Prince Edward Island RV Vacation

Alright, RV travelers, the warm weather isn’t going to last much longer in the northern-most parts of Canada and the United States.  It’s time to head out on a trip to Prince Edward Island while the sun is still shining!

Confederation Bridge

Confederation Bridge

Many Americans know Prince Edward Island as the home of Anne Shirley in the beloved Anne of Green Gables series of books and films.  Similar to their fictional depiction, Prince Edward Island is full of farms and down-to-earth, hardworking people.  In addition to being one of the agricultural capitals of Canada, the island is also ringed with charming seaside villages that are well worth a stop for exploration.  This is the best time of year to visit the island, as the peak tourist crowds will be gone, but the weather will still be warm and bright.

Start your trip at the nearest El Monte RV rental location.  Once you’ve picked out the rig you want to take on your vacation, you’re in for an awesome road trip through New Hampshire and Maine before crossing over into the Canadian province of New Brunswick.  From there, head on over to the Confederation Bridge and cross it to enter Central Prince Edward Island.

One of the best ways to travel the island is to make a large clockwise loop.  After entering the central portion of the island, you will make your way up the shore into Western Prince Edward Island to the village of Summerside and Spinnaker’s Landing.  This must-stop destination is designed as a small fishing village full of shops and authentic local restaurants.  Take a walk down the boardwalk and enjoy a boat ride or even a Segway tour of the area!  And the Visitor’s Destination Centre is conveniently located next door to Spinnaker’s Landing to help you get better acquainted with the area.

Prince Edward Island National Park

Prince Edward Island National Park

Continuing on around to the north shore of the island, visit Prince Edward Island National Park.  This is a great location for walking along protected sandy beaches and watching native wildlife like the Piping Plover.  If you love watching or photographing unspoiled wildlife and natural vistas, this is the place to go!  Taking a trip here is one that will forever remain as an all-time favorite!  Make time to put this on your travelling agenda for next year if time in running short this year.

Another great stop in Central Prince Edward Island is the Avonlea Village and the Anne of Green Gables Museum.  Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of the Anne series, grew up here and based her worldwide bestseller on the area.  Watch as actors reenact the daily life of the characters as they go to school, have fun and even walk in the Avonlea Parade!  This vacation will make you a part of “real-life fiction,” if you will.   A unique adventure for the entire family!

When you’re ready to rest for the night, the Cymbria Campground is a wonderful RV park to camp your RV rental.  It has a fantastic view of the ocean, and your whole family will love the onsite heated pool, miniature golf course, and playground!

Continuing on into the small, seaside villages of Eastern Prince Edward Island, you should stop and sample the authentic seafood for which this area is famous.  The Clam Digger’s Beach House and Restaurant near Georgetown is a definite palate-pleasing choice for locally caught, fresh seafood of all kinds!

Summer is ending soon, but there is still time for some unforgettable trips while the warm weather lasts.  Head up to Prince Edward Island and discover one of the hidden jewels of Canada!

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Photo credits:  Confederation Bridge by Dennis Jarvis and PEI National Park by David Wilson are licensed under Flickr Commons
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Lakeside Drives to Toronto

The end of summer is only a month and a half away!  Have you made your plans to hit the road for an RV vacation before the kids go back to school and the leaves start falling?  If you’re looking for a great mid-summer trip, consider our friendly neighbors to the north.  Instead of sticking to the States, expand your RV vacation to the Great Lakes region around Toronto!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Start out by heading to Kingston, Pennsylvania (or clicking the link) to pick out and reserve your favorite RV.  Once you’ve decided on which RV will be the perfect ride for you and your family, make sure to read about the rules and procedures for crossing the US-Canada border in an RV.  You’ll want to be prepared and have any necessary paperwork in order before you get to the border crossing itself.

Once all of your ducks are in a row, start out your exciting road trip by heading for Niagara Falls!  These multiple waterfalls flow between the US and Canada, and they’ve been a classic vacation destination throughout the last century.  You can take a moment to re-create scenes from the many movies that have featured the falls.  Films as diverse as Superman II and Bruce Almighty had scenes set here!  The 167-foot falls also create a magical plume of drifting spray and we highly recommend you sail through it on a Maid of the Mist boat tour!

If the sun is already going down, head for an RV campground near Buffalo, New York.  You can find one near the shores of Lake Erie for an excellent view and then head into the historic city itself for a great dinner!

When you’re ready to continue north, continue around Lake Ontario and you’ll end up in Toronto itself.  One of the first sites to greet your eyes will be the iconic CN Tower that dominates the skyline.  This spire has been a famous piece of engineering since the 1970s, and it’s still the best way to get a bird’s eye view of the entire city.  If you get hungry, there’s even a revolving restaurant that will give you a slow panorama of the entire area.

After you’re done having fun in the clouds, head over to the mid-city Royal Ontario Museum.  It’s a world-leading natural history and cultural museum with incredible exhibits that range from examples of Chinese Forbidden City artifacts to textiles from ancient Egypt.  Toronto is a world-class city, and there’s no better place to get a taste of the whole world than at the “ROM.”

While you’re downtown, take a moment to travel underground!  Toronto is unique in that it has over 19 miles of tunnels and underground walkways in its PATH system.  While they are a welcome respite for downtown travelers during the city’s snowy winters, they are also a lot of fun to poke around during the summer.  The walkways are lined with coffee shops, stores, and all manner of potential souvenir purchasing locations, so give yourself a few hours to get lost in a maze of shopping fun!

Don’t wait until it’s too late: head north in an RV for an amazing lakeside drive to Toronto!

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Photo Credit:  Niagara Falls by Daniel Lewis licensed by Flickr Creative Commons



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A Scenic Tour through the St. John River Valley

When you’re looking for a unique vacation idea, remember that some of the best picks will be the ones you’ve never heard about.  While tourists are packing into the most famous resorts and cities, a different breed of savvy traveler is seeking the roads less traveled.  If you’d like to find an out-of-the-way journey that you can enjoy at your own pace, you should plan your next vacation to be an RV tour through the St. John River Valley!

New Brunswick, King's Landing History in Living Color

New Brunswick, King’s Landing History Remade

The St. John River creates part of the border between Maine and New Brunswick, and it’s one of the longest rivers in the eastern portion of Canada.  Life is slower in the St. John River Valley, but that’s how the residents of the area like it.   And this is what makes it a great choice for an exciting RV vacation.  In order to get started on your trip, pick out your favorite RV and then travel north on Interstate 95 through Maine.

When you cross the border into New Brunswick, head for Hartland and you’ll find yourself crossing the Hartland Covered Bridge.  If it doesn’t look like a normal covered bridge, that’s because it isn’t.  At 1,282 feet, it’s one of the world’s longest!  The bridge was originally built in 1901, but it wasn’t until twenty years later that the entire structure was covered.  It’s a beautiful local landmark that has been featured on national postage stamps, and it also had the honor of being crossed by a torchbearer before the 1988 Winter Olympics.  Called a “kissing bridge” by locals, it’s a great spot to stop for a moment and steal a smooch from your own loved one!

New Brunswick, Canada, History Brought Back to Life

New Brunswick, Canada, History Brought Back to Life

Drive further east and you’ll find the living history settlement of King’s Landing.  Actors in period-accurate costumes live out the lives of settlers in the 1800’s that called this area home.  It’s a rich mixture of French, English and native history that comes together in a fully explorable town.  Move from house to house and try your hand at frontier skills such as churning butter and spinning wool.  Your kids might just think that your RV has traveled back in time!

Next, head north to the town of Grand Falls where you will find the magnificent waterfall that it is named for.  At 75 feet high, Grand Falls Gorge waterfall is the biggest falls east of Niagara Falls.  You can walk down trails to the water’s edge and admire the sheer granite walls of the gorge, and it’s also a great spot for a picnic lunch.

If you want a much closer (and more exciting) view of the falls, head over to Open Sky Adventures.  This amazing adventure company will let you “deepell” (that means to do a forward facing rappel) 135 feet down the gorge walls, or you can zip line over the river itself!  Your family will never forget the experience of flying through the air over the gorgeous rushing waters.

When you drive home after your journey through the St. John River Valley in New Brunswick, you will have experienced a rare adventure through towns and villages that rarely get seen by outsiders.  It’s off the beaten path, but all the best vacations are!

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Photo Credit:   photos of King’s Landing, New Brunswick, by Michael Ignatieff are licensed under Flickr Creative Common license
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Journey to the North in Winnipeg

Even though it’s directly to our north, many Americans never visit Canada.  What a missed opportunity on so many levels because Canada is a country with unending natural beauty and the Canadian people are well-known for their warm hospitality and friendliness!  If you’re looking for a vacation that’s out of the ordinary, consider traveling northward and explore other parts of the North American continent.  It’s time for a journey to Winnipeg for starters!

The River Trail in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The River Trail in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

To start your trip off right, pick up an RV in Chicago.  Make sure to bring some games, movies, audio books, or other entertainment for the kids as you drive to the north country while you get to enjoy the passing scenery as you head towards the border.  Once you cross into Manitoba, find a great RV park to serve as your base camp as you explore Winnipeg.  With its free hot showers and free wireless internet, Traveller’s RV Resort & Campground will serve your needs perfectly.

After you’re settled in, it’s time to head out and explore the city itself.  If you want to get your bearings right away, an excellent first stop is The Forks.  This spot, in the center of the city, is where the Assiniboine River flows into the Red River.  It has been a meeting spot for the residents of the area for over 6000 years.  With its parks, restaurants, and venues for shows and concerts, The Forks location continues to be the beating heart of this city.

What would a vacation to Canada be without strapping on some ice skates?  It’s a good thing that the world’s longest naturally-frozen skating trail winds 6.5 kilometers through the city.  Instead of having to skate around and around on an ice rink, you’ll warm up the leg muscles as you venture out and go on the equivalent of a long run when you skate down the Red River Mutual Trail.  When the weather warms up, it’s still a great path for walking and taking in views of the river and the city.

Canada is also home to some of the most magnificent animals on earth, as many Canadian species can’t be found anywhere else!   This alone warrants a trip at least once in your lifetime to take in the spectacular display of local creatures of our northern American counterpart.  The polar bear is one such creature, and you’ll have a chance to see one up close at the Assiniboine Park Zoo.  In addition to getting a look at one of the zoo’s polar bears, you can also visit the International Polar Bear Conservation Centre to learn about conservation efforts to protect this amazing animal.

Next up, you can visit Canada’s oldest public art gallery when you visit the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  WAG, as it’s called by locals, has an in-depth collection of Canadian and international art.  It  takes special care to focus on native artwork from members of Manitoba’s original population.  In addition to all the incredible art work on display, the gallery is also offering free admission to everyone 18 and under throughout the month of June.  So, there’s never been a better time for your family to visit!

It’s time to get in an RV and take your journey to the North.  It might be a bit chilly at times, but it will be a wonderful adventure that your family will never forget!

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Photo Credit:   The River Trail photo by A.J. Batac licensed under Flickr Creative Common license.
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Traveling to Montreal, Quebec for Incredible Fall Colors

When the leaves begin to change in Montreal, Quebec, you want to be there. Arriving in mid-September will bring you the start of this seasonal display, while early October brings you the peak of the colors. An awesome fall trip in an RV to Montreal will also take you up through New York State where you will catch some fall foliage as well. Interstate 87 will take you right where you want to go.

Nicolas Viel Park, Montreal QC

Nicolas Viel Park, Montreal QC

There are a number of places in this Canadian city where you can enjoy autumn’s brilliant hues. For instance, Mount Royal Cemetery is a rural garden with shrubs, fruit trees and some wildlife. A serene spot for reflection and solitude, these gardens are an inspiration, particularly with the autumn beauty to enjoy.

One place you won’t want to miss on your trip is the Montreal Botanical Garden with its greenhouses and gardens. The themed gardens are enough to amaze and thrill any visitor, but wait until you see the exhibition greenhouses. You will be surprised at how many tropical food plants there are when you tour the Tropical Food Plants Greenhouse. See what the private gardens were like in the Ming Dynasty when you walk through the Chinese Garden.

Visiting the Morgan Arboretum you’ll discover autumn leaf displays that will truly let you know that this is the season to come to Montreal. The many species of trees include maples, oaks, birches and many other varieties which will change color.  This forested reserve is the perfect place to walk and watch the wildlife, with thirty species of mammals and twenty species of amphibians and reptiles. Bird watchers can get their fill of bird watching too, since this is the home base of many birds who winter here as well as a stopover for those who fly south about now.

With more than 490 acres of trees, the Bois de l’Île Bizard Park presents a striking picture in the fall. The boardwalks take you over the marshes and you can enter the dense wooded areas with beech trees, sugar maples and cedars.  This park contains a wonderful beach called Pointe-aux-Carrières where it is fun to sit and watch the sun go down. While you are here, you will likely spot some beavers, Canada geese flying overhead and turtles sunning themselves on rocks.

Two more places to stop while in Montreal include the Parc Jean-Drapeau’s Floralies Gardens with all sorts of trees showing off their marvelous colors and Biodôme De Montréal – Space For Life for a change of pace. As you tour the Montreal Biodôme, you will find four very different ecosystems, each with its own species of plants and animals. Your guide will lead you through a rainforest, maple forest and underwater views of the Gulf of St. Lawrence as well as into the cold lands of the Sub-Antarctic Islands. This is more than you expected! A visit to Montreal always exceeds a person’s dreams!

Picture credits: The picture of Fall Foliage in Michigan is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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Explore Minnesota and Canada Along the North Shore

Gooseberry Falls in Gooseberry Falls State Park

Gooseberry Falls in Gooseberry Falls State Park

The North Shore of Minnesota is a wonderful place to explore with your family on your summer RV vacation. This area is so inviting this time of year, with the lush landscapes and long warm days. You will discover a whole new world on the North Shore!

Your adventure begins in Duluth where you should visit some of the museums, art galleries and stop by the Great Lakes Aquarium to enjoy the amazing fish of the Great Lakes. Of course you will want to get going on your driving adventure, so take off on Highway 61 to experience it all. When you reach Stoney Point Drive, be sure to take this short side-trip to see Tom’s Logging Cabin and travel to Stoney Point for a picnic.

Stop off at Two Harbors for a snack or a meal and explore the town with your family. Burlington Bay Campground is the ideal place to park for a time while you enjoy the outdoor recreation. Hike the section of Gitchi Gami Trail or bike the path to get some great exercise and stretch those muscles.

If you love waterfalls, you’ll love Gooseberry Falls State Park, known as the gateway to the North Shore. Wildlife is abundant here and you will want your camera so you can capture the feel of this Lake Superior shore. Gaze out over the lake, spot some ships, or simply relax and let all cares melt away. Camping is available here too. Enjoy walking sections of the Superior Hiking Trail through the park.

Whether you are a rock climber or not, you should stop at Palisade Head. This is a place where serious climbers come to hone their skills. With the variety of climbs, Palisade Head offers something for everyone. If you aren’t a climber, you can still have a wonderful time watching others.

Temperance River State Park,a bit further down the road, will be an incredible place to see the pine forests, watch cascading waterfalls and hike the trails through the spruce and birch trees. More rock climbing is available at Carlton Peak, and of course, revel in nature’s most lovely surroundings. Lake Superior shines in the sun and you will be inspired and intrigued with its deep water mysteries.

Next stop should be Grand Marias with its harbor side galleries, shops and views. Dine on delicious food, stroll the town’s streets and enjoy the outdoor paintings everywhere. Throughout the year there are events and festivals going on which will entertain those of any age. Grab a cold drink and a burger and settle in for a long, quiet afternoon.

Moving on you will finally cross into Canada and continue on Highway 61 to Thunder Bay where, again, you will discover a long list of events throughout the year. You may just discover a unique festival or boat race happening when you arrive. Stop at Eagle Canyon or go sailing on the lake. After your visit, you can go back or continue all the way around Lake Superior and loop back to Duluth or perhaps drop down into Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. The choice is yours! Have a wonderful RV vacation!

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Along Newfoundland’s Shores

Newfoundland Fishing Outport

A New Foundland Fishing Village Known Locally as an “Outport”

Who would have ever considered an RV vacation in Newfoundland? It’s true that there are so many places to go in the United States that you will never see them all in a lifetime, but it is well worth it to take the opportunity to visit Newfoundland.

On this drive along Newfoundland’s shores, you will certainly experience the best of this province. To get there is a treat in itself. You can pick up an RV rental in Boston and drive north to Labrador and a ferry ride to Nova Scotia, from there taking the Marine Atlantic ferry to the Newfoundland coast. They do transport RVs on their Super Ferry, right across the pristine blue waters.

When you reach St. John’s you will want to browse the city streets and meet many of the friendly folk. Then when ready to start your trek and all stocked up on yummy Canadian foods, you take Pitts Memorial Drive out of town and then Highway 10 south.

Discover incredible photo opportunities at Bay Bulls Big Pond. Enjoy outdoor recreation around Witless Bay. Everything from hiking to fishing can be found there, and even sea kayaking. Take a boat tour of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve. Here you will see hundreds of thousands of puffins and even more storm-petrels.

Walk through the woods at the La Manche Provincial Park and stop at the waterfalls to be inspired by its beauty. With more than fifty species of birds here, those who love to bird watch will want to stay a while and see how many they can identify. Continue your winding route along the shore on Route 10 and come to Cape Broyle, a place filled with history.

Sea life is abundant at the Chance Cove Provincial Park, as you take a trail leading to the coastal waters. You may spot a whale or a seal sunning on the rocks. You will most definitely see a wide array of seabirds. Further along you will encounter the Saint Vincent’s-St. Stephen’s-Peter’s River. Is this the longest name for a river you’ve ever heard? It’s possible!

Continue on Route 90 heading north now, on the western side of Newfoundland. After you pass Saint Mary’s Harbor, you will come to the Avalon Wilderness Preserve. Enjoy the forest thickets and all the wildlife that makes this their home. Hike the trails and stretch those travel-weary muscles.

Take Highway 1, through Clarenville and then take Highway 230 to Lockston Path Provincial Park, with campsites available as well as a beach so you can enjoy a swim. Next you’ll come to Bonavista, the end of your Newfoundland adventure. Don’t leave, however, until you stop at the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse. The rugged coast and crashing waves allows you to dream of what it must have been like for those early mariners. And as you turn to leave to return home, you will be sorry to say goodbye to lovely Newfoundland, a distant land you never thought you’d see.

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Saskatchewan RV Camping Opportunities

Dreaming of RV camping in a beautiful outdoor setting? A very special place to experience the best in RV camping is Saskatchewan, Canada. The prairies and lakes of this central Canadian province open up a world of outdoor recreation to adventurous RV campers.

From Northern Saskatchewan’s thousands of bright, blue lakes to the surprising sand dunes in the south, Saskatchewan beckons to campers, anglers and those seeking the freedom of wide open spaces. Here are just a few exceptional locations to consider when RV camping in Saskatchewan.

Follow Hwy SK-9, also known as the Saskota Travel Route, after entering Saskatchewan from North Dakota. Exciting casinos, awe-inspiring provincial parks and quaint, friendly villages make this itinerary an especially entertaining one for RVers.

Lake Waskesiu in Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan, Canada

Lake Waskesiu in Prince Albert National Park

Head north to find a wonderland of lakes, streams and rivers winding their way through dense, green forest land at Meadow Lake Provincial Park. Large enough to fit the vacation dreams of any Saskatchewan RV camper, Meadow Lake features hiking trails, sandy-beached swimming areas, and an amazing variety of waterways perfect for exploration by kayak or canoe.

Located near the center of Saskatchewan, Prince Albert National Park also has enough outdoor recreation possibilities to please everyone in your motorhome camping crew. Sheer beauty will surround you within thousands of acres of forests, rolling prairies and high, tree-covered bluffs. Hike, fish, boat, swim, and enjoy watching for black bear, lynx and even bison while RV camping at Prince Albert National Park. You’ll also discover a wealth of historic sites as you explore the awe-inspiring scenery of Prince Albert RP.

Linked to the waterways that stretch across Canada to legendary Hudson Bay, Lac La Ronge could easily become one of your family’s vacation legends. This is the summer active RVers can fish for lake trout among the islands of Lac La Ronge or take a hike to photograph Nistowiak Falls. The Churchill River makes its way through the park, inviting paddlers to discover its secrets. RV camping at Lac La Ronge is easy, with nice campgrounds scattered throughout the park.

Saskatchewan, Canada is waiting to provide the camping vacation of a lifetime. Discover the immense open spaces, the pristine waters and the well-maintained campgrounds that are everywhere in Saskatchewan. What you’ll find there will change the way you feel about vacationing in the great outdoors.

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An Extraordinary RV Adventure on Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula

The Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park

The Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park

Six hours north of Buffalo, NY motorhome campers will find a place where outstanding outdoor fun is a natural. Due east of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Ontario, Canada’s Bruce Peninsula is set against the splendor of both Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. With a little planning, your family could soon be looking forward to an extraordinary RV adventure on Ontario, Canada’s Bruce Peninsula.

To help you start your planning, we’ve located two of the most highly-rated campgrounds on “The Bruce.” Tobermory Village Campground at the northern end of the peninsula will thrill the kids and is perfectly situated as your gateway to adventure. Be sure to reserve your campsite before you go; this campground draws return visitors every summer!

Another popular stopping point on Bruce Peninsula is Hope Bay Campground. Catering to vacationing families, this nicely-appointed RV park is also a wonderful home away from home.

With your campground reservations made, it’s time to plan your outdoor adventures on Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula. Here’s where to start: two national parks that are waiting to overwhelm your senses – one on the peninsula’s northern tip and one a short boat ride away.

Bruce Peninsula National Park encompasses old growth forests, sandy beaches, shining lakes and a stretch of coastline on Georgian Bay that’s heart-stoppingly beautiful. As you explore this park on the peninsula’s northern boundary you’ll be overwhelmed by the rugged limestone bluffs, the many caves and the park’s abundance of plant and animal life. If hiking is a passion, RVers will enjoy traveling a section of the Bruce Trail that stretches along the Niagara Escarpment, as well as shorter trails around several picturesque lakes.

Located a short distance offshore, Fathom Five National Marine Park of Canada is also worthy of an entire vacation, so plan plenty of extra time to get to know it. Visit the historic lighthouses, photograph the jaw-dropping scenery on Flowerpot Island and snorkel or dive to discover more than twenty shipwrecks resting below the surface.

Bruce Peninsula is also famous for its swimmer-friendly beaches, both on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. Take your RV-camping family to Sauble Beach, one of the largest freshwater beaches in the world, to Lionhead Beach or to Bluewater Park Beach in Wiarton. The beaches of Bruce Peninsula are just one more way you can enjoy the natural beauty of this Ontario, Canada wonderland.

As you continue your exploration of the peninsula along ON-6, you’ll notice signs to such special places as Smokey Head White Bluff Provincial Nature Reserve and Johnston Harbour-Pine Tree Point Nature Reserve. Created to protect forests and shorelines, these reserves don’t offer visitor amenities but promise spectacular views to hikers.

And don’t forget to pack your cameras when you go RV camping on Bruce Peninsula. Not only do dramatic limestone formations and dense pine forests draw the eye, you’ll also want to photograph the orchids for which the peninsula is famous. While on the trails, keep your eyes open for black bears, fox and flying squirrels! The miles of unspoiled wilderness are a birdwatcher’s dream, as well.

One more way to get to know “The Bruce” on your Ontario RV camping vacation this summer is to play a round or two on one of its many golf courses. Surprisingly diverse in terrain, the peninsula’s golf clubs offer golfers the chance to see the many faces of nature while enjoying a lively challenge.

Your extraordinary RV adventure on Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula can be the highlight of your family’s summer. Come find out why nature lovers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts rate this rocky point tucked between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay a top-notch place to visit.

Picture credits: The picture of the Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License.

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RV Camping Tour – Memphremagog to Montreal

We’ve shared some tips for planning an RV camping and fishing trip on Lake Memphremagog’s Vermont shore, but there’s another adventure awaiting to the north. This week’s RV road trip will take us from the Canadian shores of Lake Memphremagog to the splendid city of Montreal.

Memphremagog and the Eastern Townships
If you’re starting your RV camping journey in the States, you’ll find this lush region of lakes and stunning mountain views just three and a half hours north of Boston. Travel I-93 north through Massachusetts, across New Hampshire and into Vermont (from St. Johnsbury to the Canadian border, you’ll be traveling on I-91.)

Lake Memphremagog is split by the US/Quebec border, so take time on your RV journey to enjoy the Vermont section of the lake, too. From Newport, VT to the lively town of Magog, QC, Canada, this lake stretches twenty-four miles to thrill active RVers with its wide range of outdoor activities. Boating, fishing, scuba diving and hiking are just a few of the ways you can spend a stop along Memphremagog.

The entire region is a scenic drive, thanks to lush pine forests, sparkling lakes and mountain streams. The “Eastern Townships” region will delight RV travelers with historic villages such as Georgeville and Ogden, by way of QC-247, from Stanstead all the way to the city of Magog. This byway is actually a part of the Townships Trail that promises mountain vistas, quaint townships and historic sites its entire length.

If you’re ready to stop and rest for the night, the resort town of Magog offers plenty of camping options. Camping Domaine Parc-Estrie is a large park with every possible amenity in the heart of Magog. You’ll also find comfortable RV campsites nearby in the city of Orford, on the northern border of Parc National du Mont-Orford. Part of your RV journey along the scenic byways from Memphremagog to Montreal should include a visit to this exquisitely beautiful national park.

Magog to Montreal
From the mountain beauty of Magog to the cosmopolitan attractions of Montreal is a short hour and a half drive, if we weren’t stopping to enjoy southern Quebec along the way! Here’s how to relish the scenery along Autoroute 10:

  • Get to Know Eastman, QC, Canada – As you marvel at the shining lakes appearing along your route, you’ll soon encounter the former mining town of Eastman. Now a major lumber trade center, it’s also very popular for its spas, antique stores and fantastically scenic RV campgrounds such as Camping Leroux on the shores of Lac d’Argent.
  • Explore 18th Century Granby – Just down the road from Montreal, Granby township boasts cultural, natural and historical attractions galore. These Granby RV campgrounds are your home base for a day (or a week!) of Southern Quebec adventure. Parc Nacional de la Yamaska is a favorite with our RV rental clients, thanks to miles of trails, abundant wildlife viewing and an excellent campground. While stopping in Granby, also be sure to visit the city’s world famous zoo.

And then it’s time to make the final run to Montreal, enjoying the bustling excitement as this city on the Saint Lawrence River begins to appear. Don’t miss the Chambly Canal National Historic Site on the Richelieu east of Montreal. Another national treasure RVers will want to photograph is Notre-Dame-de-Bons-Secours, an eighteenth century chapel on a cliff overlooking the Saint Lawrence.

There’s not enough room in this post to share all we know about the joys of Montreal for RV travelers, but here are two more ideas for seeing the sights:

  1. Stroll the streets of Old Montreal, the city’s charming historic center.
  2. Tour the many attractions of the vibrant, family-friendly Vieux-Port district by quadricycle!

Go-Montreal also has an excellent listing of all the ways RVers can enjoy the city.

Whether you prefer mountain views and scenic lakes or the pulsing action of a large city, you’ll find what you’re looking for on your RV journey from Memphremagog to Montreal.

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