Five Reasons RV Campers Love Oak Mountain State Park

Central Alabama is a favorite destination among RV campers, with plenty of reason. The old growth pine forests and rocky hillsides just south of Birmingham inspire campers to park the RV and explore. One great place to do just that is Oak Mountain State Park. Here are just five of the reasons RV campers have come to treasure this Alabama outdoor playground.

  • Year-round RV camping tops the list of reasons why motorhome campers love Oak Mountain State Park. The mild winter temperatures annually draw thousands of RV camping enthusiasts to the large, pine-forested campground at this state park. Reserve improved campsites here and then make plans to enjoy your stay in any season.
  • Park your RV at the campground and then lace up those hiking boots; there’s a discovery waiting to inspire you on the trails. Although this park is just a short drive from the city, its nine thousand acres of forests, streams and lakes yield wonderful hiking opportunities. Fifty-plus miles of trails, from steep and rocky to smoothly sloping, allow hikers of every age to enjoy the pine forests, rocky ridges and scenic waterfalls within the state park’s boundaries.
  • RVers who are also avid mountain bikers will appreciate the Double Oak Trail, a twenty-mile-plus combination of double and single track challenges through diverse trail conditions. Bring your mountain biking gear and plan to take the challenge when you camp at Alabama’s Oak Mountain State Park. This trail and several others will furnish plenty of adrenaline-spiking action on your vacation.
  • The Alabama Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is another fascinating reason RVers enjoy a stay at Oak Mountain State Park. With more than a thousand sick and injured birds treated and released annually, there’s always something to learn when you visit the center. Come see why this privately operated animal rehab center is so important to the species who call the state park home.
  • And what’s a trip to Alabama without fishing? Two small lakes make up the Oak Mountain Fishing Center and promise lively competition with bream, bass and crappie. Bring or rent a john boat or fish from the bank; a day on the water will add fond vacation memories of Alabama.

These are just five of the ways Alabama RV campers can enjoy the attractions at Oak Mountain State Park. If you’re looking for back to nature fun, the tree-lined hills and stone-studded valleys of this central Alabama state park are sure to deliver.

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