An Historic RV Trip to Boston

For those who love the historical stories of earlier days and how this country was founded, an RV trip to Boston is just the thing. Even for those who haven’t spent a lot of time looking into U.S. history, this trip is well worth your time. You can find an excellent RV resort south of Boston in Foxboro, MA. At Normandy Farms Camping Resort you can establish your home base while you set your own schedule to explore Boston.

When you first hit the city, the best way to get a taste of all the things to see and do here is to take a Boston Duck Tour. You board an amphibious landing vehicle, just like those used in World War II, and get a narrated tour of the places that make Boston famous. Choose between 60 and 80-minute tours, depending on how much you’d like to see.

All visitors must put the Freedom Trail on their itinerary. This is the richest in history, showcasing the American Revolution and the brave people who shaped our world. The first stop is usually Boston Common, where British troops camped. You will see other historic sites such as the State House, Park Street Church and the Granary Burying Ground, the third oldest in Boston. Because of the expense, families would bury about twenty bodies to each grave. This is where Paul Revere is buried and you can visit and pay your respects.

Part of your Freedom Trail walk will include King’s Chapel and Burying Ground. Here is where many colonists found their final resting place. One of the oldest structures in Boston is also on your tour – the Old Corner Book Store.

A fascinating place to see is the site of the Boston Massacre, the spot where five colonists were killed by British regulars. Don’t miss Faneuil Hall as you move on down this historic route.

Paul Revere’s ride takes on new meaning when you visit the Paul Revere House. You will also see a bell, mortar and bolt all made by Paul Revere & Sons. Carry on then to the Bunker Hill Monument. This site was where the Battle of Bunker Hill was fought and those famous words were shouted, “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes!”

Once you finish seeing all there is to see in Boston, you can drive northwest to Lexington to the Minuteman National Historic Park. While in the area, it would be a shame to miss this incredible spot on a Boston vacation. Here was the opening battle of the Revolution, and you can experience an exciting reenactment by checking ahead for dates and times. While in the park, be sure to see the Old North Bridge. This is another famous place – the site of “the shot heard round the world.”

You can head on home now as you’ve seen the best sampling of historic places in and around Boston. There are more, but you can always come back again and enjoy another fabulous RV getaway.

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