Keep Warm when Tailgating This Season

Those cold temperatures should not keep you from enjoying wonderful tailgating parties this time of year. When you are a passionate fan, it will take more than freezing temps to keep you from the stadium parking lot! But you need to keep warm. What are the best ways to do so? Read on.

Syracuse University Football

Syracuse University Football

  • Layer Properly

Layering will insulate you against the cold most effectively. It is all about locking in your body heat. However, layering is not just putting on a bunch of clothes, anything at all on top of anything else. It means to have certain materials under and over others.

The first layer should be clothing that will move sweat away from your skin. A garment that will do this is said to “wick” moisture. The fabrics are highly nonabsorbent – usually synthetic material like polyester and microfibers. The middle layer is of material that will trap warm air, like down or wool. You can use a couple middle layers. The outer layer is usually water resistant, so it will protect you from the elements as well as keep that body heat in. Wear a hat too – as ninety percent of your body heat can escape from the top of your head.

  • Hot Food and Drink

Obviously, chowing down on hot foods and drink will help keep you toasty. You can fix up a delicious chili dish or some steaming beef stew. A thermos can hold hot coffee or hot apple cider. Hot chocolate is always a great treat at a tailgating party.

  • Hand Warmers Can Save the Day

Disposable or reusable hand warmers are great for help tolerating the cold weather of tailgating. Break them open or use according to directions to warm extremities. There are different brands, some of them being HeatMax and Hothands. Hand warmers can use many different substances for the production of heat – chemicals, lighter fuel, batteries or charcoal.

  • Keep Active

Sitting around is not going to cut it at a cold tailgating party. Staying active is a much better idea! Play some football, race your friends against the clock, rock out to some good music or play Frisbee. You can think of a lot more ideas to keep your body moving and stay warm.

  • To Avoid in Trying to Stay Warm

There is a particular activity that you should avoid in trying to stay warm – drinking too much. Although you may feel warmer when drinking alcohol, it won’t actually raise your body temperature. Drink too much in really cold weather and you might be contributing to a condition of hypothermia. A few nips of whiskey can’t hurt, but don’t drink for a greater part of the day and expect anything but trouble. If someone at your tailgate party suddenly stops shivering, has a slowed pulse and seems confused, you should take them to a warm place and call for medical assistance.

  • The Best Tailgating Idea Yet for Staying Warm

The reason RV motorhomes are so popular for tailgating parties is because you can get inside and out of the sometimes fierce elements. You can also fix hot meals fast in the kitchen. Cold weather events such as tailgating are so much more fun when taking along an RV!

Picture credits: The picture of the Syracuse University Football  is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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  1. Aubree El Monte says:

    Tailgating is one of the exciting social events in the cold temperatures with lots of food and drinks. As the author suggested, Layer Properly is one of the useful methods to avoid heat loss from the body. The Handwarmers could save the day and they are available in disposable and reusable. Being active is one of important thing could be followed to stay warm in Tailgate Parties.

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