RV Vacation Ideas in Southern Idaho

Need ideas for an exciting RV camping vacation within three hours of Salt Lake City? Southern Idaho has an amazing array of top vacation spots. Ancient volcanoes, hundreds of freshwater springs and a wild and scenic river set the stage for days filled with outdoor adventure. Take a trip to Southern Idaho this summer; it’s a place we recommend all RV campers visit at least once.

So what’s so special about Southern Idaho? That’s a big topic, so let’s break it down into three popular RV vacation styles.

Sight-seeing RV Vacation in Southern Idaho

You’re going to find breathtaking scenery no matter where you drive in Southern Idaho, but here are two of the most memorable scenic drives in the region:

  • Thousand Springs Scenic Byway: Witness the awesome sight of hundreds of freshwater springs emerging from the rocky sides of the Snake River Canyon. Highway 30 from Bliss, ID to Twin Falls follows this rugged canyon for almost seventy miles through historic western towns, the Thousand Springs State Park Complex and dozens of fascinating attractions.
  • City of Rocks Back Country Byway: Wind your way through Western history as you explore the Albion Mountains from Albion, ID to Oakley. Starkly beautiful City of Rocks National Reserve is worth a long stop, as are historic Oakley, ID and Lake Cleveland Recreation Area.

Family RV Camping Trip to Southern Idaho
Not only does Southern Idaho promise plenty of room for the kids to climb, hike and explore, there are also many attractions with built-in lessons in history and geology. Imagine, for example, letting the family loose to learn about ancient volcanoes at Craters of the Moon National Monument.

Or picture your family’s RV parked at Anderson Camp in Twin Falls, just a short drive from Hagerman National Fish Hatchery, home to a million steelhead annually. And don’t miss the chance to see an Oregon Trail trading post at Rock Creek Station and Stricker Homesite.

For a soothing trip to one of the area’s most famous attractions, visit Miracle Hot Springs near Buhl, ID, where you can soak away your troubles in the healing waters and visit the attraction’s famous alligators! By the way, there’s an RV campground on-site.

Adventure RV Camping in Southern Idaho
The splendidly rugged geography of Southern Idaho can unlock weeks of outdoor adventure for RV camping fans. Here are a few ideas for experiencing the region at its wildest:

  1. Rock climbing at City of Rocks National Reserve
  2. Snake River Whitewater Rafting
  3. Hiking and Mountain Biking Through Sawtooth National Forest

Ready to roll this summer to Southern Idaho? VisitSouthIdaho.com is an excellent resource for more information about area attractions. Float the Snake River, fish for trout in a mountain stream or explore the secrets of an ancient lava bed. Whatever outdoor activity gets you on the road, Southern Idaho has a place to make it happen.

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