An RV Trip to Talladega National Forest is the Perfect Winter Getaway

Cheaha Lake in the Talladega National Forest

Cheaha Lake in the Talladega National Forest

At this time of year the weather seems to like to play a few tricks on us. It can make you think it is almost springtime. However, winter is still upon us. Right now is the perfect time for going on a winter RV getaway to beautiful Alabama and Talladega National Forest. You will miss the cold winds blowing and you won’t have to shovel snow off the sidewalks. You are headed into the real South!

Talladega National Forest is a place of such beauty, deep in the South’s heartland with mountain terrain and wilderness landscapes. Outdoor activities are abundant with recreation for the whole family. RV camping can be found at Cane9Creek RV Park and Campground in Heflin. This RV camping spot offers all the amenities you need and makes for easy access to the forest and surrounding attractions.

The first thing to do is drive the Talladega Scenic Byway where you can enjoy some spectacular scenery and get your bearings as you arrive in this huge forested paradise. From this drive you can get to your next stops in Talladega National Forest, including, of course, the highest mountain in Alabama.

You are going to love visiting Mt. Cheaha with an elevation of 2407 feet, making it Alabama’s highest point. Go right to Bunker Tower which gives the best views of the forests and Cheaha State Park below. There is an observation room at the top of this amazing stone tower which you get to by climbing an interior staircase.

In the Talladega Ranger District you’ll discover Lake Chinnabee Recreation Area, with a lovely lake and plenty of picnicking, fishing and hiking. Here you can take to the Chinnabee Silent Trail and hike. It is twelve miles round-trip from the recreation area to the top of Talladega Mountain and back. There is also a nearby trail for mountain bikes, ATVs and motorcycles – Kentuck ORV Trail.

The Coleman Lake Recreation Area is a quiet and peaceful place tucked into the Talladega Mountains and providing plenty of outdoor fun for visitors. You’ll find camping here too, and a 21-acre lake. Hike the famous Pinhoti Trail as it winds through this area. Another recreation area within this national forest is the Payne Lake Recreation Area. There is an even larger lake here where you can boat or fish.

Cheaha State Park is a place where more recreation opportunities await. The most popular attractions in this section of Talladega are the fabulous waterfalls. You can reach Cheaha Falls, Devil’s Den or High Falls by taking some short hikes. The park also boasts Depression-era stone structures which are a little bit of history for you.

More history of a little different kind is waiting to be discovered at the Overlook at Bald Rock. During the Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps wanted to develop this area so visitors could benefit from the spectacular views. Doug Ghee Accessible Trail was created and is a wonderfully smooth boardwalk, an easy trail that leads to the observation platform. You will want to stop here before heading home. It will be a fitting end to a most exciting RV winter vacation.

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