RV Camping to Nevada’s Valley of Fire

Spring is the perfect time to visit Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park, before the blazing summer sun heats up the stunning red rock landscape. Why not make the trip now? We’ve got a half-dozen reasons why outdoor enthusiasts vote it one of Nevada’s top spots for engaging Nature.

Easy Access to the Valley of Fire

One of the reasons this amazing spot should be on your motorhome camping itinerary is its easy access from major destinations. Following I-15, the Park is just an hour north of Las Vegas, about four and a half hours northeast of Los Angeles on the same highway and also about five hours southwest of Salt Lake City. The Park is right next door to Lake Mead National Recreation Area, as well, so plan to make it a two-for-one camping adventure.

Modern RV Campsites On-Site

Park your RV and set up camp in an unforgettable Mojave desert setting. Within the two campground, some campsites even have 50-amp service, but plan to arrive early in the day, as all sites are first-come-first-served. A dump station and showers are available on-site, too.

Premier Hiking Destination

The trails that wind through the Valley of Fire have so much to offer, you’ll want to follow them all. Whether your journey takes you through massive red sandstone arches and ‘beehives’, past ancient petroglyphs or to a natural water basin where a Southern Paiute renegade once laid in wait for travelers, the hiking here is always an adventure. Don’t forget the cameras!  valley_of_fire

A Glimpse into the Past

The civilizations who have called this valley in the Mojave Desert home left their mark, and so have the forces of Nature. Rock paintings by ancient Native tribes, including the Anasazi, are well-preserved within the Park. You’ll also have a chance to see extraordinary examples of the ways rock is shaped and changed over time—from the White Domes and the canyons of Rainbow Vista to the amazing Elephant Rock—you simply must see this special place yourself to understand the timeless power of Nature.

A First-Rate Visitors Center

The time that was taken to plan the center at the heart of this state park will be evident as you roll your RV into the parking lot. Built to blend beautifully into the massive rock formations that surround it, the center offers excellent educational exhibits covering the people who once inhabited the area, the valley’s geological origins and other topics of interest to park visitors. Be sure to stop in to gain in-depth understanding into the Valley of Fire.

Family-Friendly Destination

Besides the education the kids will receive at the Visitors Center, the valley also welcomes families with easy-access trails to many of its main attractions. Break out the sunscreen and sturdy walking shoes and don’t be afraid to take the kids along.

As always, we’re here to help with a Nevada RV rental as you plan your trip to the Valley of Fire. Get in touch to let us know how we can lend a hand, and don’t forget to post your comments to share your vacation experiences. Nevada’s Valley of Fire—the perfect place to kick off spring RV camping season!

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    This place is absolutely amazing!!

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