RV Tailgating—It’s Time to Join the Crowd!

Football Tailgating Party

Football Tailgating Party

Are you one of the twenty to sixty million Americans who throw tailgate parties at concerts, NASCAR races and sporting events each year? If not, it’s time to join the crowd!

Among the millions who set up gourmet grills, taco tables and finger food buffets before during and after the big event, you might be surprised to learn who’s in the next parking spot. The majority (fifty-nine percent) have college degrees and fall between the ages of twenty-five and forty-four.

Love to grill? You’re in good company! Ninety percent of parking lot chefs break out the grill as part of their treasured tailgating routine. Don’t own a vehicle that doubles as a mobile kitchen? No problem! An RV rental makes it easy and affordable to plan and prepare your tailgate masterpieces.

Forget the packaged snacks and dips! Score a home run (or a touchdown!) with food your friends and family will remember. Savory salads, secret grilling sauces and mouthwatering marinades are just three of the ways to bring your tailgating crowd to its feet.

Here are some top tips for preparing memorable tailgate cuisine:

  • Go with portable foods that can make the trip down the parking lot as you visit with the rest of the fans. Sliders, mini tacos, lettuce wraps and other finger foods work well as a moveable feast.
  • With advance prep at home, your entire menu can hit the table at once. Who wants to be stuck in the kitchen after kickoff? Some foods can even be made ahead of time and kept cold in your RV’s refrigerator.
  • Get creative! With an assist from your handy RV kitchen, this is the perfect time to pull out the stops and treat your fellow fans to flavorful side dishes, salads and desserts, as well as your taste bud teasing main course.
  • Support your team! What can you prepare that brings your team to mind—KU Quesadillas, Crimson Tide Crab Salad or 49’er Gold Shrimp Nuggets? You might just start a tradition!

Who knows? Your tailgate party could make it to the game highlights for your friends and family. As a matter of fact, thirty five percent of tailgaters don’t actually attend the game, they’re so busy having fun in the parking lot!

So, let’s run down the game plan for successful RV tailgating:

  • Book your RV rental as soon as you buy your tickets.
  • Check the stadium or venue’s tailgating rules and always respect the space of fellow tailgaters.
  • Plan creative, easy to cook recipes for maximum game day enjoyment.
  • Don’t forget to tie your menu to your team!

Bring your best game to RV tailgating—it’s easy with a well-equipped RV kitchen and creative, easy to eat menus. No matter if the big event is a concert, ball game or NASCAR race, a tailgate party always adds to the excitement. Isn’t it time you joined the party in the parking lot?

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