Explore Northern California on a Loop Tour in an RV

Northern California holds many sights and sounds the like of which you can find no place else. Taking an RV tour of this incredibly scenic area is just the way to experience a vacation. Start in Chico, California heading north on Interstate 5. Breathtaking sights await you!

Lake Shasta

Lake Shasta

Arriving at Shasta Lake, you’ll discover some amazing adventures. The shoreline is magnificent, so a picnic will be in order. This extraordinary lake offers many opportunities for fun water sports. Rent a boat and get out on the water. Be sure to visit Lake Shasta Caverns for a view of this stunning underground world. Recommended is the Fawndale Oaks RV Park which can accommodate good-sized RV motorhomes.

When ready, continue north to Castella. Some great hiking is available here for those in good shape physically and who are ready to get out in nature. The Castle Dome Trail is an out and back hike for almost six miles. You can bring your dog along too! At Castle Crags State Park you can swim or fish the Sacramento River and do some more hiking on 28 miles of trails. At the park, you won’t be able to bring your dog on the trails, however.

After continuing on I-5 for a ways, you will then turn and travel the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway to Lava Beds National Monument. This geological wonder has battlefields, Native American art sites and a rugged landscape of volcanic features. Don’t miss the lava tube caves, as these are one of the most popular spots in the state to visit.

Further on you’ll come to Burney, a town known for its friendly folk and scenic views. Outdoor recreation is abundant in the area surrounding, and you can get out and do some fishing or hiking. McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park has one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state, the Burney Falls. The water cascades 129 feet, plunging into a misty basin.

Next stop will be Lassen Volcanic National Park with its fascinating fumaroles, lovely mountain meadows and lakes and of course, its volcanoes. Boiling water exists right below the surface and creates steaming pools and bubbling mud pots. Don’t miss Little Hot Springs Valley, Sulphur Works and Devils Kitchen.

The Lake Almanor basin and surrounding region offers a wide variety of outdoor fun. Ski, wakeboard, or kayak the waters or simply do some quiet bird watching. Move at your own speed but take time to absorb all the sights and sounds. This is a natural wonderland and you don’t want to miss a thing.

Now you can head back to Chico and perhaps grab a meal before heading home again. You have finished the loop tour. A vacation to Northern California is never boring and always a thrill in so many ways. Seeing how this area developed from millions of years of volcanic upheavals is always educational. But best of all, the gorgeous and captivating scenery is something that should not be missed.

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  1. Roger says:

    You do not leave Chico on Interstate 5. – Chico is nowhere near Interstate 5. You leave on State Route 99 North. This brings you to Interstate 5 at Red Bluff California.

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