An RV Trip along Arizona’s Exciting Highway 95

Skirt the California/Arizona border on Highway 95, and you’re liable to find dozens of spots worth stopping to explore. From bright desert vistas to the stunning beauty of Lake Havasu, this highway leaves no doubt you’ve arrived someplace special.

Although the route we’ve chosen might take a hurried traveler a couple of hours, savvy RV campers know that slowing down the pace yields traveling pleasures worth savoring. So slow down now and start planning your own AZ-95 RV trip, with a little help from our travel tips below.

AZ-95 RV Itinerary
We pick up our Arizona Hwy 95 RV journey at an amazing place, Havasu National Wildlife Refuge. Straddling the line between California and Arizona and about three hours east of Victorville on I-40, this desert refuge soon reveals the rugged beauty of the Topock Gorge.

Canyon walls line a twenty-mile stretch of the lower Colorado River and tempt hikers, paddlers and wildlife photographers to explore its length. There’s plenty to see and do in Topock Gorge, Topock Marsh and the Havasu Wilderness Area. Don’t rush past Havasu National Wildlife Refuge before turning south on AZ-95 for the rest of our RV camping itinerary.

When you complete your exploration of the wildlife refuge, you’re in for another treat. Lake Havasu City, immediately south on AZ-95, is an RV camping paradise. Hundreds of RV campsites are offered by Lake Havasu area campgrounds, so do your research and choose the spot that suits your travel style. Here are some favorites reported by AZ-95 RV travelers, all located on Havasu Island, just across the world-famous London Bridge:

  • Islander RV Resort
  • Crazy Horse Campgrounds
  • Beachcomber Resort

By the way, if you’re traveling AZ-95 by RV in January, book a campsite early on Havasu Island, so you won’t miss the annual Havasu Island Balloon Festival & Fair!

Whether you decide to fish, swim, hike, boat or otherwise relax in the bright blue waters and redrock canyon shoreline that is Lake Havasu, you’ll wish you’d planned even more time to enjoy the city. You’ll be amazed by Lake Havasu City’s vibrant year-round welcome.

A couple more spots will capture your attention as you head south by RV on AZ-95. You’ll be hugging Lake Havasu along its southern coves and then swinging back west to follow the lower Colorado River. Be sure to stop at Lake Havasu State Park for one more chance to enjoy the lake’s bright blue waters, to catch a glimpse (or a vacation photo!) of the park’s resident bighorn sheep, and to take advantage of affordable, no-hookups campsites.

Another vacation joy RV travelers can experience at the south end of our route is the peaceful beauty of Buckskin Mountain State Park. The surrounding “bare rock” heights in awesome shades of pink and red make a wonderful backdrop for a night of RV camping.

When you’re ready to move on, continue south along the Parker Strip that parallels the lower Colorado all the way to Parker, AZ. No desert wasteland here! Instead, you’ll find a tourist-centered region where RV parks, a casino and plenty of places to play line the banks of the Colorado River. Because the river and the surrounding mountains attract tourists year-round, you’ll want to book your campsites early at Parker Strip campgrounds.

There’s no better way to experience the Colorado River, Lake Havasu and the rugged mountains that frame them than by traveling Arizona Highway 95. With a wealth of excellent RV campgrounds along the way and a great view literally out every window, why wait to visit this renowned region in Western Arizona?

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