How to Find America’s Top Diners on your RV Road Trip

Does your mind turn to diners when you feel the need for comfort food? If your idea of culinary comfort is chicken fried steak, exotic versions of mac ‘n cheese or a steaming stack of hotcakes, America’s diners can deliver. Here’s a thought—why not plan your next RV camping trip around the best roadside diners in a state or larger geographic region, or along a scenic byway?

Where Can I Find Information on Diners?

Let’s dive right into the real meat and potatoes. Once upon a time, the rule for finding great diners was ‘where do truck drivers stop to eat?’ Times have changed! The internet now offers abundant information on those cozy places where casual food is king.

Start your trip by researching questions like “Where’s the best diner in (my state, the South, New England, and so forth)”? You’re going to find information from a variety of sources. Here are seven sites that either get their feedback from diner fans or do their own research by visiting the grills, greasy spoons and quick-lunch counters in every town.

  • – that compendium of experiences that offers interesting articles on everything, including diners.
  • – their map search lets RVers zero in on the best eats in a city, state or region.
  • – plunges into diner culture in amazing ways, with guides and stories that will get your RV on the road quicker than butter melts on a short-stack.
  • – pick your preferred city from the dropdown and refine your search.
  • – member reviews on just about everything. Searchable by city.
  • – a colossal collection of road trip information, including where to find the best eats on each itinerary. Perfect for RV travelers.
  • Google Maps – pull up your intended destination on the map and then search for ‘diner’. You’ll get a list of local diners and ratings from Google Maps users.

One more tip for using these guides to find America’s top diners—most of them also have apps to use on your tablet or smartphone.

Food RV Road Trips

Food RV Road Trips

Diner Dessert

Just in case you’re still hungry for more information on the diners along your route, you can also read through online travel guides that highlight the best features of an area. You may also know someone who used to live where you’re going. Ask where to find the best 24-hour diners or where you can grab an outstanding burger without visiting a fast food chain. Websites for camping clubs have member forums to discuss things like local attractions and eateries. Your campground host should be able to point you to local diners, too.

An RV road trip to experience America’s best diners is one you can scale to fit the travel time available. Start keeping a log of your diner food discoveries, and be sure to share reviews online so the rest of us can follow in your tire tracks. We’ll see you out there on the road!

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