A Drive through the Catskills with Your RV

The RV vacation of which dreams are made awaits you in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Start out your 43-mile drive in Kingston, New York, preferably in the fall, but anytime will do. The autumn colors are particularly wonderful, of course, but the gentle breezes of summer will simply dissipate the cares of the workaday world from which you came.

Route 28 will take you on your special journey. When you come to New York Route 375, you should make a side-trip to the famous town of Woodstock. Whether you were able to attend the 1969 festival of music here or not, this spot is great to browse galleries, take photos of the rural countryside or shop for anything from unique crafts to antiques or rare books.

When you return to Route 28 and continue your scenic drive, you will pass Kenozia Lake. If you are a fisherman, this is the place to go! If you haven’t cast a line in the water for years, now is the time to try again. You’ll catch largemouth or smallmouth bass, crappie, Kenozia Lake Walleye or Catfish. Fish the rocky areas and be sure to make the best of your time here.

If you stop at the Ashokan Reservoir when the water level is low, you will see the visible remnants of towns and villages buried when this body of water came into being. These are underwater ghost towns, with the names of Ashton, Olive Bridge and Glenford.

An unusual sight you won’t want to miss is the Kaatskill Kaleidoscope. In Mount Tremper, this unique entertainment spot is something the whole family will enjoy. Look for the eyes painted on the huge grain silo in town. This is a wonderful place to shop for gifts to take home to family and friends. The 10-minute show itself is mind-boggling, so if you are up for a little boggling of the mind, be sure to attend.

Woodland Valley is the ideal place to find some comfortable RV camping, a home base while you get out into the forested landscapes for some hiking and fishing. Slide Mountain, the tallest in the Catskills, is the perfect place for a trek in New York’s lovely wooded areas. You will notice that as you continue to drive along Route 28, you will see portions of Esopus Creek, a tributary of the Hudson River. Wildlife love this area to feed, so you should have your camera ready at all times. Discover some amazing fishing here too, with plenty of wild trout.

When you have the chance for a short detour, take Route 42 to Belleayre Mountain Ski Center. Here you’ll find lots of things to do even in the summer. You can swim, play horseshoes, row a boat or hike to see panoramic mountain views.

Your special RV trip will end at Margaretville. Cross the Delaware River before turning back towards home. You have just finished a Catskills vacation, one you will remember for a long time to come.

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