Rental RV Delivery for Special Events

Here’s a scenario that might sound familiar:

“I want to rent an RV for a music fest, but I’ve never set one up at the campground. I know I’ll be so stressed setting up the RV that I won’t enjoy the event. Does anyone deliver and setup motorhomes at special events?”

If you’ve had that same question, we’re glad you found our blog! An El Monte RV Rental location near the event may be able to help. For some major events, our local rental locations can provide delivery and setup service at the event campground.

When would RV delivery come in handy?  Your special event might be a NASCAR race or a multi-day music festival. It could be an annual week-long swap meet where thousands of RV campers converge. When you call to rent an RV for the event, be sure to ask if delivery and setup service is available.

That’s not all El Monte RV Rentals locations can do to make RV camping at special events a success. They may also be able to provide a convenience kit that contains linens, dishes and silverware, or a kitchen kit that supplies cookware, kitchen tools, a coffee/tea pot and cleaning equipment.

What if Delivery Service isn’t Available?

Even if a specific rental location isn’t able to provide delivery service, rest assured that there will be experienced staff on hand to help. They will guide you through El Monte RV Rentals’ training tools for driving and setup procedures. We’ll never just ‘turn you loose’ to figure out driving and setting up an RV on your own.

RV Delivery for Temporary Housing

But what if your RV delivery need isn’t for a special event? Maybe you’re launching a major remodel and don’t want to live in a hotel room until it’s completed. It could be that relatives are coming in for the holidays and there’s not enough bedroom space. You might even have been impacted by a natural disaster and need a place to call home until your home can be repaired.

Call your local El Monte RV Rentals office and ask about delivery of a motorhome or travel trailer.     

El Monte RV Motor Home

El Monte RV Motor Home

Here’s another scenario in which an RV as temporary housing makes sense—if your employees need to be housed near a remote work location. We often, for example, provide RVs for film production companies to use while filming on location.

No matter what the reason you need temporary housing, we can provide recreational vehicle delivery and set-up assistance.

Beginning to get the picture? We’ve got the help you need, whether it’s setting up a Class C motorhome at a major music fest or delivering multiple temporary housing units to your remote workplace. Give us a call or visit your local El Monte RV Rentals location as you make your plans. We’ll do our very best to deliver exceptional service.

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