Travel Maine’s Rugged Coast for the Perfect RV Adventure

Maine's Rocky Coast

Maine’s Rocky Coast

Spring to fall is the perfect time to pack your traveling gear into an RV and adventure out along Maine’s beautiful coast. This state is most popular for its rugged coastal landscapes and the charming fishing villages along the way. Begin your RV trip in Ellsworth, Maine. The town, founded in 1800, is the ideal gateway for many amazing sights. Although not a part of this particular vacation route, Acadia National Park may warrant a visit while you are in the area.

Leave Ellsworth heading north on Highway 1 until you come to Maine Highway 186, a loop that takes you on Schoodic Scenic Byway to Schoodic Point. You must not forget your camera because you will have many regrets if you don’t catch some shots of the pounding surf and rocky shores. You’ll see islands offshore, all different sizes and shapes, such as Pond and Rolling Islands.

Winter Harbor is a great place to stop and rest from driving. You can see the active fleet of lobster boats and strike up conversations with local fishermen. This classic village on Maine’s lovely coast offers amazing views from its western shore. You will see harbors where boats take refuge and trawlers wait for the right conditions to take to sea. Prospect Harbor is one of these great waterways.

Stop and wander the streets of Corea, Maine to really experience this charming fishing village. This community is well worth the time to explore. It’s on the Gouldsboro Peninsula, with quiet spots to sit and reflect on all the scenery you’ve seen so far. There is more to come. The town of Gouldsboro is a place to stop and perhaps enjoy a dinner in one of the fine restaurants. Maybe you will even be up for a kayaking tour or a nightly concert.

Columbia Falls will welcome you with open arms. Visit the Ruggles House to get a flavor of life in Columbia Falls in the mid-1800s. Amazing and intricate woodwork is one of the sights to see in this historic home. When you reach Maine Highway 187 as you continue up Highway 1, you will turn and head out on this loop along the water’s edge.

An RV trip wouldn’t be complete without some exciting new adventure. If you’ve never taken a kayak trip before, now is the time to try it out. Paddling around Head Harbor Island and Steele’s Harbor Island will have you hooked on a new hobby. You can recover from the excitement in Jonesport, the heart of Maine’s rugged coastline. This small fishing village is the ideal place to breathe the fresh Maine ocean air and enjoy the quiet and solitude.

After leaving Jonesport, you will pass Englishman Bay where photo opportunities abound. Miss getting in a swim while you’ve been enjoying the scenery? The best place to don your swim gear and take advantage of saltwater or freshwater swimming is at Roque Bluffs State Park. Now your outdoor recreation can start in earnest. Take a hike along the cliffs, beach comb along the beaches. There are plenty of coves you can explore on a canoe or kayak. Find RV camping at the Sunset Point Campground in Harrington Maine. They accommodate RVs of any size and for a reasonable price. They provide free WiFi and there’s a laundry room so you can wash your traveling clothes.

The first naval battle of the American Revolution caused Fort O’Brien to be built on these shores. It is worth your time to stop by the Fort O’Brien State Historic Site to see where we protected our country during three separate wars. Then move on to the Moosehorn National Wildlife Reserve where you will see waterfowl, game birds, wading birds and more, all protected in this Atlantic flyway.

You are getting close to the end of your trip in Calais, Maine, but it isn’t over yet. Many adventures await you in Shackford Head State Park. If you are a birder, you will love hiking the trails to see a wide variety of bird life, including bald eagles. Even if you don’t do a lot of bird watching, you’ll certainly love the views all the way to Canada.

When you reach Calais, Maine, you can stop for some shopping, and perhaps travel over the border into Canada for additional fun and to make more memories. The choice is yours. You have experienced some of the best of Maine and now can call your RV adventure at an end. There are other vacations when you can return and do it all over again.

Picture credits: The picture of the coast of Maine is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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