An RV Trip through Chesapeake Country

Spring, summer, and fall seasons are your best bet for a pleasurable RV vacation on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay region. With over a thousand miles of shoreline, the Chesapeake Bay has a lot to offer. Begin in Chesapeake City, Maryland, stopping for a while to take a water tour of the canal system that surrounds the city.

You will be heading south on Maryland Highway 213, taking in all the sights as you go. You will come to the Anchorage in Easton, MD where you can see a historic home on the National Register of Historic Places. In Cecilton, you can absorb even more history in this town that was incorporated in 1864.

Take a short side trip to the Mount Harmon Plantation for colonial history. You can also take some scenic nature trails to stretch your legs and extend your view beyond the windscreen of your RV. This restored home is a treasure of Maryland, with its formal garden and tobacco house.

Fredericktown is another stop you should put on your Chesapeake Bay itinerary. Baker Park offers some pleasant recreation, everything from swimming and tennis to playgrounds for the kids and wonderful summer concerts. You have to admit, it’s time to get out into the sunshine after so much browsing the past of this area. In Georgetown you can launch a boat and try your hand at some profitable fishing. You can catch catfish or largemouth bass.

View the gorgeous dogwood trees blooming around Galena in the spring. You’ll want to capture the moments here for memory, so be sure to bring along your camera gear. If you are a hunter at heart, you’ll find Kennedyville hunting is great. You can bag some white tail deer, geese or upland game.

You’ll discover that Urieville Lake is a fishing hotspot. Here are 35 acres of prime fish habitat, with brown bullhead catfish, bluegill and more making these waters their home. After you make your trophy catch for the day, head on to Chestertown. On the banks of a lovely river, this town has a 300-year historic past. RV camping is available at Duck Neck Campground.

When you continue your journey along the Eastern Shore, you will finally come to Centreville. Stop at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Liberty Street to see this amazing church dating back to 1640. As you drive Maryland Highway 213, you will come to Highway 662 which you’ll take south, turning on 322 and finally Highway 33. This is going to take you to your final destination of Tilghman Island.

An important attraction, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum can be a surprise. Here is where Bay history comes alive. When you have children along, the interactive displays will hold their interest. Allow enough time for your tour, as many like to spend hours exploring the fascinating exhibits.

The unspoiled Tilghman Island is now ahead, and you are going to experience the truly beautiful area at your leisure. Enjoy some seafood dinners, photograph the fishermen at work in the village. Breathe that ocean air. Realize that your trip may be at an end for now, but you can work your way back the way you came and enjoy it all over again.

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