Take an RV Trip over Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park

St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park

St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park

A trip to Glacier National Park offers the awe-inspiring beauty you have always dreamed of in a refreshing and unique vacation. Traveling in an RV to this wonderland of peaks and meadows is the perfect getaway for the whole family this summer. Wildlife is abundant, wooded slopes invite you into their depths for a nature hike and the fresh air stimulates and excites as nothing else can.

It is the Going-to-the-Sun Road that is the true adventure in a Glacier National Park trip. You get 50 miles of absolute gorgeous vistas and diverse landscapes. Lakes, glaciers, mountains’ majesty – the sights never stop. Glimpsing the mountain goats and bighorn sheep is a real thrill. You can’t forget your camera on this trip or you’ll end up buying another so you won’t miss a shot.

St. Mary Lake graces St. Mary Valley and you will want to stop and view Virginia Falls while here. The region around this lake has been the home of Native Americans for centuries. Stop at the St. Mary Visitor Center and get more education about the tribes who lived here and those that still exist. Many award-winning and amazingly varied performances happen at the visitor center throughout the summer.

You will find one of the Glacier National Park campgrounds will be just the place for you to make your base of operations while visiting the park. Different campgrounds take different lengths of RV motorhomes, so you can choose depending on the length of yours. The campground that takes the longest RVs is Apgar, accommodating those up to 40 feet long.

Of course, the park is named for the numerous glaciers here, and these glaciers are what formed the park as you see it now. They carved the bowls and created the moraines of today. The very heart of the park is at Many Glacier where you can get up close and see these magnificent wonders of nature.

If you want to get out and hike, Chief Mountain is the place to do it! Some of the trails are pretty strenuous, but you will find some are not so tough. To get to the mountain, you will have to cross Blackfeet land. There are tribal regulations in place, so be sure to find out what they are before you embark.

One breathtaking view after another is available at Logan Pass. This is the highest point in the park and you will most certainly want to make it to the top. The meadows are blooming with lovely wildflowers and you may even glimpse a grizzly bear. Two great trails are in the area that you can hike – the Hidden Lake and the Highline trails.

The largest lake in Glacier National Park is Lake McDonald. You will find plenty of outdoor fun at this lake, particularly hiking. The best trails here are the Trail of the Cedars and the Avalanche Lake Trail. Once you enjoy the spectacular views you can move on along Going-to-the-Sun Road to the end, but your trip will never end because you’ll carry memories of it with you forever.

Picture credits: The picture of St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is in the public domain.

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