Missouri is Ideal for an RV Fall Colors Excursion

For a marvelous autumn foliage excursion, take an RV for a trip to St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding area. Fall in St. Louis has a lot to offer leaf peepers, and from the middle of October to the end of the month is commonly the peak times to view the vivid colors.

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Missouri Botanical Gardens

One of the best places to go in St. Louis to enjoy the fall hues is the Missouri Botanical Garden. This peaceful place is wonderful as the changing leaves start their amazing display. See the red maples, dogwoods and other trees in an ardent display of autumn reds and golds, and wander around picking up a snack as you go. The food vendors will be glad to oblige to stave off any hunger.

Of course, while in town don’t miss the St. Louis Zoo. All different sorts of exhibits will offer a variety of wildlife, from the animals that live in sub-Antarctic landscapes to tropical rain forests. Walk the River’s Edge to witness elephants at play. The kids will love Discovery Corner as they can pet the friendly animals and explore to their heart’s content.

Another popular stop in St. Louis is Forest Park. This is a true oasis where you can walk through a forest of serenity and glorious colors. There are paths to hike all around the interior of the park and nature walks are a favorite of all ages. This is just the start of hiking fun. There are area hiking trails which provide a way to get outdoors into the wilderness and see more of the brilliance of fall colors.

For some hiking fun, make your way to the Weldon Springs Clark Trail near St. Charles. Here you’ll discover a moderate loop trail which will take about 2 ½ hours to hike. It is of moderate difficulty. One of the most scenic hikes in metropolitan St. Louis, Weldon Springs Clark Trail provides views of the Missouri River and bluffs, limestone cliffs and much more.

Drive 30 minutes west of the city near Ballwin, Missouri, to hike the Hawk Ridge Trail.  This trail takes you through old growth woodlands so you will definitely get some fall color beauty as you go. It is an easy and well-maintained loop trail of four miles in length. This means those of all ages can enjoy the woods, wildlife and meadows. If you have brought along your bicycle, you can ride this trail instead of walking.

Only 32 miles southwest of St. Louis you will find Route 66 State Park Hiking Trails. These trails will give you a chance to catch views of the river and see a lot of wildlife. The park is near Eureka. Although biking may be best as it is almost eight miles round trip, hiking is definitely possible if you are up for it. The trail follows the Meremac River and gives wonderful views. Certainly you will enjoy autumn colors as you look out over the bluffs.

For an adventure, you can drive two hours south of St. Louis and head to Cape Girardeau, Missouri to visit the Maple Hollow Hiking Trail. This is more than just a hiking experience. This is an educational trail with a brochure so you can learn all about the vegetation you see. It’s a short loop hike of only a little over a mile, paved but with some steep parts. It is worth the drive, not only because of what you learn about the woods, but the scenery on the way.

If you want to make your foliage viewing the best possible, you can go to the Missouri Conservation Department’s website and download an app for your smartphone. This is called the MO Fall Color app and will be active through November while the colors are still bright and winter has not set in. You will discover all the best places throughout the state to view the autumn colors.

After traveling around the St. Louis area, you can take Highway 79 out of St. Louis and travel north to take in more autumn glory. Surrounded with lovely colors and moving along in a comfortable RV motorhome makes this fall excursion so memorable. When you reach Hannibal, take Highway 61 to move through farmlands and countryside rich with the brilliant hues of the fall foliage. You can keep going right up to the state border or turn back and head home. It is up to you as it is your fall foliage trip and you can do whatever you want. Enjoy!

Picture credits: The picture of The Botanical Gardens, Missouri is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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