A Winter RV Trip to Sunny San Diego

San Diego is a wonderful place for a winter vacation in an RV. The weather will cooperate with your plans, and if there is a little rain, there are plenty of indoor activities that will make you forget the soggy ground. Southern California is famous for its sunshine however, and you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Taking an RV makes everything so much easier. You won’t have to eat out all the time but can fix meals that you prefer. You will have all your personal items near without having to lug them in and out of hotels. One RV park where you will be in close proximity to everything is the Santa Fe Park RV Resort. You can play golf nearby, ride on bike paths or hike miles of hiking trails.

Desert Cactus Garden in Balboa Park

Desert Cactus Garden in Balboa Park

One of the best places to go right off the bat is Balboa Park. There are so many things to do in this park that you can keep busy for days! Go to the Visitor Center to find out the current schedules of tours, events and attraction hours. Be sure to ride the Balboa Park Carousel for some old-fashioned fun. There are gardens, play areas, dog parks and trails. Also two of the most famous attractions in San Diego are in this park – the San Diego Zoo. You may also want to check out the San Diego Zoo Safari Park which can be found in the San Pasqual Valley 30 mins north of San Diego in Escondido. Remember the song, “Something tells me it’s all happenin’ at the zoo.”

San Diego is also famous for Sea World. This attraction is a must-see no matter how much time you have allotted for your trip. If you like thrilling rides, you’ll find them at Sea World too! The Manta coaster shows you the mysterious world of rays. Blue Horizon is a show with birds, dolphins and aerialists that is a thrilling experience for the whole family. Christmas shows continue on into January so you won’t miss a lick of fun for the holidays.

Experience some of the amazing art of our times at the Museum of Contemporary Art. They have a long list of events you can work into your schedule. The exhibits inspire and intrigue. The kids accompanying you will simply love the New Children’s Museum.

Of course, there are more museums that have something for everyone. There are programs and events for all ages at the San Diego Museum of Art, which is in Balboa Park. Stop by the San Diego Model Railroad Museum to see one of the world’s largest operating museums of model railroads. The children in your group will find the interactive Lionel layout incredibly fun.

After all this excitement you may find that a night out may be just what you need. One of the best choices for some great laughs is the Comedy Palace and for great music – the San Diego House of Blues.

Before leaving San Diego, you’ll want to get out and do some hiking or fishing (or both). You can both hike and fish at Lake Morena. At Lake Jennings you will discover plenty of bluegill and trout and can have a picnic by the lake to enjoy the sunny Southern California ambiance. Yes, a winter vacation in San Diego has it all!

Picture credits: The picture of the desert cactus garden in Balboa Park is by Stephane D’Alu is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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  1. Chad says:

    Just wanted to point out an error:

    the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park is not in Balboa Park. Just the San Diego Zoo is.

    The San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park is in the San Pasqual Valley 30 mins north of San Diego in Escondido.

    I used to work at the Safari Park, and we’d get people all the time who meant to be at the zoo. =P

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