Undiscovered Travels in Ohio

Devil's Bathtub in Hocking Hills State Park

Devil’s Bathtub in Hocking Hills State Park

While exploring new-to-them spaces in the Buckeye State, many explorers prefer the comfort and convenience of RV camping. Park your motorhome at one of Ohio’s beautiful campsites and spend your vacation delving into the places you’ve longed to see. What you’ll discover is that this state calls travelers back time and again to learn new secrets in the great outdoors.

To help you plan your Ohio RV journey of discovery, here are some clues to where you’ll find the natural wonders not everyone stops to appreciate. Consider Tar Hollow State Park and State Forest, less than two hours south of Columbus. Some of the state’s longest hiking trails, through steep, rocky ravines and lush hardwood forests, can be found at Tar Hallow. Take advantage of shady RV campsites, and then lace up your serious hiking shoes and keep your eyes open. You’ll discover the quiet places where skinks and salamanders skitter across the forest floor and rocky streams bubble through simply spectacular vistas.

The Hocking Hills area of Southern Ohio is fantastically scenic, as well, and each RV camping trip you make there will reveal new surprises. Hocking Hills State Park is a popular destination in warm weather, but you won’t want to miss the sights that unfold along the park’s trails. Dramatic gorges, rocky cliffs and dense forests give the sense you’ve stepped back to an unspoiled time.

If the thought of tree-lined campgrounds near quiet mountain lakes makes you hop up and pack your camping gear, Ohio also has plenty to offer. One fine example is Lake Hope State Park, also in the hills of Southern Ohio. Water-loving campers will be pleased to know you can rent paddle-propelled watercraft at the boathouse. RVers who hope to fish while on vacation will find the shady coves of this small lake a nice day’s challenge, too.

Every time you go RV camping in Ohio’s outdoor spaces, you can peel back another layer of mystery and find the places that soothe your soul. Whether you’re hiking the shoreline of Lake Erie, catching the wind in your sails on Buckeye Lake or photographing grey fox in Wayne National Forest, Ohio outdoors is never the same twice.

Ready to plan your trip? The Ohio Department of Natural Resources website has information on finding a state park campground and reserving your spot.

Take the time to get to know what lies just beyond the tree line and just inside that next rock-strewn ravine in Ohio. Those undiscovered travels in Ohio are likely to become your treasured vacation memories.

Picture credits: The picture of the Devil’s Bathtub is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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