Five Reasons for a San Antonio RV Camping Stay

Haven’t been RV camping in Texas lately? San Antonio, home to exciting entertainment venues and friendly RV campgrounds, is waiting to welcome you. With so much to experience in this South Texas city, it’s an excellent RV camping destination. Here are just five reasons why you should be planning a San Antonio RV camping stay.

Five Reasons for a Trip to San Antonio

1. Excellent San Antonio RV Campgrounds
A quick Internet search for “San Antonio RV campgrounds” reveals at least a dozen RV resorts and campgrounds within an easy drive of major San Antonio attractions. Choose a home base for your stay that suits your budget, lifestyle and camping preferences; you’ll find plenty of choices in San Antonio.

2. San Antonio’s Riverwalk
The gem of the Mission City, San Antonio’s Riverwalk is a world-renowned combination of lush outdoor spaces, exciting retail and shopping venues and the best people-watching opportunities in Texas.

Day and night, the Riverwalk draws visitors who linger for hours discovering the nooks and crannies. The river winds through the center of it all, providing a wonderful backdrop for cultural events, street entertainers and fascinating places to shop, eat and play.

3. San Antonio’s Cultural Diversity
Within the city’s sprawling boundaries, many cultures come together to make San Antonio great. The Hispanic and Tejano flavors that permeate the cuisine, music and fiestas of San Antonio are richly evident in such places as El Mercado, a large marketplace filled with shops and restaurants.

While RV camping in San Antonio, also take time to tour such cultural treasures as the San Fernando Cathedral and the Spanish Governor’s Palace. One more very special spot where Hispanic influence is evident is the La Villita arts village at one end of the Riverwalk.

A second significant influence in San Antonio’s history is that of the American West. Cowboys once rode through the streets of this city and the Wild West feel remains. RV travelers to San Antonio will find plenty of places to eat, shop and party in Western-themed venues. The Buckhorn Museum and Texas Ranger Museum is a great place to start if you want to explore the cowboy way in San Antonio.

4. San Antonio’s Missions
In addition to the splendid examples of Hispanic architecture mentioned above, the city is also home to four historic missions and surrounding historic artifacts. Within the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park visitors can learn in depth how the establishment of Catholic missions helped shape the city’s growth and culture from the very beginning.

5. San Antonio’s Historic Treasures
Can one truly understand San Antonio without visiting the Alamo? This Shrine to Texas Liberty is the site of the epic 1836 struggle that became the center of the struggle for independence from Mexico. A visit to the Alamo is a “must-do” for RVers who relish historic treasures.

The King William District in San Antonio also reveals clues about the city’s past. The neighborhood was once inhabited by German immigrants and their gorgeous homes remain to tell their story. Plan to take the neighborhood tour; it’s a delightful way to spend an afternoon of your San Antonio RV stay.

These are only five of the reasons RV campers love traveling to San Antonio. It’s a vibrant urban center with an Old World feel and it welcomes RV travelers with grace and charm. It’s a trip you won’t soon forget, so why not make plans to visit San Antonio by RV soon?

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  1. Jay Kane says:

    San Antonio is nice, but I’ve always preferred Corpus Christie. I rented a vacation home in Corpus some years back and traveled to San Antonio for a weekend. Let’s just say that I couldn’t wait to get back to Corpus…of course, I’m a sand and beach kind of guy.

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