Ten First-Rate Spots for RV Camping and Fishing in Winter

When cold weather comes, you may think your fishing fever is on hold until spring. Here’s some good news for RV camping and fishing fans-there are plenty of places to do both in winter. Come along on our tour of ten first-rate spots for RV camping and fishing in wintertime.

  1. Caddo Lake – This immense, mysterious body of water stretches from Karnack, TX to Mooringsport, LA, giving winter fishermen plenty of room to explore its bayous. Fish for crappie as you take a leisurely boat ride through Caddo Lake’s impressive cypress groves. Potters Point at Jefferson, TX offers full-hookup RV campsites, a boat launch and other services.
  2. Chattahoochee River, Atlanta, GA – The “Hooch” runs through the middle of Atlanta, and local anglers know that forty-eight miles of it are designated trout water. The easiest way to enjoy a great Atlanta RV camping and fishing trip is to hire a local guide. River Through Atlanta comes highly-recommended!
  3. Dauphin Island, Mobile, AL – If you haven’t tried your hand at winter surf fishing for black drum and flounder, scenic Dauphin Island at the mouth of Mobile Bay is the place to start. You can also fish the public or private fishing piers for a different experience.  Also good to know-the Dauphin Island Campground has seaside campsites within walking distance of great fishing.
  4. Diamond Valley Reservoir, Hemet, California – An hour and a half south of Los Angeles near Hemet, CA is a gem of a fishing hole renowned for its record-breaking black bass. Diamond Valley Reservoir is legendary for producing the big bass year after year. There’s no campground yet at the lake, but Wilderness Lakes RV Resort, five miles away in Menifee, makes a good base camp for your Hemet, California RV camping and fishing expedition.
  5. Lake Hartwell, South Carolina/Georgia Border – Twenty miles east of the South Carolina/Georgia Border and just off the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway, Lake Hartwell State Park lures striper fishing fans every winter. When the striped bass start biting in cooler weather, RV camping anglers park their motorhomes at this lake’s excellent campground and start fishing. Here’s a link to the latest fishing reports at Lake Hartwell.
  6. Lake Okeechobee, South Central Florida – Hoping to combine a Florida winter RV camping trip with a bass fishing bonanza? The waters of Lake Okeechobee yield trophy-size largemouth bass, and Florida’s mild winter weather makes fishing there a treat. Another bonus is the abundance of RV campgrounds around the lake, so reserve your Lake Okeechobee campsite and plan to have an outstanding time fishing in South Central Florida.
  7. Lower Otay Reservoir, San Diego County, California – How would it feel to reel in an one-hundred pound catfish? Definitely promises some world-class vacation photos, doesn’t it? Lower Otay Reservoir, twenty five miles south of San Diego, was the site of California’s record breaking catfish catch – a one-hundred pound behemoth! Eleven hundred acres of prime bass and catfish habitat make Lower Otay Reservoir the perfect place for your camping and fishing vacation.
  8. Newport Beach, California – South of Long Beach and well-known for its excellent surf-fishing opportunities, Newport Beach tempts anglers to try something new. Kayak fishing is just one of the ways fishing fans get close to the action in Newport Harbor. Reel in spotted bay bass and enjoy the beautiful Newport Beach shoreline before going home to the comfort of your RV at Newport Dunes Beach Waterfront Resort.
  9. Pickwick Lake – Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama – This impressive body of water formed from the Tennessee River winds across the northwest corner of Alabama, shares a shore with Mississippi and extends up into Southern Tennessee. It also yields some of the nicest smallmouth bass around. Once you’ve fished Pickwick Lake, you’ll pick your favorite spots and return for many more RV-based fishing expeditions. Here’s a camping tip – try the well-groomed campground on the Tennessee side at Pickwick Landing.
  10. Toledo Bend Reservoir, Texas/Louisiana Border – Four and a half hours east of Dallas on the Texas/Louisiana border, winter fishing aficionados will find the bass fishing is fine at Toledo Bend Reservoir. Even with the serious drought situation in Texas, Toledo Bend still offers great black bass and crappie fishing. RV campsites are plentiful, thanks to campgrounds like Tranquility Bay Resort.
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2 Responses to Ten First-Rate Spots for RV Camping and Fishing in Winter

  1. Kim Glen says:

    Newport Beach is great for RVs all year round! And kayak fishing is definitely a fun, new way to get up close and personal with fishing.

  2. Riley says:

    I’ve been to the Lower Otay Reservoir and it is awesome! I didn’t catch anything near the 100 pound fish that was caught here, but I was able to catch a 28 pounder! It was huge! When we returned from fishing, it was great to be able to go back to the RV and turn on the TV to watch even more fishing. We used our Tailgater from DISH to bring our HD channels with us on our trip. It was great! Even if I wasn’t working for DISH, I would still use my Tailgater because it’s that good! I would definitely recommend the Lower Otay Reservoir!

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