once again and make your way to Wolf Island National Wildlife Reserve. This started out as a migratory bird sanctuary in 1930, and now is a designated National Wilderness Area. Marinas in Darien, Georgia offer transportation to the saltwater areas of the refuge.

Next you’ll come to the Golden Isles, a wonderland of Georgia coast fun. Little St. Simons Island is fun to explore by grabbing a map and going off on your own. Stroll the surf line, pick up shells and just breathe in that fresh salt air. Hiking and biking is great on this island, and if the weather is nice, you may be able to hire a canoe for a short tour. Then on to St. Simons Island for more fishing, a look at the St. Simons Lighthouse and Maritime Center at the historic Coast Guard Station.

On to Brunswick, Georgia! Watch the shrimp boats put out to sea. This stunning city will inspire you with its Victorian-style homes and old oak and magnolia trees lining the streets. The local Farmer’s Market will provide you with delicious fruits and vegetables you can whip up into a fantastic meal right in your RV kitchen.

Of course, no visit to the Golden Isles would be complete without visiting Jekyll Island. If you love golf, you will find a place to play, and of course, everyone loves the Georgia beaches. There are lovely ones here. Then on to Cumberland Island National Seashore with its pristine forests, hiking trails and gorgeous undeveloped beaches. Another place you’ll want to see is the Crooked River State Park with its nature trail and nature center. There is RV camping here too!

Finally you have made it to St. Marys, Georgia, a picturesque spot on the Georgia coast. Stopping here is like entering a fairytale town. Once you are done seeing the fine museums, it might be time to head home. Georgia was happy to have you visit and hopes you return again soon!

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An RV Trip down the Georgia Coast from Savannah to Blackbeard Island

If you have never considered an RV trip down Georgia’s Coast (PDF), start considering! Here is a unique stretch of coastline with 100 miles of sights and sounds of the South and marvelous Southern delicacies. There is so much to see and do, you can break the trip into sections. The entire trip takes you from Savannah to St. Marys, Georgia but you can stop on this leg at Blackbeard Island.

Starting in historic Savannah, Georgia, be sure to have your camera to hand, as you will want to take photos of the oaks draped with Spanish moss, the fine Southern mansions and other lovely views. Browse art galleries, eat out in a fancy restaurant and be sure to head over to Broughton Street for some shopping and events like the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations coming up.

RV camping can be found on Tybee Island at the River’s End Campground and RV Park. Here you’ll find the perfect base for your vacation operations! Many sites have full hookups and you will be able to get free cable. Sandy beaches are steps away, and fishing is great here.

While on Tybee Island you will love the explorations, outdoor activities and plenty of good food. When you don’t want to cook in your RV kitchen, you will discover amazing Southern cooking right on the island. The “catch-of-the-day” is always a good choice for some fresh seafood. Get over to one of the fishing piers and perhaps charter a deep sea fishing expedition. You can also fish from the shore. Fit in some relaxing beach combing.

You will be heading south so when you come to Fort McAllister you should stop and enjoy this historic site. (You will also find RV camping here, so can stay awhile if you prefer.) The earthwork fortification is something to see, with cannons, barracks, and a fascinating Civil War museum. If you have a boat with you, launch it at the boat ramp into the Ogeechee River. Walk the nature trail and stretch those legs.

At the Fort Morris State Historic Site you will see where Col. John McIntosh stood up to the British in 1778 and made them retreat. Unfortunately, the British returned with more men and Fort Morris finally fell. Sunbury and its harbor were once again protected by this fort in the War of 1812. As you stand on the remains, you can get the feeling that you were there and were a part of history. This area is wonderful for birding and you will discover great egrets, downy woodpeckers and many more species.

Further south still is the Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge with over 2700 acres of grassland, saltwater marsh and woodlands. There are miles of paved roads that take you to diverse settings. As you move on, you will finally come to Blackbeard Island National Wildlife Reserve, a place of marshes, dunes, oaks and maritime forests and beaches. This leg of your journey may be done, but there is more to come of the beautiful Georgia coast.

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Traveling to Atlanta Georgia for an RV Adventure

Midtown Atlanta at Dusk

Midtown Atlanta at Dusk

Taking an RV trip to Atlanta, Georgia offers some wonderful attractions, sports and many adventures that will please the entire family. The weather right now is perfect, with cool days and chilly nights where you can bundle up in your blankets and get a refreshing night’s sleep in a comfortable RV motorhome. RV camping is easy to find around Atlanta, with Atlanta South RV Resort being one great place to stay.

When you arrive, you will want to head right to the Georgia Aquarium so you can experience some of the amazing shows and view thousands of animals from around the world. The aquarium is right in downtown Atlanta and easy to find. The Dolphin Show is probably the most famous, but other exhibits will definitely catch your attention, such as those of the penguins, beluga whales and tropical fish. There are two theaters, and when you go to one of them, you will see an animated 4-D film that will take your breath away.

Animal lovers won’t want to miss Zoo Atlanta where you will visit with the birds, mammals and reptiles. Animal keeper talks form an interesting part of your visit. You will see incredible animal encounters which teach a lot about animal behavior. Then head over to the World of Coca Cola to explore the full tale of this most famous brand. Discover the bottling line as it puts out bottle after bottle of Coca-Cola. Of course, you get a free bottle to take with you! Stop by the fountain that offers over 100 beverages choices in one machine.

The Inside CNN Atlanta Studio Tour is where you should go to get behind the scenes of the Morning Express. You will also get a close-up view of CNN’s World Headquarters and their next-generation HD Studio. At the High Museum of Art you will enjoy the permanent and traveling exhibitions of classic and contemporary artworks.

When you are determined to have a unique experience in the Deep South, you will find it at Stone Mountain Park. Many features are set in a winter landscape, so you can have a taste of the places you left while still staying comfortable in the southern climate. The Polar Express 4_D Experience is one show you won’t want to miss while here. Events are ongoing all year through at Centennial Olympic Park, where you can ice skate during the holidays from 19 November to 27 January. You can check the dates you’ll be in Atlanta and schedule events here accordingly.

There is so much to see and do in Atlanta, you may want to extend your stay. For instance, the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site is a great place to get some American history and learn of the civil rights movement. The Atlanta History Center offers historic homes, museums and even lectures by award-winning authors. Two museums you will want to visit are the Fernbank Museum of Natural History and their displays of the world’s largest dinosaurs, and the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum where this amazing woman wrote “Gone with the Wind.”

Before you head home, go to the Georgia Dome and catch a game or an event. Then you can leave Atlanta and head back north, but you will retain many wonderful memories and experiences.

Picture credits: The picture of midtown Atlanta is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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The Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge Sewanee Canal

By Tony Cappasso

Just off Route 1 near Waycross, Georgia, is the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. It covers nearly a half-million acres of untouched wilderness.

The Okefenokee has miles of hiking trails, opportunities to canoe or boat through the area’s waterways, and knowledgeable park rangers to guide you where you want to go and explain what you see when you get there.

Sewanee Canal

Sewanee Canal

On my Route 1 trip, I signed up for a 90-minute boat ride on the Sewanee Canal. This imposing waterway was built originally to float huge cypress trees that had been cut down by loggers out of the area for collection.

These trees, some of them a thousand years old or older, were fair game for loggers in the 1890s. The Okefenokee was declared a National Wildlife Refuge in 1937 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Logging there was outlawed. While the oldest trees are gone, many of those remaining are more than 250 years old.

The water of the canal is a deep brown color, the result of tannins that leak out of vegetation that has fallen into the water. Alligators swam lazily out of the boat’s path. Boats on the canal are limited to engines of 10 horsepower or less to minimize the chances of collisions with these creatures.

Most of the gators in the canal are juveniles, according to our guide, but we did see a few really large males floating almost totally submerged with only their snouts showing. In winter, river otters make the Okefenokee their home. During spring and summer, however, the alligators are at their most active. Then the otters choose another river to seek their fish.

About the Author
Tony Cappasso is the author of the e-book America’s Highway: A Journey of Discovery Along US Route 1. In it Tony recounts his journey from Fort Kent, Maine to Key West, Florida. You can learn more about Tony on his website America’s Highway US Route 1, his Facebook page, or in this video.

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Enjoying Richmond Hill, Georgia by RV

We wrote recently about the RV camping adventures to be found along the southern Georgia coast, but there’s much to be celebrated up north on Georgia’s “colonial coast”, as well. RV travelers to Georgia will want to discover the small town charm of Richmond Hill, twenty miles south of Savannah along the Ogeechee River.

Why venture to Richmond Hill by RV? There are dozens of reasons this town has the makings of a great motorhome vacation, but let’s start with our top five. We think our readers will find it’s time to start planning an RV camping vacation to Richmond Hill.

  1. Richmond Hill’s History can be traced from its quiet, rural Georgia beginnings through the devastation of the Civil War and into a time of growth and prosperity thanks to beloved benefactors – Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford. Historic buildings throughout the area give testimony to the powerful forces that shaped this Southern town.
  2. Fort McAllister Historic Park allows RVers the opportunity to learn how this fortification on the Ogeechee River played a crucial role in the Civil War. It isn’t hard to imagine while you’re there the mighty Union ironclads wreaking havoc against the South’s valiant blockade runners. Visitors can explore the well-preserved earthworks and Civil War Museum and take a stroll along the river. There’s also a tree-lined campground with memorable views from every campsite.
  3. Wassaw National Wildlife Refuge, forty-five minutes from Richmond Hill on Ossabaw Sound, is an untouched paradise accessible only by boat. Book a boat tour while RV camping in Georgia’s Lowcountry, it’s a trip you won’t soon forget!
  4. Savannah , Richmond Hill’s famous neighbor to the north, is absolutely the cultural and historical center of Georgia’s Colonial Coast. The magnificent tree-lined squares, the marvelous architecture and the wonderful mix of cultures make Savannah a fascinating place to visit. Indulge in the cultural, culinary and historic delights of Savannah and then come back to the peace and quiet of Richmond Hill’s Savannah South KOA Campground.
  5. Georgia’s Colonial Coast Birding Trail makes two stops in and around Richmond Hill. The first is at Fort McAllister Historic Park, mentioned above, where bird-watching enthusiasts may spot shorebirds, songbirds and larger visitors such as osprey. The town’s J.F. Gregory Park, built around a three-hundred acre rice field, features a three mile walking trail, a birding station and lots of opportunities to discover winged wetland residents. Click here for more information on Georgia’s premier route for bird watchers.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend a few days RV camping in a quiet town with plenty to offer visitors? Georgia’s Richmond Hill is one such place.

Picture credits: The picture of Fort McAllister Historic Park is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, 2.5 Generic, 2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.

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Why RV Travelers Fall in Love with the South Georgia Coast

You may know Georgia from its booming cities, magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains and dense pine forests, but have you taken the time to go RV camping to the South Georgia Coast? If not, you’re missing a fantastic year-round motorhome camping destination.

Tidal rivers, unspoiled beaches and a history rich with the contributions of many cultures have created a region unlike any other in the US. Here’s a short list of the places RV travelers will want to visit as they mosey down to Georgia’s southern coast.

Blythe Island Regional Park, located on the tidal South Brunswick River, is a nice place to become familiar with coastal Georgia. With full-hookups RV campsites, a marina that offers kayak and canoe rentals and easy access to both freshwater and tidewater fishing, Blythe Island offers the perfect introduction to the South Georgia Coast.

Beach on Cumberland Island

Beach on Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island National Seashore – Take the ferry out to Georgia’s coastal gem and discover the history, natural wonders and fascinating people of Cumberland Island. From the Dungeness Historic District to the island’s pristine beaches, Cumberland Island National Seashore will fascinate RV travelers. It’s definitely a “don’t miss” destination on your camping trip to Georgia’s Atlantic shore.

Jekyll Island State Park, jutting out into the Atlantic just north of Cumberland Island, is a place your family will come to treasure. Here’s why: RV campers are welcomed with a full-service campground and there are plenty of outdoor recreation possibilities. Bike the island or hike through verdant pine forests. Talk a walk on a windswept beach or visit the island’s Georgia Sea Turtle Center. All this and more is waiting to occupy the time you spend on Jekyll Island.

St. Mary’s River – This “blackwater” river with its roots in mighty Okefenokee Swamp and its toes in Cumberland Sound offers RV camping anglers lots of action. Fish for redfish, flounder and catfish on a secluded body of water for a uniquely coastal Georgia experience. Love to view a river’s shoreline from your canoe or kayak? Following the St. Mary’s River Paddling Trail (PDF) is the perfect way to watch for the deer, black bears and manatees that thrive in the surrounding marshes.

St. Simons Island, one of four “Golden Isles” within the Intracoastal Waterway, is rich with historic interest and natural beauty. The nineteenth century lighthouse, Fort Frederica National Monument and St. Simons Island’s uncluttered beaches make a stop here wonderfully fulfilling. It’s also a great place to find restaurants, shops and other local attractions.

Campgrounds near the South Georgia Shore

There are many well-run RV campgrounds up and down Georgia’s southern coast, making your journey here easy to plan. Here are two more ideas for lodging, in addition to the parks mentioned above:

  1. Lake Harmony RV Park in Townsend, GA gives easy access to the Interstate while providing a lush, green setting for your South Georgia coastal vacation.
  2. St. Mary’s/Jacksonville KOA is just south of the Georgia/Florida border, near the St. Mary’s River.

There’s a world of relaxation waiting for RV camping visitors to Georgia’s southern coast. Settle in to a less-frenzied pace and allow yourself to absorb the beauty of the Georgia shore. It’s a vacation world-weary travelers won’t soon forget.

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