A Southern California RV Trip in and around San Bernardino

Southern California has always been a favorite destination to escape the cold winters. Perhaps you have never considered San Bernardino, California as a premiere destination for a winter vacation. However, this city and the surrounding area is a wonderful place to find plenty of activities that only exist in the summer in most places. You’ll find great RV camping in San Bernardino, too. At the San Bernardino RV Park you can camp among the palms with views of the mountains.

Remember that this is winter, so you may not want to venture too high into the mountains with your RV in the San Bernardino National Forest. However, this area is known for its year round recreation, so you can still access the higher elevations for your favorite winter sports. You can obtain a map from the rangers and plan your trip into the wilderness. If you haven’t towed your own vehicle, you could always get an SUV for the day and take to the hills to ski or just enjoy the snow from a different viewpoint.

Want to stay inside? You can visit the Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art to see some amazing works of art, from ancient Egyptian artifacts to those of Africa. Marvel at the ancient Mediterranean ceramics and much more. At the Heritage House you can tour this beautiful Victorian home for a view of one of the best historical attractions in the city. You will also have to take time to see the very first jail in San Bernardino, an adjacent museum and research library.

There are many artifacts and other memorabilia at the San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum. You will love all the old photos and seeing antique buggies. Be sure not to miss the history slide show and other railroad movies so you get as much as possible from your visit. In the middle of January you can really have a unique experience when the San Bernardino Society of California Pioneers holds their 125th anniversary celebration!

We hope you brought along your bicycles. The Santa Ana River Trail is the perfect place for cycling. Maybe you never dreamed you would be riding a bike in the middle of winter along a river trail, but that is just what you can do here. You will move along this recreational path through willow and cottonwood forests and parklands.

At the Glen Helen Regional Park you will find some scenic views to delight everyone. The San Bernardino and San Gabriel Mountains will be covered with snow while you are relatively safe and warm. Fish, have a picnic – happy activities for the whole family. If you have kids with you, you can get out and play some field games or let them explore the playground equipment and work off some of that “childish” energy.

Drive down to Redlands for some more interesting sights before heading home. You won’t want to miss the San Bernardino County Museum with its animal discovery center, exhibits and research collections. The Asistencia is definitely worth a visit too. This California Historical Landmark was first an outpost for grazing cattle and other related activities. It has been surprising all the things to do around San Bernardino and well worth the time, we’re sure!

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