An Unforgettable Virginia Beach RV Excursion

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach

You’ll be making memories to last a lifetime with an RV vacation to Virginia Beach, Virginia. Outdoor adventures are abundant, and the ocean is inviting for enjoying many water sports and days filled with sun and fun. No matter your preference for recreation, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for in Virginia Beach. You also have the opportunity to soak up some American history.

Start your unforgettable RV excursion by finding a spot to park your RV. With many RV parks and campgrounds with RV hook-ups nearby, you’ll find the ideal spot for a home base. Folks love to socialize, and you can sit and swap stories of your adventures at the end of the day.

Of course, the beaches are a big attraction here. The Atlantic Ocean to the east and the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay to the north with small bays all around, you will indulge your every whim for beachside relaxation. Watch the sunset while you stroll along Chesapeake Bay Beach or spread out a towel along the sand dunes at Sandbridge Beach and try and name the species of seabirds keeping you company.

One popular focal point of Virginia Beach is its Oceanfront Boardwalk, a three-mile long walkway along the ocean. An RV excursion wouldn’t be complete without making your way to the boardwalk and taking in this marvelous carnival-like atmosphere. Great bands of yesteryear used to play on the bandstand and entertain those who walked casually along the oceanfront promenade. You can still visit the Cavalier Beach Club to see some fabulous shows. If you have kids along, they will love to experience all the exciting amusement rides.

Naturally, a motorhome trip to Virginia Beach will require visiting some of the nearby state parks and wildlife preserves. The unique False Cape State Park offers numerous trails for hiking. Make your way across pristine sands and through lovely marshes, with interior trails taking you into the forest. Another aspect to the adventure may be taking a boat or a canoe down the Back Bay. It’s all there waiting for you!

The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge has more than 9,200 acres on a thin strip of coastline, where you can see all kinds of mammals and birds. You can experience all types of terrain, while you take photos of some of the endangered species living here, such as the peregrine falcons or the loggerhead sea turtles.

To get the ultimate taste of Virginia history, close your eyes for a moment and imagine approaching the shores in a ship captained by Christopher Newport. The coast would be bare of hotels, shops and people, truly a New World to be explored. Historic First Landing State Park provides a link with the past when you tour the lighthouse at Cape Henry or visit the Cape Henry Memorial where the English colonists first stepped foot.

Many RV vacations have the sole objective of finding and enjoying water activities, particularly around Virginia Beach. And there is no denying that you’ll discover superb outdoor recreation around this exciting city. Sailing and other adventures take on new meaning along these shores. Jet ski with the dolphins, hire a yacht and take to the high seas, even adventure onto a pirate ship and search for treasure. There is no end to the pleasures you will find on an RV excursion to Virginia Beach.

If you have had dreams of fishing on the Eastern seaboard, now is certainly your chance. Sport fishing offshore can be one of the top experiences of a lifetime. Simply fishing in the Bay will net you some flounder, sea bass, striper and more. You’ll find guided fishing tours for both ocean and Chesapeake Bay fishing. For a new and different activity (perhaps), kayaking is a great way to spend a day. Travel the rivers, bays and lakes to really absorb the beauty of Virginia’s miles of waterways. Become one with nature as you move through untouched landscapes and listen to the calls of birds and the splash of a fish jumping.

RV vacations allow you to shed those workaday world woes, relaxing the mind and soul. By taking your RV on an exciting vacation to Virginia Beach, you don’t have to rough it. You can be comfortable and cozy when not out there having the time of your life. Motorhome camping does something special for a vacation. Plan your unforgettable Virginia Beach RV excursion now, including at least some, if not all, of the vacation tips above

You’ll be making memories to last a lifetime with an RV vacation to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Picture credits: The picture of Virginia Beach is from the Wikimedia Commons. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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