An RV Trip of Mountain Dreams in Glacier National Park

Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park

Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park

If you love the panoramic landscapes that mountain vistas offer, then Glacier National Park is the place to go. You can take an RV for the best vacation ever, traveling the byways of Montana in style. You will view alpine meadows and rugged mountain scenery. Pristine forests are filled with wildlife and lots of adventures for the whole family.

Begin your wilderness journey in West Glacier, MT, the western entrance to Glacier National Park. Explore the town and its historic past. It is the perfect beginning of a special Montana getaway. Stock up supplies for your trip across the Continental Divide and glorious views. West Glacier KOA is a perfect place to use as a home base for your RV vacation to Glacier.

You will take beautiful Going-to-the-Sun Road through the park, with access to all the best sights. This road is 50 miles of incredible scenery. The road is open from June (or snowmelt) to around September or October. If you would rather not brave the high roads and twisting curves in an RV, you can park in West Glacier or St. Mary and take the shuttle system that Glacier National Park provides visitors. This is a comfortable way to view the park and all its wonders without worrying about driving or parking.

There are abundant activities for all ages in and around the park. Wildlife viewing is a favorite, with plenty of bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goats and even bears. There are over 700 miles of trails in Glacier National Park, so you simply must take advantage of the opportunity for a high-altitude hike. Once you get accustomed to the elevation, it will be easy to trek along the beautiful trails. The Trail of the Cedars and Avalanche Lake Trail take you to a lovely mountain lake. Be aware that the trails are high and you must take care and not get too close to the edge. You will finally come to the lake and enjoy the marvelous waterfalls falling from the cliffs.

Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park

Hidden Lake in Glacier National Park

If you love to fish, you will have plenty of places to throw in a line. You will find Avalanche Lake has some great fishing as well as wildlife wandering its shores. Hiking to the lake is half the fun. Hidden Lake is another lake requiring a hike to reach, taking a trail from the Logan Pass Visitor Center. Find some really big trout here, up to twenty inches long.

The most common fish caught in Glacier Lakes include brook, bull and lake trout as well as Kokanee salmon. Try your luck at Bullhead Lake, at the foot of the Continental Divide. Get to Lake Josephine by hiking or boating across Swiftcurrent Lake. This backcountry lake is easy to reach, and will provide a great fishing experience. Mostly hikers come here so fishing pressure is light.

Once you reach the end of Going-to-the-Sun Road, you will be at St. Mary, the eastern entrance to the park. It is a wonderful place to say your goodbyes to Glacier National Park and start your trip home, plenty of incredible memories of your RV vacation etched into your memory.

Picture credits: The pictures of Avalanche Lake and Hidden Lake are by National Park Service staff.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Glacier is truly a special place! Don’t forget to mention the Park Cafe, just outside the St. Mary entrance…they have the best homemade pies!! 🙂

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