Explore Yuma Arizona on a Southwestern RV Vacation

Picture of the Desert Near Yuma Arizona

Desert Near Yuma, Arizona

Adventuring through the Southwest is perfect this time of year. Driving an RV is the best way to experience the beauty and wonders of our fabulous country. Recommended is a visit to Yuma, Arizona with the Colorado River running to the north and west side of town. This spot probably has more sunshine that anywhere else on Earth and is ideal for being in close proximity to a lot of outdoor fun.

Naturally, you’ll want to know where to park your RV. It is reported that Yuma has over 23,000 sites to park an RV. That may be no exaggeration. But picking the right place could be difficult with so many choices. One favorite, however, is the Yuma Lakes Resort where you can camp right on the Colorado River. They have lovely shade trees and you can fish on the stocked lake.

Don’t miss touring the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park while you are here. This prison was built in 1876 and operated for thirty-three years. You will be able to walk through the cells to really get a feel of what it must have been like here for the criminals who ended up behind these bars. This is a piece of history you will be glad to see.

For more history, be sure to go to the Castle Dome Mines Museum and Ghost Town just a little way north of Yuma. What is the fascination with ghost towns? The imagination allows you to walk in the steps of those from the past. Here you will get to tour a bank, a hotel, barber shop and so much more. Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park is another must-see. View the exhibits to enjoy military history, conservation, and culture from days gone by. The visitor center should be your first stop so you can find out more information to make your visit the best.

Of course, this area is filled with hundreds of thousands of acres of wildlife refuges. The diversity of landscapes is amazing. First you can drive to the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area nearby in California. Hopefully you have brought along your OHV so you can really get out there in the sand dunes and run wild. The scenery alone is worth the trip.

Martinez Lake is the place to go for fishing. This lake lies on the Colorado River and is a great spot to just unwind and shed all cares. RV camping is available here too. Bird watchers love to come to see the many species that make their homes here. When you throw a line in the lake, you can catch tilapia, catfish or bass (or all three!). Rent a boat and get out there and soak up the sunshine. If you are there on a weekend, it gets lively with dancing and live music.

Last stop is Kofa National Wildlife Refuge with thousands upon thousands of acres of desert to explore. This is the home of the desert bighorn sheep and you’ll want to at least try and get a glimpse of one before heading home. Yuma, Arizona will welcome you back again anytime.

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