A Springtime RV Trip to North Carolina’s Croatan National Forest

Croatan National Forest

Croatan National Forest

Inching northward as the spring weather warms, you will find North Carolina a marvelous destination for an RV trip. Croatan National Forest, on the eastern coast of the state, provides a wealth of wildlife, amazing pine forests and plenty of outdoor spring fun for the whole family. With more than 160,000 acres to explore, you will be hard put to do everything you’d like in one trip. RV camping (PDF) is no problem in the forest and you will find the site of your dreams to make your home base during your visit.

You are surrounded by water in Croatan National Forest. You have the estuaries, tidal rivers, and swamps on all sides. The Bogue Sound has some of the best fishing around. Canoeing is always fun on the creeks and marshes. The wildlife you see will include black bears, deer, alligators and turkeys.

Before you leave for Croatan National Forest, you should study up on one of the unusual plants you will come upon – the carnivorous Venus fly-trap. You will better understand how they survive as they get nutrients from insects instead of the boggy soil into which they extend their roots. A fascinating experience – to witness a Venus fly-trap in its natural habitat.

Grab your mountain bike and head for the Neuse River Recreation Area within the forest. Here under the trees you will unwind and leave all your cares behind. It is a lovely spot on the shores of the river with a wonderful beach where you can spread a towel and listen to the waters running by. The Neuse River Trails offer easy hiking or biking along a paved trail and boardwalk.

Cedar Point Recreation Area is another must-see. Located on the White Oak River with salt marshes surrounding, you will find saltwater fishing and much more in this spot. This is a wetland famous for its beauty and quietude. The coastal forest invites you in for some great walking and hiking.

If you want a boat trip to outdo any other, try the Saltwater Adventure Trail where you can stop at a number of sights along the way. Even novices can enjoy this trip. A real adventure would be to explore the entire trail, but be prepared. It could take you up to seven days.

Brice’s Creek Trail is a part of the Saltwater Adventure Trail and is an additional treat to your water adventures. However, if you want to fish, Catfish Lake is the place to go. There is a boat ramp where you can launch a flat bottom boat. Catch some catfish or perch!

A North Carolina RV trip is well worth the time and energy, especially when you are going to visit Croatan National Forest. The coast will provide you with great weather for your spring adventure. You will discover a part of the country that is unique and beautiful. You will certainly want to return again for more fun.

Picture credits: The sign for the Croatan National Forest is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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