Along Newfoundland’s Shores

Newfoundland Fishing Outport

A New Foundland Fishing Village Known Locally as an “Outport”

Who would have ever considered an RV vacation in Newfoundland? It’s true that there are so many places to go in the United States that you will never see them all in a lifetime, but it is well worth it to take the opportunity to visit Newfoundland.

On this drive along Newfoundland’s shores, you will certainly experience the best of this province. To get there is a treat in itself. You can pick up an RV rental in Boston and drive north to Labrador and a ferry ride to Nova Scotia, from there taking the Marine Atlantic ferry to the Newfoundland coast. They do transport RVs on their Super Ferry, right across the pristine blue waters.

When you reach St. John’s you will want to browse the city streets and meet many of the friendly folk. Then when ready to start your trek and all stocked up on yummy Canadian foods, you take Pitts Memorial Drive out of town and then Highway 10 south.

Discover incredible photo opportunities at Bay Bulls Big Pond. Enjoy outdoor recreation around Witless Bay. Everything from hiking to fishing can be found there, and even sea kayaking. Take a boat tour of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve. Here you will see hundreds of thousands of puffins and even more storm-petrels.

Walk through the woods at the La Manche Provincial Park and stop at the waterfalls to be inspired by its beauty. With more than fifty species of birds here, those who love to bird watch will want to stay a while and see how many they can identify. Continue your winding route along the shore on Route 10 and come to Cape Broyle, a place filled with history.

Sea life is abundant at the Chance Cove Provincial Park, as you take a trail leading to the coastal waters. You may spot a whale or a seal sunning on the rocks. You will most definitely see a wide array of seabirds. Further along you will encounter the Saint Vincent’s-St. Stephen’s-Peter’s River. Is this the longest name for a river you’ve ever heard? It’s possible!

Continue on Route 90 heading north now, on the western side of Newfoundland. After you pass Saint Mary’s Harbor, you will come to the Avalon Wilderness Preserve. Enjoy the forest thickets and all the wildlife that makes this their home. Hike the trails and stretch those travel-weary muscles.

Take Highway 1, through Clarenville and then take Highway 230 to Lockston Path Provincial Park, with campsites available as well as a beach so you can enjoy a swim. Next you’ll come to Bonavista, the end of your Newfoundland adventure. Don’t leave, however, until you stop at the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse. The rugged coast and crashing waves allows you to dream of what it must have been like for those early mariners. And as you turn to leave to return home, you will be sorry to say goodbye to lovely Newfoundland, a distant land you never thought you’d see.

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