Three Great Reasons to go RV Camping in Roswell, New Mexico

As RV camping fans begin to map their spring and summer trips, the eastern New Mexico town of Roswell is well worth a second look. State and national parks quite near Roswell make excellent outdoor destinations, thanks to unique geological formations, unusual bodies of water and some pretty terrific campgrounds. Here’s our take on three great reasons to go RV camping in Roswell, New Mexico.

  1. The Pecos River Valley just east of Roswell is a geological wonder. It is home to Bottomless Lakes State Park, a place that continues to thrill first-time and long-time visitors with its eye-opening landscape. A string of eight small lakes formed by rainwater runoff from the nearby mountains decorate an amazing red rock landscape of canyons and bluffs. One lake (Lea Lake) is open for swimming and active RV campers will enjoy paddle boarding across the lake.Another popular activity at the lakes is scuba diving, so pack your equipment if that’s your passion. You can also fish on a couple of the smaller lakes, a bonus for outdoor adventurers. These ‘bitter water’ lakes are ringed by nice RV campsites with modern amenities. Be sure to bring your hiking gear; you won’t want to miss exploring this one-of-a-kind landscape.
  2. When motorhome camping in Roswell, NM, you’ll also want to visit Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, where an amazing variety of dragon and damsel flies are unofficial mascots for the park. Wildlife lovers love to explore this refuge, watching for rare and endangered species of birds, mammals and reptiles in a red-rock landscape of mysterious sinkholes, salt plains and rocky bluffs.Friends of the refuge have put together an excellent visitor center. You’ll also find hiking trails and a scenic drive to expand your experience of the refuge.
  3. Roswell, New Mexico also offers RVers the chance to play a great round of golf! With two golf courses open to the public, you can choose the type of golf experience you prefer. The course at the New Mexico Military Institute is definitely the place to amble through a friendly round. Another Roswell course, the Municipal Spring River Golf Course will test your skills in a lush and scenic setting.

Wildlife, wild landscapes and outstanding golf venues…three great reasons to go RV camping in Roswell, New Mexico. With friendly RV campgrounds like Trailer Village RV Park waiting to play host, isn’t it time you started planning your motorhome camping trip to Roswell? And come see our staff at El Monte RV Rentals in Albuquerque; they’ve got a world of ideas for making your Roswell camping vacation a success.

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  1. What a great article! There is a lot more to Roswell than the UFO Museum and I’m so glad you wrote about it. I think my readers will enjoy your article and I linked to you from my blog: Thanks!

  2. Jen says:

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