An RV Adventure to California’s Capital City

Sacramento, California Skyline at Dusk

Sacramento, California Skyline at Dusk

Not far from the snowy slopes of Tahoe you will find a winter getaway destination that won’t present a problem for RV travel, but will still provide a lot of vacation fun. Travel with your RV to Sacramento, California and the Gold Rush Country. Activities abound for everyone, and it will fit your budget too!

Hit up the museums first to get your bearings in this historic region. The Crocker Art Museum is a wonderful place where you will see art from around the world. Check out the Californian and American art as well as Asian, Oceanic, African, European and more.

Signature exhibits are the normal fare at the California Museum. For instance, you won’t want to miss Tapigami, the new art form by a Northern California artist and on exhibit through March. For some real history, visit the California State Capitol Museum with combination museum exhibits, architectural beauty and the workings of California government.

Technology has come so far and you can see how far by visiting the California Automobile Museum for a wide variety of displays to learn all about cars. The California State Railroad Museum is likely the most popular railroad museum in the country. View the restored trains and browse amazing exhibits.

Festivals are always a treat, even in winter months. The Folsom Film Society has a film festival at the Three Stages Performing Arts Center and on January 10 you can see the work of one independent filmmaker in a moving story.

Attending the theatre is a favorite in the Sacramento area, and when in Rome… You can check the showings of live performances at the theatres in Sacramento and fill every evening with entertainment. The 24th Street Theatre has a number of shows all through January, and the B Street Theatre offers family performances with innovative plays by emerging playwrights.

Sutter Street Theatre presents a number of award-winning musicals and comedies as well as theatre for young folks. And if the Community Center Theater is having an event, get your tickets now. Whether a concert, opera, ballet or musical, the performance will definitely be top caliber!

Experience the charm of a Gold Rush town by traveling west on Interstate 80 into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Auburn, California is a friendly place where you can wander through Old Town and get the flavor of the mining days of the pioneers. If there on a Saturday morning you will love the Farmer’s Market and delicious locally grown vegetables and fruits. There is plenty of hiking in the area too, so pull out those hiking boots!

Truly the Northern California area is one of a kind, and you will want to return again for another winter vacation.

The picture of the Sacramento skyline is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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