An RV Trip to Redwoods National Park

Redwood Trees

Redwood Trees

Redwood trees are truly a wonder of nature. Some species of redwoods are the tallest and largest trees in the world. So a trip in an RV to Redwoods National Park isn’t just a vacation, it’s a nature experience. Fall is the perfect time, with average highs between 60 to 75 degrees and lows from the 50s to as low as 30 degrees. Although you may find some rain storms at times, the warm days and cooler nights make a getaway extremely pleasurable.

Take either the Pacific Coast Highway or Highway 101 out of San Francisco. Both offer great scenery, with the Pacific Coast Highway beating out any other route in California. You just have to be ready to steer the RV through any tricky curves. If you have taken this route, you will finally reach a spot where Pacific Coast Highway merges with 101 and takes you inland.

If you have taken Highway 101 the whole way, it turns into the Redwood Highway as you leave Santa Rosa. You may not view the ocean around every curve, but you certainly will see all the fabulous California landscapes.

First stop should be Humboldt Redwoods State Park, a park with almost 53,000 acres and a large part of that consists of old-growth coast redwoods. This unique park has many facilities, and more than 250 campgrounds. Stop at the Humboldt Redwoods Visitor Center to see the exhibits and drive the 32-mile auto tour. Taking the Avenue of the Giants treats you to some dense forests and lots of places where you can stop and do your own exploring.

At Humboldt Bay, your next stop on your trip north, you must put Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum on your itinerary. You will never guess as to the rich maritime heritage this area has until you see it for yourself. Browse the artifacts, photographs and archives to enhance your knowledge. Then learn about the natural life in the area by stopping at the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge. You will see the wetland homes of ducks and geese, as well as swans and many other birds. Fall is a time of migration and gives you the perfect opportunity at doing some bird watching.

As you move up the coast, you’ll come to the small city of Eureka, California. This is a town that is the economic hub of the county, as well as providing the visitor with quite an interesting history. Drive through town and take in the restored homes and stop to visit the galleries. Walk along the waterfront on the Eureka Boardwalk. You will love the views!

If you love to fish, Big Lagoon offers some of the best. You can get there by going through Dry Lagoon State Park. You will surely see plenty of waterfowl and perhaps get some glimpses of herons, osprey and even some elk. Fish from the shore or from a boat, whichever you prefer.

At Humboldt Lagoons State Park you will find a beach that will make your beachcomber dreams come true. This is a marshland habitat where bird watching is great too. Hike around and explore, as well as stretch your legs from all that driving. The weather here in fall is wonderful and you miss all the summer tourist traffic.

Now when you reach your destination – Redwoods National Park – you have the pleasure of seeing extraordinary forests, and more wildlife. See black bears, elk and more. When there during November and December, you will have the opportunity to see the gray whales migrating and whale watching could never be better. Of course, the beauty of the trees transcends everything. The peace and tranquility of a redwood forest has no compare.

Lady Bird Johnson Grove is the perfect place to hike. The trail is level and not very long. You will find it close to the Kuchel Visitor Center. Be sure to dress warmly as the fog often moves in here and will chill you unless dressed correctly. Of course all the hiking trails here invite you into the fascinating forest land. You will have plenty of chances to move through these old-growth redwood forests and shed all your cares and concerns as Mother Nature takes all your attention.

As your RV vacation comes to an end, you will be very glad you chose Redwoods National Park for your end-goal, and you will certainly want to come back again to enjoy everything this park has to offer.

Picture credits: The picture of the redwood trees is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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