Active Family RV Camping Idea – Delaware Water Gap NRA

Stuck for summer RV camping ideas? Why not combine your family’s love of hiking, paddling and, of course, exceptional RV camping, with a trip to Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area?

If you’ve never been to ‘the Gap’, it’s located where the Delaware River divides New Jersey from Pennsylvania, about an hour southeast of Kingston, PA and two hours northwest of Linden, NJ. The Delaware River makes its way through the Appalachian Mountains here, and provides an area abundant with ways to entertain yourself outdoors.

Now that you know how to get there, what will you find to do at Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area? delaware_water_gap_pa  Answer—just about anything outdoors-loving campers like to do! Whether you spend your entire vacation hiking the Appalachian and secondary trails, photographing waterfalls or paddling the Middle Delaware, there’s a gorgeous place to do it in the nearly seventy-thousand acres within the Gap.

Let’s start by talking about the hiking possibilities, since that’s a major activity at this National Recreation Area. Twenty-eight miles of the world-famous Appalachian Trail climb in and out of the NRA’s hemlock forests, surprising first-time visitors and veteran hikers alike with not-to-be-forgotten views. In addition to the Appalachian Trail, your family can hike up Mount Tammany, be equally challenged by the trail up Mount Minsi and thrill to views of the more than thousand-foot-deep mountain gorge that gives the NRA its name. Hiking the area’s four dozen marked trails is enough adventure for several RV camping trips, so use this quick guide to Delaware Water Gap trails when planning this year’s adventures.

If your RV camping vacation goal is to come home with jaw-dropping photos, you won’t be disappointed! As you hike up mountainsides and along the Water Gap, keep an eye out for the waterfalls rushing down into rocky pools. You’ll also find plenty to photograph along scenic drives like the Old Mine Road. Quaint villages, historic homes and vintage structures can be found throughout the park for those willing to hike, bike or drive to the Gap’s more remote regions.

We’ve saved the best for last—the joys of diving in (literally) to the River that rolls through the Delaware Water Gap. Kayaks and canoes can be seen making their lazy way along this stretch of the Middle Delaware, with happy paddlers craning their necks to see eagles high overhead and enjoying solitary stretches of undisturbed countryside.

If the kids enjoy taking a dip in a mountain stream, they’ll love the Gap’s swimming beaches, too. And don’t leave the anglers in your group high and dry! Tell them to pack their fishing gear, because the Delaware during summer months is flyfishing or light tackle heaven for smallmouth bass. It’s especially popular for kayak fishing.

Now that you’ve learned your active family will find plenty to do at the Delaware Water Gap NRA, all that’s left is to book your campsite. There are plenty of choices, from Dingman’s Campground, the authorized camping concessionaire within the National Recreation Area, to nearby Pennsylvania campgrounds in towns like East Stroudsburg or campgrounds in New Jersey in the towns of Columbia and Delaware. If you don’t happen to own an RV, be sure to stop by Linden, New Jersey El Monte RV Rentals or El Monte RV Rentals in Kingston, Pennsylvania—we’ve got just the motorhome for your trip.

Lush, green, scenic, refreshing—that’s how visitors describe the treasure that is the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Bring the family and turn them loose in the countryside. This is sure to become a place they’ll want to go RV camping again and again.

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