Flower Power for a Bloomin’ RV Vacation

If you love blooming things and the great outdoors, head to Brookgreen Gardens. Visitors from around the world have walked the paths of this famous botanical garden. Many return year after year. If your vacation plans include a trip to one of the beaches along the South Carolina coastline, then plan a trip to this beautiful paradise.

Brookgreen Gardens-  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Brookgreen Gardens, SC

Brookgreen Gardens, SC

Brookgreen Gardens is comprised of  9,127 acres located along the South Carolina coastline. In the 1700s, the present botanical gardens were home to four rice plantations. The coastal climate provides the ideal growing environment for a wide variety of plants and trees. The garden is divided into themed sections allowing you to explore uniquely landscaped areas throughout the garden.

Stroll down Live Oak Allee lined with 250-year-old majestic live oak trees. Close your eyes and let yourself be transported back in time. Imagine these very trees lining the drive leading up to a stately plantation. History comes alive at Brookgreen.

The Butterfly Garden is divided into five distinct gardens:

During the spring and summer, butterflies flit and flutter around the blooming plants that attract them.

  • The Huntington Sculpture Garden is home to many beautiful and intriguing sculptures that complement the foliage in the garden.
  • The Dorothy P. Peace Garden Room for Children will delight the younger crowd, as well as adults.
  • The Kitchen Garden is home to a variety of herbs and vegetables that are as beautiful as they are tasty.
  • The Brenda W. Rosen Carolina Terrace Garden has an array of perennials, roses, shrubs and mature trees.
  • The Palmetto Garden was completed in 1950. South Carolina’s state tree, the Sabal palmetto, is used extensively throughout this garden.

The Fountain of the Muses Garden boasts a sculptured fountain that is a whimsical delight.

 What’s in bloom?

Check out the seasonal blooms list to find out when your favorite flowers are in bloom. The garden’s hours are from 9:30 to 5:00 with extended hours until 7:00 during the month of April. Admission runs from $10 – $18 per person


Brookgreen Gardens are not only home to living plants, but to the figurative sculptures that reside among them. There are over 2,000 pieces of art displayed in the garden.

What’s not to love?…flowers and art in a beautiful setting that is steeped in history!

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