RV Scavenger Hunt around Lancaster County, PA

Are you and the kids feeling restless for one more adventure this fall? An RV scavenger hunt and camping trip could be just the ticket. This week we’ve chosen Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and adjacent towns as our target for scavenger hunting fun. Just a couple hours south of Kingston, PA, the rolling hills and scenic towns of this region offer plenty to see and do as your crew follows your trail in search of treasure.

How Do You Plan a Scavenger Hunt?

Don’t panic—this is where your creativity will come in handy. Decide on a theme and then begin compiling a list of items for players to collect or photograph. Players can work in teams to help younger travelers compete, but make sure everyone keeps their finds secret until someone’s found everything on the list.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got the clues to keep your RV scavenger hunt rolling.

Lancaster County RV Scavenger Hunt

This version of a mobile scavenger hunt is based on attractions to be found in and near Lancaster County, with clever clues describing each. Instead of actual items to be collected, you’re going to ask players to take photos that identify the items on their lists. Make sure each team has a cell phone or digital camera for the game.

Use these suggested clues, or research Lancaster County roadside attractions and create your own. Let’s get started.

Start by camping at  Pinch Pond Family Campground, north of Manheim, PA. That will put you within an easy drive of most of our highlighted attractions. Be sure to plan time to stop and savor the flavors, fun and history that will greet you.

Try these sample clues to start your hunt:

  1.      “I need tracks to roll along the street. Shiny yellow paint makes me easy to see.” (Trolley – Manheim Historical Society)
  2.      “The wind is my friend that keeps me spinning. Take my pic and you’re one step closer to winning!” (Windmill – can be spotted on Amish farms throughout Lancaster County.) Driving Route: PA-283 through Elizabethtown and Ronks.
  3.      “My name sounds like an insect, but I’m used to travel the roads. I’m only one horse-power, but I can handle the load.” (Horse-Drawn Buggy – along roads and in small towns throughout the county.)

    Hershey's Chocolate World

    Hershey’s Chocolate World

  4.      “We haven’t forgotten your appetite, never fear. A world of sweet discoveries can be found here.” (Hershey’s Chocolate World on PA-283 west of Manheim.)  
  5.      “Whether carved with a face or made into a pie, in Autumn fields I’m easy to spy.” (Pumpkins – many roadside stands, and farmers’ markets such as Lancaster’s 275-year-old Central Market.)
  6.      “We’ve been doing this since 1861. Come taste our twist on warm and salty fun.” (Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery in Lititz, PA – east of Manheim on Rt 772)
  7.      “Doing great so far, but here’s a riddle: what keeps heads and feet dry, beginning, end and middle?” (Covered Bridges are abundant in Lancaster County, more than two dozen, in fact.)
  8.      “You won’t find baby chickens here, but rock climbers love my face!” (Chickies Rock – Chickies Rock County Park between Marietta and Columbia Boroughs.
  9.      “I get steamed up several times a day. It’s just how I roll.” (Steam engines Strasburg Railroad, Ronks, PA)
  10.  “The mighty Susquehanna is at my feet. My maps and exhibits will make your trip complete!” (Columbia Crossing River Trails Center – Columbia, PA)

Get the idea? Pick places you’d like to share with your family in Lancaster County, PA—museums, amusement parks, hiking trails, farmers’ markets or historic places—and think of the things they can photograph there to complete your scavenger hunt.

Have everyone save their scavenger hunt photos to share back at the campground. Who knows? Maybe the kids would like to plan the next RV camping trip, based on scavenger hunt clues they create. For now, get to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for an autumn RV scavenger hunt adventure.

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