An Exciting RV Trip to Flagstaff Arizona

Picture of the San Francisco Peaks from Flagstaff Arizona

San Francisco Peaks from Flagstaff Arizona

Travel to Flagstaff, Arizona in an RV means being surrounded by incredible scenery, natural wonders and a multitude of recreational opportunities. The mountain air strengthens your resolve to go on vacations more often. The historic sights inspire one to learn more about our wonderful country. Flagstaff is the perfect destination, with its charm and sense of adventure. You’ll find RV camping plentiful, with Woody Mountain Campground and RV Park a great place to make your home base during your explorations. They have many large pull-through sites with full hookups, to make your stay just wonderful.

A long list of attractions right in town will have you spending the first few days just exploring Flagstaff. The Arboretum at Flagstaff is a place to enjoy some of nature’s beautiful plants in the gardens and natural habitats. Rare plants and a nature trail add to the fun. Another spot you will want to see is the Arizona Historical Society-Pioneer Museum. Let the kids see a locomotive and caboose, enjoy artifacts from early days such as pioneer mementos and even an iron lung. The railroad exhibit is really awesome as well.

You will need to get to a visitor center to pick up a full list of everything you can do and see around Flagstaff. Some other immediate recommendations are the Lowell Observatory and the Museum of Northern Arizona. Lowell Observatory is where you can gaze into space with a telescope, see multimedia shows and immerse yourself in live presentations.

When you are done exploring Flagstaff itself, you can plan your itinerary to the surrounding sights. The diverse landscapes give you the chance to discover our amazing country, everything from the beautiful canyons and glorious red rocks of the southwest, to the forest lands and mountain peaks. Start out by getting out into nature at Coconino National Forest. Fish the streams, hike the trails and take scenic drives. The San Francisco Peaks are distinct landmarks in the region, with the center of the peaks a dormant volcano caldera. This is a place you must definitely include when you visit.

Of all attractions in the area around Flagstaff, the Red Rocks of Sedona are one of the best. Spectacular scenery is just the beginning. Outdoor activities abound! Then there is Grand Canyon National Park. Words are just never sufficient to describe this natural wonder. It can almost overwhelm you when, walking over a small rise, you catch your first glimpse. “Breathtaking” can almost portray the reaction.

If you are fascinated by volcanos, as many of us are, you can stop by Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument where you can actually hike the trail made by the lava flow from this volcano. The landscapes are almost surreal, but you can imagine what it must have been like when the eruption occurred approximately 900 years ago. Also be sure to visit Wupatki National Monument to get a tour and a lecture to learn so much about this Colorado Plateau area.

Last but not least is the Meteor Crater where you can see the hole made from an asteroid as it hit the desolate region about 50,000 years ago. Perhaps this will be the ideal ending of a perfect RV vacation to the southwest and beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona.

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Picture credits: The picture of the San Francisco Peaks is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is in the public domain.
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