Planning Your RV Camping Trip to Canyonlands

Picture of Redrock Formations in Canyonlands National ParkSouthern Utah is blessed with awe-inspiring scenery, and some of the most spectacular can be found in Canyonlands National Park. RV camping to Canyonlands can be the centerpiece of your family’s best vacation ever, so pack your camping gear and get ready to roll to Moab, Utah.o See in nyonlands

The awesome spires and redrock canyons in this National Park will have your head pivoting like a spectator at a tennis match. One-hundred-sixty square miles spread out in splashes of stunning red and brilliant green.

Three major attractions separated by wide, bridgeless canyons attract most visitors. The Island in the Sky is a thousand-foot high mesa that offers views in all directions. It can be reached by car and there are short trails to explore if you prefer not to go too far off the beaten path. The varying landscapes surrounding The Island are each worthy of a second look, with unobstructed views of snowcapped mountains, multi-layered canyons, tall stone spires and the rivers that flow through Canyonlands. Be sure to visit the Green River Overlook to see the river that flows beneath the mesa.

The Needles is a favorite with four-wheeling fans and hikers. Strikingly beautiful spires dot this red-rock moonscape. And if you truly want to go off-road, the canyons and mesas of The Maze are the most remote and mysterious section of the national park.

What can you expect to see besides stunning rock formations at Canyonlands? Desert wildlife will appear if you keep an eye to the high mesas and river gorges. Mule deer and bighorn sheep are just two of the types of animals you might spy as you hike, bike or drive through this national park.

For a guided adventure on the Colorado River, Moab area outfitters offer whitewater rafting trips. Cataract Canyon is a favorite of experienced rafters, with up to Level V waters and dramatic drops along the way. Many outfitters also sell guided Jeep tours through the backcountry of Canyonlands.Where to Camp in Canyonlands

Two campgrounds within Canyonlands National Park provide campsites without water or electricity (no water is available within the park boundaries, so definitely plan ahead!) Those sites are restricted to RVs no more than 28 feet in length.

In the nearby city of Moab, Utah, more than a dozen campgrounds are waiting to serve travelers. Here are a few ideas to help you plan:

  • Moab KOA – with tree-shaded campsites and to-the-door tour pickup from Canyonlands
  • Moab Rim Campark – features easy access to hiking and biking trails
  • Slickrock Campground – affordable RV campsites one mile from the Colorado Rivero Get More Information about Canyonlands

Finding out more about RV camping to Canyonlands National Park is just a click away. The National Park Service has created this great informational video about Canyonlands, and that’s a good place to start. The NPS website’s section on Canyonlands is also an excellent resource.

Other helpful websites include, and Canyonlands National Park-it’s wild, it’s beautiful and it’s waiting to enchant you on your next RV camping vacation.

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