Travel a California Scenic Route for an RV Adventure in Redwood Forests

Old Growth Redwoods

Old Growth Redwoods

The California redwoods are a spectacular sight, and the coast of the state is the best place to see these magnificent trees. You can reap the pleasures of a redwood adventure in Northern California all the better when traveling in an RV motorhome. Although this is a year-round destination, nothing can really beat the springtime for some of the best in nature experiences. Start out at Humboldt Redwoods State Park where you can make your home base. There is an entire redwood ecosystem here and it is part of the largest old-growth forest in the world.

First establish your campsite in the park. The campgrounds will accommodate RVs up to 33 feet. Then you can begin your exploration. Start with Founders Grove where you can hike along shaded trails and witness the beauty of these giant redwoods. The Dyerville Giant is a must-see, a fallen redwood that was about 362 feet tall. Take the Mahan Loop for some more sights and to learn some history of the area.

When you have had some fun exploring the park, you can then take Briceland Thorn Road from Humboldt State Park to Shelter Cove. This takes you to the coast where you can adventure along the shores and have some fun tide-pooling. There are unique creatures in the waters and you will have an interesting time trying to identify them. In town you will find wonderful food. Comb the beaches or hike the trails in the area. There are many things to do.

As you drive back from Shelter Cove to Humboldt Redwoods State Park, stop in Garberville. This quaint town has a number of unique shops where you can pick up some gifts for friends and neighbors back home. You can find some great places to eat as well, or to stock up on food in your RV kitchen. In the summer there are festivals and craft fairs to enjoy.

Back to Humboldt State Park after this scenic journey and you are ready to embark on the wonderfully scenic Avenue of the Giants, a 32-mile odyssey that you’ll never forget. Here you will see the most redwood giants and can take time out as desired for some outdoor fun. Have a picnic with the ancient redwoods towering over you. Fish the streams or bike ride on trails in the forest.

Go north on this scenic byway and when you reach Redwood Highway continue northward for more vacation delights. You will come to Scotia where you should stop and take in the historic charm of this California town. Once you reach Ferndale you will be intrigued by the antiques, art galleries and the stunning surroundings. Be sure to drive the Mattole Road while here, as this takes you on a 28-mile scenic drive through the forest and gives you access to many trailheads and hiking adventures.

This is one Northern California RV trip you won’t want to miss. Perfect for spring and perfect for a relaxing getaway.

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