Explore the Elk River Back Country Byway in an RV

If you would love to explore the back country of northern Idaho, a trip on the Elk River Back Country Byway is just the thing. Taking an RV makes the drive just that much more enjoyable as you will have your adventures with much comfort and convenience. Starting your drive in Orofino and taking back roads to Bovill, Idaho, you discover more than just beautiful scenery. You may discover more about your spiritual nature and find inspiration in the diverse landscapes.

This byway consists of two-lane roads, including some turnouts and passing lanes. The entire length is 57 miles of lovely terrain and plenty of activities at every stop. While in Historic Orofino you can find three RV parks where you can camp for a while and plan the rest of your drive. This town dates back to 1895 and the gold rush days.

Dent Bridge

Dent Bridge

When ready to continue your journey, you will move through forests and past ranches and farms that give you a view of what life is like in Northern Idaho. You’ll catch glimpses of plenty of wildlife along the way, including cougar, bear, elk, bobcats and maybe even some wolves. When you come to Dent Bridge, marvel at this beautiful structure, and grab that camera because you’ll certainly want to share this view with friends back home.

Elk Creek Reservoir is the perfect place for some peaceful fishing and bird watching. Spot bald eagles soaring high above you, swans floating in the sparkling waters, and otters playing. At the confluence of Elk Creek and Clearwater River, you have a unique view of this natural forested area from a scenic viewpoint. Loop Road is fun to navigate and you can stop to catch some rainbow trout or explore the mill pond site.

Between Orofino and Elk River, an interpretative trail takes you to Elk Creek Falls. Three cascading falls flow over ancient lava flows and add up to 140 feet of tumbling waters. This is the perfect place for a picnic. This National Recreation Trail provides a relaxing hike into a fascinating canyon with lovely formations.

The small community of Elk River not only has campgrounds available for RVers, but also has full services and some sights to explore. Stop by the Elk River Historical Museum for a taste of the history of the region and wander the town to get an idea of what it was like here in the early 1900s when this mill town began.

Now for some nature and some hiking among the trees! At Perkins Cedar Grove you can follow some trails and take in the magnificent trees that range from 500 years to 3,000 years old. It is Trail 748 which takes you to the Idaho Champion red cedar tree which is the oldest of all. The family will find it quite inspiring to marvel at the wonders that Mother Nature has created here.

Finally you come to Bovill, Idaho with its wildlife viewing opportunities, fishing and hunting. There is an RV park for you to make your base for a few days before heading home. There is nothing better than sitting back and reliving the best parts of your journey before heading home once again.

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