An RV Adventure along the Salmon River

Salmon River

Salmon River

An RV trip along the Salmon River provides an excellent vacation, a way to enjoy the Salmon River Scenic Route in a unique manner. You will be creating a vacation to remember. And this is the perfect time of year to travel this gorgeous byway, too. June is a great time to move along this river road and gaze out into the wilderness to enjoy watching the wildlife. You can carefully navigate the two-lane road and find the peace that only the Idaho backcountry can provide.

Begin your adventure in Stanley, Idaho. This is a mecca for outdoor recreation, such as rafting, biking, horseback riding and fishing. The community is filled with friendly folk who will answer your questions and point you to the best eateries. Here you will also find guides if you wish a guided fishing trip or other exciting excursions.

You will take Idaho 75 out of Stanley and head for the Land of the Yankee Fork State Park to visit a special place where history comes alive. Naturally, there are plenty of opportunities to get outside in the forest and find recreational fun. Don’t forget to stop at the Custer Historic Mining Town, a ghost town within the historic area. There are a number of buildings from the mining era. Stop in the gift shop and pick up some mementos.

Another sight to see is the Yankee Fork Interpretive Center. Try your luck at the gold panning station and enjoy the many museum exhibits. You can really get the feel of earlier times when you watch the audiovisual programs offered. Those of all ages enjoy those! Not far away you can also visit the Challis Bison Jump Site which is a fascinating place indeed.

When you reach Challis, Idaho you may want to stay awhile. More outdoor adventures await! Fishing is marvelous and the clear and flowing Snake River gives you the ideal fishing environment. You can take off and hike to the higher mountain lakes if you desire, or you can fish right near town. Hook some cutthroat, brook or rainbow trout. Challis is also a birding paradise and you’ll see sandhill cranes along the river and watch as bald eagles fish the cold waters. The Pioneer RV Park in Challis is the ideal place to stay while you visit. They have lots of space and full hookups.

In Salmon, Idaho, stop at the Lemhi County Historical Museum. Get a new understanding of the American West as you tour the museum and see the numerous artifacts. You will get tastes of the Shoshone culture, the gold mining days and aspects of ranching in this area. There are a number of photos coming from the Chinese people who arrived here when gold was discovered.

The Tower Rock Recreation Site should come next on your itinerary. This is where Lewis and Clark camped and you may feel their spirits in the forest greenery and the blue skies above. Trout fishing is great here and you can catch steelhead and trout. You will even find RV sites, and although there are no hookups, it is an amazing place to camp in an RV.

A must-see is the Tower Creek Pyramids, a site that Lewis and Clark visited in the early 1800s. The geological formations viewed by Clark were spelled “pirimids” in his journal. Sit on the banks of Tower Creek and have a picnic. This is a spot to shed all cares and get back to nature.

William Clark’s Reconnaissance is a three-paneled interpretive sign along the byway. You will find it fascinating to stop and read the history of Clark’s observations and what the Down River Reconnaissance was all about. Even though you are nearing the end of this adventure, sometimes the beauty of the area takes you suddenly by surprise and you think seriously about moving here.

The final stop on this trip is the Lost Trail Pass which is located at the far north end of this wonderful Salmon River Scenic Byway. This is right on the Montana border and soars 6,995 feet above sea level. Spectacular views of rocky cliffs and forested hills make this a place to stay for a little while and enjoy.

This scenic route offers so much in the way of beauty and the presentation of some of the natural wonders of our world. To experience it all again, drive back the way you came for a new viewpoint. And come back soon to do it all over again.

Picture credits: The picture of the Salmon River is by Fredlyfish4 at the English language Wikipedia. It is from the Wikimedia Commons and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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