A Luxury RV Vacation to Monterey, California

Monterey, California is one of the most beautiful and serene spots in the country, thus ideal for an RV winter vacation. A true outdoor recreation paradise, Monterey County offers more than just outdoor fun. History, artist culture and nostalgia combine to make this a one-of-a-kind vacation destination. The whole family will find things to do and see that appeal to every taste.

Many say that Monterey is picture-postcard perfect. It’s true! You will absolutely need to pack your camera gear in your RV so you won’t miss one single unique shot. Then get out there, see the sights, go biking or hiking, play golf or take an afternoon to do some whale watching. There will be no searching for hotels or motels. RV camping in Monterey is plentiful and you can find virtually anything you desire in the way of camping sites and amenities.

You look offshore and you will be viewing the area of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, a protected marine sea area that reaches from Marin all the way to Cambria. This is the home to an untold amount of fishes, mammals and seabirds. Head over to Old Fisherman’s Wharf to do some real whale watching. Perhaps you’d like to charter a boat and get out there on the water and do some fishing. Award-winning restaurants will invite you to dine out in style. You will also find some great little shops where you’ll discover perfect mementos to take home with you.

No one can come to Monterey without visiting Cannery Row. This historic spot on the waterfront was made famous by John Steinbeck. Browse the lovely boutiques, tour the galleries and fit in some wine tasting. This area is alive with friendly people, exciting nightlife and fun.

Probably the most famous attraction in Monterey is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The marine life you will see will amaze you, a breathtaking amount of sights. See the life that populates our oceans, like sea horses and sea otters. Watch the giant Pacific octopus in action! Get over to the auditorium every day at 12:30 or 2:30 pm and see the “Mysteries of the Deep.” You get to sink into the depths of the ocean and witness deep sea creatures with the use of robot submersibles. This is a thrilling adventure for all ages!

At the Museum of Monterey everyone experiences the inspiration that only the artist can bring to our lives. From February to September of this year, see and hear about the whale and the preservation of this amazing mammal through art and lectures. For kids, the Monterey County Youth Museum is great for all ages, as kids play to learn and the adults learn to play.

Now it is time for some outdoor fun. Parks in the city offer plenty of that. Toro Park has wildlife and twenty miles of hiking trails. Lake San Antonio is open all year for boating, fishing and hiking. The Laguna Seca Recreation Area has miles of mountain bike trails.

Before you wind down your Monterey vacation, take the 17 Mile Drive for one of the most famous scenic drives around. Once you are finished with your Monterey getaway, you will start for home knowing you just had one of the best RV vacations ever!

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