A Historical RV Excursion to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Much of our heritage exists in beautiful Philadelphia, and to take an RV trip to the city will inspire new patriotism and love for the United States of America. When enjoying the many museums, galleries, historic sites and attractions you will find new meaning in America’s rich history.

When coming to Philadelphia, the first stop should definitely be Independence Hall National Historical Park, where you will get the main view of some of the most historical sites. Within Old City, you will be close to other spots to visit and can enjoy as much history as you can possibly take in within one or two days. You will find nearby RV Camping at the Philadelphia/West Chester KOA Campground in Coatesville, PA.

There are three main sites to visit within the National Historical Park, and these are open year round. First there is Independence Hall itself, where the Declaration of Independence was adopted and the Constitution of the United States was signed. At the Liberty Bell Center you will see this amazing symbol of liberty up close. Get more information at Independence Visitors Center.

There is more to see close by. See how Philadelphia interprets the life of African Americans by touring the African American Museum in Philadelphia. Their culture comes alive in the four exhibition galleries. At the Betsy Ross House you will learn more about the amazing woman who stitched the country’s first Stars and Stripes. Have a learning experience at the interactive exhibits.

The Georgian architecture of Carpenters’ Hall shows a treasured spot in Philadelphia history. This building hosted the First Continental Congress. Drop by Franklin Square which is dedicated mostly to the youth – with a carousel, playgrounds and a miniature golf course.

Another place you simply must see is the Free Quaker Meeting House. Here you will learn much more about our country’s early history. The National Constitution Center is a must-see because it is the most interactive museum seeped in history. You will find the most comprehensive study of our Constitution right here within these walls.

At the Powel House you will find a mansion where Samuel Powel lived with his wife. Such notable people as John Adams, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin came here for entertainment and the hospitality of Mr. Powel. Wander through the home and see the art collection and tour the formal garden.

Last but not least, stop and tour the United States Mint. You won’t have to make a reservation but can embark on a self-guided tour to see coining operations happening right before your eyes. Enjoy the audio and video stations placed at strategic points so you can learn more about how our coins are created. You’ll also see the first coining press, the key to the first mint and a mint deed signed by President Andrew Jackson.

Yes, an RV trip to Philadelphia offers the whole family a new view of American history, giving the flavor of early United States living. It is an opportunity to show your respect for our way of life. A not-to-pass-up experience!

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