Bird Watching and RV Camping

Love to watch our feathered friends in their natural habitats? RV camping is the perfect companion to an extended bird watching expedition. Here’s why: you can set up camp in the comfort of your RV, close to the forests, meadows and mountain hideaways where you’re likely to find your favorite species. It’s also an affordable way to travel, thanks to well-equipped RV kitchens that allow you to cook your meals rather than finding restaurants along the way.

How to get started planning your next RV camping and bird watching road trip? First, you’ll need to know where to get information on each region’s bird watching hot spots. Here are four places to look online for clues:

The second step to planning the perfect bird watching road trip is to find RV campgrounds near your destination. We can help with that! Our RV Campgrounds page lets you search US campgrounds by state.

Then all you need to do is grab your binoculars, pack the RV and get ready for great bird watching action. Don’t own an RV? Don’t forget, we have dozens of RV rental locations ready to serve.

We thought we’d share just a few destinations where bird watching is hot and the RV camping is excellent. Use our clues or map your own avian adventure soon!

Bird Watching Itinerary #1: Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area, South and East Osceola, FL
Central Florida According to Central Florida Bird Watchers, this eight-thousand-acre refuge promises sightings of bald eagles, red-headed woodpeckers and other rarely-seen species! Just an hour north of Orlando near Kenansville, FL, this bird watching haven also offers campsites in three lakeside areas.

Bird Watching Itinerary #2: Malibu Lagoon State Beach – Malibu, CA
Located on Pacific Coast Highway just west of Los Angeles, this state park gives bird watchers the chance to see brown pelicans and a wide variety of other shore birds. Camp at the only RV campground in the City of Malibu, Malibu Beach RV Park, and enjoy premium beachside campsites close to first-rate bird watching.

Bird Watching Itinerary #3: Fermilab Preserve – Chicago, IL
The US Department of Energy’s Fermilab Preserve facility in Chicago’s western suburbs plays host to a surprising variety of birds. By hiking through the site’s ecological reserve (open to the public) birders may sight bay-breasted warblers, osprey and Cooper’s hawks, just to name a few of the species that call this six-thousand-acre, ecologically diverse habitat home. Consider traveling north one hour to Burnidge Forest Preserve for even more birding opportunities, as well as scenic RV camping!

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